Thursday, August 31, 2006

OK, I have no freaking life, but since I had no oil for making the cinamon buns , and all my eggs were frozen...... don't ask, I couldn't keep myself busy with baking like I wanted, so I did this:

One Million

Seriously, CLICK the link people!

Hubs helped me do the screen shot, I'm hopeless at things like that

Here it is by the way!
Hmmm. it looked bigger in the email I sent... I sure hope I didn;t send this size

anyways, I won LMAO, and yes I AM excited!

**EDIT: HUbster would like it known that it was his finger clicking reload , and therefore I won due to his "lucky finger". and yes that does mean the whole freaking family , including the baby was crowded around the computer shouting out 93...96..OMG ONE MILLION... like I said , no life. But hot damn was it F.U.N

also I highly recommend reading Notes regularaly, she is insanely FUNNY!

Mr.Grade Two

First day of school today. Rainbow man was nervous as hell. Papa drove us so we didn;t have to lug his 4000 lb back pack. I went in with him to find his class room. Unfortunatly, we got lost. Finally found it, His Teachers name is Miss. B. his classroom exits into the boot room that exits directly into the playground, so that was nice. He has his very own locker, no sharing with four people like last year. He cried because Miss.B spelled his last name wrong. She forgot a D. In her defense, its a hard name to spell, and the common spelling doesn't have a D.
All the kids got a rocket pencil with a rocket eraser. Rainbow Man did not. It may have fallen on the floor ( I looked, but didn;t see it). There were lots of kids, lots of parents, and little room. It may have been taken by a kid in the class or a younger sibling. Its no big deal, Miss.B got Rainbow Man a new one. He also cried about the pencil.

I just wanted to pick him up and carry him home and tell him it's OK, you don't have to stay. It was horrible having to leave him there. All I can say is thank goodness RoxDar answered her phone this morning, or I'd be a basket case by now. I think today will be a day full of busy work for me . If I sit down I will start to wrry how he is doing, so first on my list, is waking up Stuperman. He takes a lot of work. Then I will make an apple cake and some cinnamon buns... Do I have cinnamon? hmmm, maybe I will make buns instead LOL.

Just think, next year I have to send Blue boy off to Kindergarten......

Girls Night Out

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I DDR"d to my hearts content today... When I was done, my legs were so shaky, going up the stairs was a challenge! And now, with two in the bath and one in the shower, Im almost ready to go. It's been a great day. How else can a day be when it starts with your best friend walking in and waking you up. Kiss stopped in for coffee and talks, it was nice. The kids and I went to nana's for a bit of coffee.. me not the kids, and to convince FIL that it really is nessesary for him to wash the outside windows off!. Due to the dusty wind all yesterday, linins, beds floors fans walls and doors, not to mention blinds screens and windows had to be washed. That went fast tho, with all the boys helping.. and by helping I mean getting in the way. Went for ice cream after supper because Rainbow Man starts school tommorrow morning... YAY.

I'm heading to Walmart, I hear there is a sock sale going on... I have issues with socks. From Walmart Im heading to coffee with non other then Kiss. RoxDar decided to spend time with her kids tonight instead of coming with us... such a mommy! Thats OK, plans are in full force to kidnap her and ply her with coffee and scratch tickets very very soon!

The shower just turned off, I have to go make sure the soap is out of his hair... or more precise, that it was there in the first place! Have a great one, I know I will!

Oh and here is a joke I got today, I thought it was Hilarious!

A guy falls asleep on the beach for several hours and gets a horrible sunburn. He goes to the hospital and is promptly admitted after being diagnosed with second degree burns.

With his skin already starting to blister and seeing the severe pain he is in, the doctor prescribes an IV with saline, electrolytes, a sedative, and a Viagra pill every four hours.

The nurse, who is rather astounded, asks, "What good will Viagra do him, Doctor?

"It'll keep the sheets off his legs

Hygene Bites me in the Ass

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Im playing DDR to my hearts content, which means Im drinking lots of water, which leads to lots of pee time. I like to wash my hads after I pee. Im weird like that. I washed quick, so I didn't cool off , you know stay warm, stay in the game.. by the time I get back to my mat my pinky and ring finger are swollen like sauseges.

Im the only person I know who can sprain two freaking fingers while washing their hands.

She Tagged me in my Special Spot

Well I whined and complained untill I got tagged, and dammit, it feels GOOOOOD. Thanks Looney mom. Looney took a meme from somone elses site and tagged me with it... cus she loves me :o)

4 Things Meme

4 Jobs I have had in my life.

1. Janitor for a bank - fired for leaving the back door open ~ AFTER BANK HOURS~ and going home.... my mom was the manager and she fired me.. I suck that way
2.Waitress/cook/cleaner person for a burger shack.. it was fun, i ate lots of fries, my friends came to visit me... ahh, the life of a teen!
3. Waitress at a cinnamon bun shop. Fired on my first day for fainting three times.. later learned I was three month pregnant with my first child.
4.My favorite job : Now, I'm a mom.

4Movies that I could watch over and over (in no particular order)
1. Jaws
2. Jaws 2
3.Jaws revenge
4. Greace

4 places I have lived
1. Churchill ~ birth to one
2. La Ronge ~one thru grade one
3. Smeaton, ~ grade one thru seven
4. Duck Lake ~ Grade seven thru graduation... then I moved twice more to different cities/towns , stalkers!

