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Saturday, December 08, 2007

So the Christmas tree is up. Whoopee.

More importantly though, Santa Ducky has been unearthed from the cardboard cage he was imprisoned in, lonely and scared, for the past eleven months and is back in his rightful place.

The bathtub.

But I was wondering.

If I am just wet, I am fine. If I am just naked I am fine, But whenever I am Both Wet and naked, I always end up being squirted at!

Why is that?

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Blogger Sheila said...

omg - did you just say that? outloud? *blush*

11:30 PM, December 08, 2007  
Blogger DutchBitch said...

It's just one of the facts of life, dear. Don't break you pretty little head about it. Just accept it...

3:41 AM, December 09, 2007  
Blogger I Believe said...

Honey-that's just life!

6:57 AM, December 09, 2007  
Blogger Shelli said...

I don't know what you are getting at.

1:15 PM, December 09, 2007  
Blogger Marilyn said...

Okay... I'm going to pretend I don't get it too.

1:46 PM, December 09, 2007  
Blogger Catch said...

you know what they always say Blue.....shit

3:15 PM, December 09, 2007  
Blogger DrowseyMonkey said...

LOL - too funny. I like that first picture...cute.

4:31 PM, December 09, 2007  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

I am not sure what is going on here, but I have decided to masturbate to it.

5:27 AM, December 10, 2007  
Blogger Tenacious B said...

My nipples are hard as well.

And ducks...heehee

10:33 AM, December 10, 2007  
Blogger Divalicious said...

You naughty, naughty chick! Santa will love you long time... hahahahhaha!

12:11 PM, December 10, 2007  

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