4 things I like to do
1. Sleep
3. Read in bed till I fall asleep
4. Eat chocolate
(If I get all of that done, then I spend time with these weirdos surrounding me)

4 places I have been on vacation
3. Banff
4. Camping

4 websites I visit daily
NO FAIR, making me pick JUST four... buncha JERKS
1. Pointless Drivel
2. Lori
3. D-listed
4. Please see side bar, I click em daily unless I'm dead that day!

4 of my favorite foods
Chocolate covered things
Things with chocolate in them

4 places I would like to be right now
At coffee ~ but kiss wouldn't play hookey
Off the Computer playing DDR, but I feel I have to update so DOUBLE thanks to looney mom for an easy post
In the bath
not sleeping in bed

4 friends I think will play along.
1. Lori
2. One tall MOmma
3. Catch
4. Lady * X-rated link for some of my more timid clickers!

So long and Thanks for all the Fish ~ I hate fish

Monday, August 28, 2006

So my big long post about how boring yesterday was will not get written tday. its a shame it was really...boring. But I dont have time to sit and write a big post i have to find towels and bathing suits and snacks and sunscreen. today its supposed to hit 29, tuesday and wednesday its supposed to hit 12 ( oh joy) so its our last day ~ before school starts~ to run off and play at the water park.

Hannah brought rice crispie squares..score! theya re packed for the water park LOL she packed em for me, nothing like a little child labour now and then.

tonight... hehe, we are watching a movie... last night hubs downlaoded what he thought was poirates of the carribean... the first one... what he got was the new one ...YES! so the baby will be pleased!

ok, nuff said, I have less then an hour before our ride comes and we are off for fun in the sun. I promis to answer all the comments this evening.. or afternoon, depending when we get home from the park... oh, and say "rickety rackity" isnt that nice? ive been saying it all night and day, ever since the lady on extreem home makeover or whatever thats called said "wheres my lil rickety rackety truck"

later vader! ( take no notice of the lack of capitals and well anything that is supposed to pass for grammer , Im in a freaking HURRY)

I Forgot it was Sunday!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

And Sunday means Sunday six. How funny is it, that Kelly forgot too, and so This weeks theme is forgetting and lateness. I am VERY amused. Rainbow Man(6.10) and Blue Boy(4.5) Participated. Since Stuperman was already crying that I wouldn't let him in the room, I thought his answers would be the same as last weeks....

Here we go!

1. What does it mean to forget?

Rainbow Man : That we were going to do something but we didn't remember so we didn't do it.
Blue Boy: A place where we were going

2. What does it mean to be late?

Rainbow Man : That we were trying to hurry up and get somewhere but we didn't get there in time.
Blue Boy: To go to a place.

3. Why do people forget things?

Rainbow Man : I don't know.
Blue Boy: Cus they don't know where they are.

4. Why are people late sometimes?

Rainbow Man : Because they were going somewhere and they wen't really slow.
Blue Boy: Cus they got to go to school.

5. Who is usually late, Mommy or Daddy?

Rainbow Man : Both somtimes.
Blue Boy: Daddy

6. Did you forget something?

Rainbow Man : Sometimes I do.
Blue Boy: No.

Want to Sign my Cast?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I know its weird. Don't bother telling me so in comments or concerend phone calls. Don't go making appointments for me to be kidnapped by men in white coats. I still want to do it. I probably won't, but I can't get it out of my head. Today I even disscussed it with the Hubster. He said that in the end I will decide not to do it. That make sme want to even more!

The thing is, If I was to do it, Id have to do it NOW. Today. Very soon. Its going to be time for boots right away and if it all goes horribly wrong, I'd like to wear my cast in the summer time...

I walk down the street looking at cars and I think it. I stand at the drivers side window and think, it would be SOOOOO easy! I have taken to looking at cars in parking lots, trying to guess their weight and suitibility. But, I'm. Not. Crazy.

I want to stick my foot in front of the tire of a moving vehicle. I want to see if it will hurt. And if so , how much. Are we talking fractures? Broken? Crushed? Will the brusing be just on the top or the bottom as well? Will I lose any toenails? Should I do just the toes or the whole foot? Logic says the whole foot, if its just the toes they are smaller, less surface area, and it will end up doing more damage. Hey what about the arch of my foot? How is that constructed? Will it "flatten" my arch and I will have to wear special "granny" shoes from now on?

How much damage would a wee little Mini Cooper going, say 40k, actually do to a foot. Not much I think! Or a moter bike. Maybe I should start with something reallllly small. But won't that defeat the purpose? A semi or a half ton, now im not stupid, I know those are out of the question. And mini vans too. Ive seen how much crap can fit in one of those things!

But a mini cooper or a VW Bug? Those are tiny, and if its going fast enough, the tire would be over the foot and gone in Less then two seconds. I fail to see how that will result in "Crushed bones" and "fraction burns", but thanks for you;re opinion Hubby. There are many tiny bones that can break of course, and one must admit, that by taking the season into consideration, Im actually putting a lot of thought in this. Its been running around the edges of my mind for about two years now. and each time I walk in a parking lot with their cornicopia of moving vehicles, it gets harder and harder to keep my feet where they belong.

When I do it, who wants pictures?

What are the chances the pain is so bad I collapse and get dragged under the car? I would make sure there is no oncoming traffic to hit me of course, as well as a ride home in case it was my driving foot. But I honestly think the most I would get is a lot of bruising and a cool story.

Happy Birthday Sistah

Friday, August 25, 2006

Isn't this the funniest freaking cake? I Downloaded it a long long long time ago, and FINALLY someone is having a birthday so I can use it! Today, August 25th, Is my sister's 30th birthday! This is an important milestone for anyone , but for those of us in our family its also important because granny stops sending preasent whenwe hit 20, ( WAHHHHH) but lifts the ban on gifts if there is a zero in our age. I have to wait three more years for my gift......(WAHHHH)

Obviously I like gifts.

So, sister mine*, enjoy your cake, enjoy your day and enjoy this year.

* I'm not actually sure if my sister even reads my blog, but its worth a try!

Last night ( well tonight cus I am writing this hours early) Hubs and I bought a ticket to soemthing. I won't put the name of it online cus , well stalker freaks and all that. But Its a 100 dollar ticket, and If we did ( asif) happen to win, it would change our lives completely. If y'all want more info, feel free to say so in the comments, If I know ya, I'll email you the info. Needless to say I am super excited. I wanna win.
The other day I was doing laundry - oh! I got all the clothes folded AND put away today , plus two coats of paint on the shadow boxes - I was doing laundry and I went to switch loads. Everything was BLUE. I mistakenly put my newish jean capris in the wash with white clothes. Lots of white clothes. So I told Hubs that 13 of his shirts were no longer white, buta dirty shade of blue, and all he said was "Thats OK I had too many white shirts any way". this of course shows just how whipped he really is. And I can say that because he doesnt read my blog so I won't get in trouble!

I don't know who wrote this but its so true for me. In fact Im heading up to take a quick shower (played at the tire park and have black dust allll over me) and make a fresh pot of java. Dunno if I blogged it, but Hubs foot is still super sore from his fall down the stairs. The doc said its a sprain with a torn legiment or soemthing, so how long can he expect to be in pain? XO XO people!

Playing Marbles

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last night Hubs and I were haveing a serious disscussion about elbow hair when He realised something strange was living on my cervix. I have a lump about the size of a marble jutting off to the side of it. Weird eh?

So I called the guy who delivered all three of my boys and has given me billions of pap smears. My result always come back with issues so I got every three or so months for a pap. Yay. By the way six weeks ago when I went for my last pap, there weren't no lump. So His receptionist answered, I asked to have an appointment and she says are you a paitent. Duh. So she asked what I needed and I told her . She said I have to go to my family doctor, have him do a pap and then refer me to the OB. HUH??? Even tho the OB gives me a pap every three freaking months, because now there is a lump to be investigated I must be referred to him??? Thats screwed up!

Altho I am not a big fan of hiving hands shoved into my YaaHoo, I called my Family doctor. I'm not going to ask for a referral. I'll have Dr.P. evict my cervical room mate and be done with it! On the plus side. Normally it takes me three to four weeks to get into see Dr.P. This time, maybe because I used the magical word "lump", I am getting in on September first, a mere week away!

And God damn my uturus to HELL if I have my period!

Dude, also, before any of you get all excited about my cervical roomie... It's becasue of Rainbow Man's birth, - which was a very interesting experiance, remind me one day to tell you how many stitches and how many feet inches of torn flesh I had... its a great story- When Rainbow Man came out he tore my cervix. And due to this , cells that belong in my uturus came out to live on my cervix, it has a much better veiw. Normal cells, not cancer shit like that, So I go in for my pap and if they are there, they snip em off. This one, while its a lot bigger than any other and a lot faster growing is bound to be the same damn thing! Im not worried and neither should you be!

I Can Never Think of Amusing Title's

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today was another of those so called "good days" . By that, of course, I mean the two oldest kids were gone. Since the day went so well, we went to the city to waste some $$, which is what we do when we are in a good mood. Good thing most days don't go so well!

This is Stuperman's Christmas present. It's now living in Hubs' closet. Its got little stars and a rocket ship with an alien.
I've been looking for a set of shadow boxes for a while now. And by looking I mean I have looked in one store, and thought (very hard) about going to other stores quite often. Hubs went to set up his tat appointment, and the tattoo place is right beside Jysk, so off to spend $$ I went. I am painting these white. who wants to see what I plan to fill them with?
Ahhh Baby Bum. So cute it MUST be illegal. These are Stupermans new gitch. Hes pretty pleased.
Stuperman is ready for bed. But I wasn't able to convince him that he didn't need to sleep with the rest of the gitch in the package or the new Superman ball we bought him. He looks so tired because its 2.5 hours past his normal bedtime
Even Hubs had to get in with the whole "lets spend $$ crowd" He bought a Sudoku game thingy to take to work so that he doesn't have to actually work, and stuff.

Then we kidnapped BFF Kiss. We stuffed her in the trunk of our car and forced her to join us at coffee. Oh and we finally gave her back all her camping stuff. Stuperman was a hoot at coffee, But Kiss was even funnier. She was saying "I like the 'You look silly' thing you put on your blog for Mr. Flab." Now I know it was just a slip of the tounge, But that shits' FUNNY! And still better then that, I won 0$, 0$, 0$, and 5$ on scratch and win tickets. Which means I broke even. Minus three bux. Hows that for a winning streak!

I'm folding clothes all day tommorrow. I have issues with Laundry. I hate it, it hates me. I have no dirty clothes but what we are wearing, and yet I have no towels in my towel drawer and no undies in my underwear drawer. They are all living in my sewing room, hip high just begging to be folded. I have to give in, Im sick of 7 am dashes to the sewing room for clean panties. Them darn kids wake up earlier and earlier every morning! Plus I need to get to my sewing machine which is currently under a pile of towels. So I have to fold. Or better yet, kidnap Kiss again and make HER fold while I check out my bloglines! Its a workable plan I tell ya.

Something Amazing

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Something pretty neat happened today. All by myself I found my way home. RainbowMan Blue Boy and I went for a walk, maybe three blocks to the man made pond with fountain thingy. They liek to throw rocks in it and I like to catch the frogs. We walked almost completely around the pond when I saw the flag pole. SWEET. I knew that if I could find a back alley behind this house was a park the kids had never played in!

We found the park, we had a blast... the sand isnt sand, its crushed tires, and it was awesome to walk in. I burried the boys, then I burried myself. It was great. On the way home I wanted to show Rainbow Man how to get from our house to the park, should he ever want to go with his nana. I planned on taking another 25 minutes to get home the way we had come. But then I looked down a back alley and thought...hmmmmm. So we explored and it seems that if you walk for five minutes you end up basically in our back yard. A direct line from our place to the park, no turns, just walk. And I was the one who found it!

This is only important because I can't find ANYTHING. I am the reason the pharse "directionally challenged" was coined. I suck at directions. It's bad enough that some times I think I should get an arrow tattoo'd on my butt so I know where to take the toilet paper! Honest!

I ment to take a picture of my banana Bread for y'all to drool over, unfortunatly, all thats left are crumbs, and that just doesn't make an interesting photo! But the recipie was a success....

Now, this is just for Mr. Fab. He let it slip that he can't read Chinese... so I assume he can't read Japanese either!! I thought everyone could read it! My bad! Anyways... don't tell him what it says... let him go catch a babelfish or somthing!


Tonight I baby-sat my sweet little neice. She can do so much more now then she could the last time I saw her. She laughs , she "talks" she has six freaking teeth... they are very sharp... trust me. She knows how to spit bluberry puree at her aunty and she can crawl faster then me... not that we had races.... She can stand up with the aid of furniture and walk around said furniture. She is brave enough to let go, and talented enough to stay upright for a good thirty seconds.

Lets keep in mind this is a child who is not quite eight Months old. She weighs approxamatly 150 pounds and is going to be a guest on the Maury Show this fall... you know the one, on obese babies... kidding , just kidding.

I think her most amazing talent is this: at seven months old she hasdeveloped a severe cow phobia. Tell her "moo" and she immediatly cries. Her little lips turn down, her eyes fill up. Its freaking adorable.

And of course, her uncle and I did NOT make cow noises at her... but her parents did repeatedly , just to show us, of course.....

Hubby thinks its not so much she is afraid of the cows, as she is very sensitive about her weight.

***not related to this post in any way, but I want to make bannana bread this afternoon, does anyone have a recipie OR a good recipie site. I'm tired of surfing to find one!***


Sunday, August 20, 2006

The people from freecycle came and got the big apple box of Stupermans' clothes. I added in a sweet little harly davidson snowsuit too. It wont fit him this year, might as well go to someone who can use it. I hate the thought that before I found freecycle I would just toss out whatever didn;t fit the kids. How crappy is that?

Dont suggest my local Goodwill place either cus I am very lazy.

Its NICE knowing that the clothes will be worn again, there is one outfit, all three boys wore, it was soooo cute. I was dreading Stuperman out growing it , but its ok now, some other little boy is going to be looking cute in it!

Ohhhh I just got an email from my dad! Look what he sent me :o), I guess he read that blog post after all! LOL

Like it? I am not sure if its done or not, plus I could have taken a much better picture as I have the same a MUCH better camera then them, so yea. Also he has a sweet little tat on the other arm too. Next time I see him I will have to document all of his ink for ya all. And I keep forgetting to take a pic of hubs tattoo so I have a "before" pic.

Life is like that !

Hubs and I dragged the kids out for coffee tonight, and I bought a Mint Aero chocolate bar. Im taking it and my book up to the bath.

Later Vader

****** Important notice: Kiss, you havent answerd you phone when I call. Im worried. How is you're ankle. You better answer soon Or im gonna come kick ur butt!*******

Sunday Six ~ School Supplies

This Week's theme, Brought to you by Kelly, is School Supplies. I decided to risk asking all three boys the questions this time. Stuperman acted with predictability. He Does not like to be asked questions if he doesn't know the answer. Rainbow man (6.10) Blue Boy(4.5) and Stuperman (2.2) Participated.

1. What are school supplies?

Rainbow Man: They are stuff you use for school. Pencils are four writing in your journal and stuff.

Blue Boy: A boot. Uh, A back pack

Stuperman: School supplies

2. Who usually buys the school supplies?

Rainbow Man: Mom

Blue Boy: Uh, The buying man?

Stuperman: (cries)

3. What do you carry your supplies in?

Rainbow Man:
A back pack

Blue Boy: A backpack

Stuperman: Here (hands me a walkie talkie and cries)

4. Do you take your lunch to school?

Rainbow Man: Yes

Blue Boy: Yes (uhmmm Blue boy does not start school for another 13 or so months)

Stuperman: NO! (yelling)

5. What is your favorite school book?

Rainbow Man: Umm, I don't know

Blue Boy: About a flying book

Stuperman: No Mommy!

6. Do you have a backpack? Is so, what does it look like?

Rainbow Man: Yes. It has a picture of a frog thats blue and its name is crazy frog and it's crazy.

Blue Boy: Yes. I don't know where it is. A turtle.

Stuperman: NO! (lays prostrate on the floor and cries~ this involves some kicking and pounding of fisted hands)

Lazy Daze

Saturday, August 19, 2006

We never got into the City today. We wanted to put down the deposit and make a date Hubs tattoo, but we had too much to do today.

We had to sleep in till eleven.
We had to have pancakes.
We had to put Insulation in the attic around the sky light.
Then we had to have a nap.
We had to DDR for an hour or two
We had to head to the water park.
We had to laugh at the boys and Hug them when they fell.
We had to Laugh so much our supper got cold instead of eaten.
We had to pile on the couch together and watch cartoons.

We didnt get all we wanted done today, but we did have fun!

A college class was told tehy had to write a short story in as few words as possible. The instructions were: The short story had to contain these three things
1) Religion
2) Sexuality
3) Mystery

Below is the only A+ short story in the entire class:

"Good God, I'm pregnant; I wonder who did it."


Staying Out Late

Two married buddies are out drinking one night when one turns to the other and says, "You know, I don't know what else to do. Whenever I go home after we've been out drinking, I turn the headlights off before I get to the driveway. I shut off the engine and coast into the garage. I take my shoes off before I go into the house, I sneak up the stairs, I get undressed in the bathroom. I ease into bed and my wife STILL wakes up and yells at me for staying out so late!"

His buddy looks at him and says, "Well, you're obviously taking the wrong approach. I screech into the driveway, slam the door, storm up the steps, throw my shoes into the closet, jump into bed, slap her on the butt and say, 'You as horny as I am?'... and, she always acts like she's sound asleep!"

So I Have This Purse

Friday, August 18, 2006

I did a Meme earlier this week that asked me to name five things in it. Five hundred would have been closer! I dumped my purse out on the counter today and look what treasures I found!

  • One set of keys - six of them
  • one wallet - I refuse to organize it and it is really really hard to close
  • one Players Light Metal Smoke tin
  • MacDonalds treat of the week stickets - three sets
  • note from Rainbow Man
  • Mini Golf Score card from vacation
  • Paint color samples (more in wallet)
  • Five dollar gift card to donut place
  • Coffee perks
  • Lots of other various papers (boring)

  • Two packs of Dentyne Fire mints
  • Two packs Dentyne Ice mints, one un-opened
  • one pack Jucy Fruit gum
  • one pack Dentyne fire gum
  • two packs extra Winterfresh gum , one un-opened
  • one pack Doublemint gum
  • one peice Bubblicious gum

  • One 18Ft. tape measure
  • one orange calculator
  • one cat collar
  • two Kinder surprise airplanes
  • one pink "flamingo" shaped fork
  • one marble
  • one rock
  • one bouncy ball
  • one 3m wall hook
  • one bottle advil
  • one bottle childrens tylonol
  • one bottle motrin one bottle Tylonol soft chews - filled with midol, advil, tylonol extra strength and T3's

  • three tampons
  • four pantyliners- for my boobs not my panties
  • one reclosable bandaid container- four bandaids inside
  • two Q-tips
  • one orange lighter
  • one blue lighter
  • one green lighter
  • two books of matches
  • tangerine lip gloss
  • strawberry lip gloss
  • glassy gloss lip gloss
  • shine supreme lip color
  • two liquid cool peppermint breath freshners
  • two tupes orajel P.M
  • one mirror
  • one vicks inhaler
  • one nail file

  • four fun factory tokens
  • one travle size hand sanitiser With Aloe!
  • one roll kodac film - unused
  • one pencil
  • two pens
  • one blistex lip medex
  • one travle tube total effects moisturiser - empty
  • one pot nipple nibbler - strawberry - lip gloss
  • one pair magnetic clip sunglasses
  • 8 elastic bands
  • 4 un opened packages of life savers
  • one orange sucker
  • three ziplock baggies of snacks/candies
  • one stack of garbage - receipts, gum wraps, bandaid wrappers, ect.

This final photo is of all the crap I keep in my purse. I took out the measuring tape the fork and the calculator as well as the garbage, most of everything else went right back in. I have a very large purse.

I also got to spend a wonderful afternoon with a great friend and her kids. Hubs and the kids are watching AVP now . Yes I know the baby is 2. He LIKES monsters. Don't yell at me cus he is weird! Im heading upstairs to make a fresh pot of java and get my book and some grapes.

ohhh and hubs is heading into the city tommorrow to toss down a 250 deposit and get an appointment to have his tattoo re-colored. Right now its in shades of black, he is getting it "colored" black, if that makes sense. I can't fine a picture of it right now, but I will take one tonight so I can show you all a before and after~
have a great night!

Well Now,

Thursday, August 17, 2006

How do I put this delicatly?

Ah yes.

No kids. No Kids. LaLeeLaLee NO KIDS.

Now then, Hubster is in the shower I think I will go offer to wash his back.


Don't Look! It's a Meme

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So here is what I have done in the last 24 hours
  • cleaned the toy boxes - 5 big black garbage bags of broken toys are GONE
  • had hubby kill the spider under the toy box, and the one IN the toy box
  • promised someone to go thru Stupermans clothes, as she needs baby clothes for the winter
  • vaccumed all rugs and floors
  • swept all sweepable floors, including stairs
  • washed all floors - did not wash stairs
  • washed four loads of laundry. Did not flod nor put away laundry
  • changed sheets and pillow cases on all beds but Stupermans, His was done the day before
  • called the school to find out when I can get rid of Rainbow Man school starts
  • calulated square footage of upstairs. I think. I tried what my bud Rox Dar said to do. I think. maybe. I will make my brother re check numbers
  • calculated what it will cost to rip out carpet and instal laminate flooring will cost
  • celebrated the low number I got. providing my calulations above are correct
  • Made plans to spend Friday with a friend
  • kissed 7903745 booboo's
  • went to coffee with hubster With.No.Kids
  • watched a movei (RV)
  • bought AVP, Hellboy and Fantastic Four
  • washed all doors and cupboards
  • Husked corn on the cob for dinner
  • washed stools table and chairs instead of just wiping
  • walked thru two homes being offered in a lottery. Loved them
  • made plans to spend 100 bux to buy a ticket in above lottery
All of the above has been done between 5.30 PM yesterday and 4.15 (my time) today
this is the reason all you are getting is a stinkin Meme from me today LOL
unless something really neat happens or something!

without further ado, here we go! (thanks to Fantasta Girl for the Meme)

5 Items In My Freezer

1 - Alchohol

2 - bag of Ice, half gone

3 - Pork Shish- ka-bobs

4 - Chocolate penis' ( don;t ask)

5 - Baloney

5 Items In My Closet

1 - clothes

2 - a box of the kids shoes for other seasons

3 - cross stitch patters and threads.( should be moved to sewing room)

4 - Rainbow Mans school supplies minus wooden ruler and coloring book

5 - Hot wheels car the kids fought about ~ oh and clothes

5 Items In My Car

1 - Stupermans Carseat

2 - Blue Boys Booster seat

3 - Garbage

4 - Lighter

5 - More garbage

5 Items in My Purse

1 - Tampons

2 - Gum ( three kinds)

3 - keys

4 - wallet

5 - six lighters, lots of papers, wallets ect.

Id like to do a picture post of all teh crap I actually keep in my purse, but it would be super long..,.. should I?

Lets talk , Little Miss Tooth Fairy

Monday, August 14, 2006

I want you to give Rainbow Man a dollar for his cavity ridden tooth. I really really really do. BUT Mother in Law Dearest has alread given him three dollars. hmmmmm

one dollar... three dollars

WTF????? There is no freaking tooth fairy! I'm the FREAKING tooth fairy!!! MIL and FIL are ALWAYS on our case about "save money, don't buy this, put it in the bank, you are wasting monnnneeeeeyyyyyy" And then they go and give him three freaking dollars????


so now I have to top his three dollar Nana money. Shit. I don't want to. But I will

Know why? Cus tommorrow he will run alllll excited to Nana's house and brag about the crisp five dollar bill under his pillow from the Tooth Fairy. HAH . We'll show her!

Save this lady!

Oh yea, Did I forget to mention that Rainbow man lost another tooth, two yanks and it was out and he was bleeding all over the place.

He Said ; She Said

<----Mother Marnee's Newest
Nice Tattoo, Huh? Now I need a picture of my dad's! ( hint hint dad, I have an email address and you have a camera!!)

Rainbow Man :
You are too grouch in the morning with a broken coffee pot ( goes out side to play)

ten minutes later

Mother - in - Law : Rainbow Man said your pot is broken, Use this, it's an extra.
Bluepaintred: WAHOOOOOOOOO - gulp - gulp - gulp

(Is this the work of JoeDiMaggio?)


Rainbow Man : Mom all the pretty flowers on the corner pot where I get my caterpillars from are Dying!

Bluepaintred: Thats because in a month or so we will have snow. All plants die over the winter, they will come back int he spring.

Rainbow Man: just from nothing, like magic. whatever (Hey! I thought that tone came with teenagers NOT six year olds!!!)

Bluepaintred: No, we re plant them

Rainbow Man: But we never got even one apple from our apple tree and now it will die and we will never get apples! (horrified)

Bluepaintred: Blah blah blah - very long winded deffinition of the difference between trees and plants

Rainbow Man : Can we plant watermelon?

Bluepaintred : Sigh


On another note, Stuperman has learnt that whilest in the midst of Potty training, Parents cannot deny the use of a potty, even when we KNOW they are just making one tiny drop because it lets them out of their room for a few minutes when they are supposed to be peacefully sleeping. 8pm till almost 11 pm we had no less then 17 "trips" to potty land.

Have I mentioned yet, that all is right in the world again? I have coffeeeeeeeee

Karma : She is a BITCH*

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Coffee pot
Beloved Friend
Giver of Warmth and Comfort
You will be missed
02/?/2005 ~08/13/2006

The early Buddhists followed the Indian custom of burning the body at death, But Plastic smells much worse then burning flesh, so we will by-pass this ritual. All are welcome to join us for the interment of our beloved coffee pot, The service will take place on Wednesday**, August 16, in my kitchen. We will raise our cups to our faithful pot and wish him a fond fairwell and then see him off to his plastic casket in the back yard. Good Bye my freind.

*I send a heart felt apology to GGC, in hjopes that she call off the damsel of evil, Karma. I am sorry I made light of your plight Girl. please call off the dogs!

** Wednesday = Garbage Day

Sunday Six

I have been an avid fan of Tink and Pan when Fantastagirl does her Sunday Six. Today Is Sunday, and This time I'm doing it too!
Answers provided by Rainbowman (6.10) and Blue Boy (4.5)years

1. What is college?

Rainbow Man: a place where you go , uhm, when you are done school, you go to it to finsish your school so you can go to get a job.

BlueBoy: I don't know

2. What are the names of some colleges?

RainbowMan: idunno

Blueboy: I dont know

3. Is a college the same thing as a university?

Rainbow Man: no

Blue Boy : yes

4. What is a major?

Rainbow Man ; uhmmm, a place where we go? Maybe?

Blue Boy: a place where we go

5. What do people do in college?

Rainbow Man: they learn to drive cars and they learn how to have babies and stuff

Blue Boy: mommy when Can I have chips

6. Do you want to go to college and if so, where?

Rainbow Man: no.

Blue Boy :yes. At our house

Today I was Busy

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Too busy for blogging. It kind of amazes me I have not been online ALL DAY LONG. It's saturday... or was, and we shop every second saturday.. hehe hehe payday. So I slept in (Weekends are great like that, Rainbow Man gets everyone Cheerios and wakes me if there is a problem.) Blue boy woke up puking so I gave him a bucket and fell asleep. Yes fine, OK, point the Bad Mommy signs at me, but yes I fell back asleep. Since Blue boy was sick we asked MIL to watch him and she said sure , send Rainbow Man over too!


So shopping was enjoyable. Relaxing and fun even. Did you know school supplies are worth more then gasoline? I found that out today... that saying "YSewemou learn something new each day'" really IS true! (Blue boy stopped puking about an hour before shopping, and spent the day at nana's puke free...)

( we are only half done school supply shopping, for some things, I felt Rainbow Man should be there helping make the decision)

Then we had supper. Yes this is an important thing. I haven't felt like cooking in about 3 weeks. This means about once a week the kids get a Good meal, the other days are a slip shod slapping this and that together. But today, probably because of the nice time shopping and the sleeping in, I made supper. Now all of you who pointed the Bad Mommy sighns, turn them over, thats the good mommy side :o)

Three words people : Corn On The Cob.... um shit, ignore the word "the" please.

Now Im thinking my day can't go much better, Hubs helped with dishes. And the phone rang

"we have some pumpkin pie here, fresh from the oven, please help us eat it"

We ran LOL

And the best part of the day? The phone rang and we were told to go see this....

Seems our little town had a Birthday and they celebrated with fire works. A first for Blue Boy (loved them) and Stuperman ( Loved them) and a second for Rainbow man (he was too little the first time he saw them to recall them, but he found the noise of them a bit bothersome this time)
Hubs took the pictures, he is happy to finally get to try out the "fireworks"setting on our camera..

All in all a great day! How was your's?

Oh and hubs FINALLY finished downloading DBG (18 freaking days later) defragged the hard drive and it took seconds to log online instead of the four and a half minutes it was taking me to open a simple window! WOOT WOOT

Oh again, the two older boys begged and pleaded to sleep over at nana's so it's just me and Hubs tonight... and Stuperman... but he sleeps thought the night ... *wink*

Coffee is next to Godliness

Friday, August 11, 2006

Parenting without coffee is like sex without a penis.(click me)

I feel really bad for GGC, but at the same time I am Damn glad it didn't happen to me. I have decided to spend at least 18 hours a day praying to the lords of caffeine that they spare me thier wrath! I suggest very strongly that you al do the same!

Shoes + Girls = Happiness ~ A Very Simple Concept

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So why doesn't Stupid Hubster he get it?

Yesterday I got a call from My BFF, Kiss_my_glass. Kiss was very very excited. Our sandles just went on sale, and should she grab me a pair too? Well DUH!!!

So what if I already had a pair? Theya re on S A L E. HELLO! I just wanna slap him upside the head!

These arent just any old sandles. They are flip flops. Foam flip flops. Foam wedge flip flops. With butterflies. Butterflies people! And did I mention they were on sale? Nine dollars! Sweet!

They are comfy and they make me feel tall, and they make my calves look great and now they are living on the top shelf of my coat closet just waiting for next summer.

I don't actually think I will be able to wait till next summer to wear them ..... but still.


giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle

And tonight when we went out for coffee, Stuperman got hurt. He cried and said he had a booboo. Want to know what happened?

"Aunty Kiss hit stuperman with table"*

Yup she just picked him up at the ankles and started whacking his poor wittle head on the table. I'm pretty sure she will hit me next time she sees me too. But the truth must be told. I can handle the truth......... **

* no, stuperman didn't say kiss and stuperman, he used real names, but , you know, psychos are out here and shit, I get to take journalistic liberties..... or soemthing like that ...

** I am totally lying my butt off, Stuperman did whack his head on the table, but it was all his fault, but its way more fun to blame Kiss, isn't it?

Picture Post

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here we are at the beach. Why , you ask is Hubs wearing a great big sweater and jeans? That would be to protect his tomato red skin underneath it.
A Doe and two fawns. This is taken about fifty feet from the mini golf course (score card reads : Dad(58) Mom(66) RainbowMan(96) Blue Boy(80) ... par was unfortunatly 45
Here is the beach. One day I dug a hole deep enough the kids could get in and sit down, and you could not see their heads. They liked jumping out and scaring passing people!
Blue Boy trying to pet the snake ( four foot corn) in Rainbow Mans' hood

Blue Boy asleep at the fire
Rainbow Man on his horse, Ringer
Rainbow Man holding a bull snake. This is the second longest snake in our Provence. He also held a rat snake which is the longest snake we have here. Hubs, Blue Boy and I also held all the snakes, from the tiny garter snake to the big black Rat Snake..
Our new hood ornament. Look close. to hit this butt end first we had to do a lot of swerving, those little buggers are FAST!
Blue boy and his new hat friend. Blue Boy was very intent on keeping the corn because it is identical to our snake Sugar.

Did Ya Miss Me?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well. I'm back. I didn't mention on my last post that I was going away for vacation, althou, I am sure most of you caught on to that fact because I had been talking about it for weeks now. Because of recent happenings I didn't want to advertise that our houise would be empty save for the snakes and the cats. I have made some changes to my blog. Little ones, But they make me feel better. I have spent this whole past week reveiwing with the boys what a stranger IS and what to do when faced with one. Rainbow Man Passed. Blue Boy did not. We will continue working with this.

Ahhh there you go! You noticed one of the changes! I let the kids pick out their own alter identities for the blog. Im sure I could have come up with a lot better, like for instance, Sir- talks - A - Lot and Sir - Whines - A - Lot. But it was there choice. So oldest to youngest we have Rainbow Man, Blue Boy, And Stuperman. Of course I helped the little one out a bit cus he had no clue what I wanted from him!

I am Happy to report, Stuperman completed his term at potty boot camp successfully. He now wears his Big Boy Gitchy proudly. Maybe too proudly. As a added bonus the instructors at potty boot camp also knocked him of his "sippy cup habit" WOOHOO.

Our vacation went WELL. very very very well. Unless you count the fact that I went horseback riding. For an hour. In flipflops. With a horse that kept sucking my toes instead of following the horse in front of him. It went super. Unless you count the fact I can barely walk now. Or the sunburn Hubs got the first day. Or the car breaking down in +35 two hours from home, causing a podunk town to soak us 156+tax for a battery that costs 67.95 in the city. Assholes.

Im tired. Very nicly tanned, and if you ignore all the little things that went wrong, very pleased with our vacation. I need to soak for about three hours in bath now. But later, I will have pictures and stories about our trip. Like the four foot snake that climbed in Blue Boys hat ~ While he was wearing it. Ahh good times.


Be Right Back

Thursday, August 03, 2006

First of all I want to thank EVERYONE for their support. This has been amazingly hard on me, I never really pictured my kids in danger, and so having this set on me really was scary. I cannot beleive how kind and wonderful all you " annoymous internet people" are. You are all amazing

I will be making some changes to my blog, and will not be able to post until wednesday at the earliest.

again, thanks soooo much!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Because of the disgusting actions of a certain person I may have to delete my blog. as you well know I have photos of my home and kids on my site. Peters5 has been going to my blogline list and rebutting hte last post I made. She is also giving out my freaking home town name. We have a child molester on the run from the freaking cops RIGHT NOW. he found his latest victim on the freaking NET i am sooooooo fucking careful to not only not tell what town I live in , but my province as well, adn all of this has been ruined. if any of you get a comment from peters5 on your blog, PLEASE delete it, she is giving UNSAFE information to the internet freaks!
~ terrified for my kids ~

I'm Sorry Blake

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's almost eight o'clock here at the house. Time for the boys to go to bed... well, now that it's summer they get to stay up later ~ if I'm in a good mood. Today I am not. It isn't their fault. my joints be aching and I want to curl up in a hot bath with a very good book that is being totally unfair in giving the heroine a mortal illness... jerks!

But I don't know If I can go in the bath anytime soon... why? I am getting a scooter for Blake of a real neat site called Freecycle* , actually I am getting the scooter off Freecycle from a friend. Hubs and I have to go into the city and replace the knobs that I had argued were absolutely The Right Ones, cus they are the wrong ones. So we told A we would come in tonight, grab the scooter, jabber a bit, and return the knobs for the Real Right Ones. A said, hey no problem, we are coming into your town tonight for supper with family, we can drop it off at seven. Nice I thought they can finally see the new house, Parker and Blake can see the kids, and we can try and catch up! It was a deal!

And yet here we are at eight, no phone call, no email , no nothing. I don't want to put the boys to bed and five minutes later, A and her kids show up. I don't want to put them in the bath/shower and the same thing happen. I simply don't know what to do. The coffee is was freshly made, I even got some apple cake out of the freezer. But for what? nothing it seems.

When I tell someone I am doing something, I do it, and if I cannot, I let them know! I don't leave them hanging around in a limbo thinking should I this or should I that... Its only right!

A promise is a special thing, its not something to be taken lightly. If I say I will be there, I will.

And the worst? Blake has been sitting downstairs on the couch, holding his helmet since five to seven , patiently waiting to try out his new scooter. By breaking Your promise, you made me break one to MY child. And I don't like that one bit. And when I tell him in a few minutes "sorry honey, but you can't have your scooter tonight ~ in fact you probably won't get it at all now" I'm pretty sure I will see his little heart break right there in front of me.

*The Freecycle Network™ is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them's good people). Membership is free.

EDIT: comments have been disabled due to the fact the persion I DID NOT NAME is contacting all who comment and rebutting what happened. I dont care about her arguingher case, I DO care she is giving out my address!

Edit2: oh and as for the time difference, me saying it is eight, and the post saying it isnt yet seven. if anyone knows how to get blogger to change times,please email me.