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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

than you are in the wrong spot.

Bluepaintred has moved to wordpress


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Spam Provider

Monday, December 10, 2007

We have multiple email addresses. One I use for signing up with things. I get three hundred spam emails in there a week. Its Yahoo.

One is for my blogging, my gmail account. Me and hubs use that for any email we actually want to receive.

One is for family and Hubs to use. It has a built in spam protector that SUCKS ASS. It takes any email it wants, holds it hostage for a week to ten days and then sends us an email telling us which emails it has stolen and put in quarantien.

This morning I got the Hey we stole your mail wanna see it? email.

Lets see. Spam. delete, delete delete, oh! Youtube comments! Deliver. delete. delete Oh! Another YouTube comment, deliver. delete .delete.. this went on for a while. There were emails from friends and family in quarantine, there were comments from bloggers in quarantein and of course, those two YouTube comments.

Both you Tube comments were about this video.

Watch it. Its short and cute.

Here was the first stolen email.

Nov 30, 2007, 06:51 AM
I saw the Christmas video you posted on you tube and was interested in featuring it in a kids Christmas segment on our daytime television show. If you can email me or give me a call that would be great, my email is ******@*********.com and my phone # is 917-***-****. Look forward to hearing from you!

By itself I would have ignored and deleted it. I mean come on. A daytime TV show wanting a video of My son singing VERY badly? Riiiight.

And here is comment number two. Sent three days later, on December third, but I only got to see it THIS MORNING:

Away In A Manger Video
Dec 03, 2007, 06:42 AM
I sent you guys an email last week about your son's video and I wanted to follow up today with a little more information. I am a producer at the Rachael Ray show and we are putting together this kids Christmas segment and would love to feature your video. If you can give me a call at 917-***-**** or email at ******@*********.com, that would be great!

OK. Now I am interested. I called my sister and she said yes there really is a show called the Rachael Ray Show and never ever call me this early again! Or Else! So I replied to the email address. A few minutes later I decided to call instead.

While I was in the middle of calling, A reply showed up in my inbox:

The segment actually taped already but we basically were doing a fun kids singing Christmas carols segment for our holiday show. Thanks though for getting back to me!


LE SIGH. Stupid email provider. Its the tenth. The first email was sent the 30th and the second was sent on the 3rd of December.

Rainbow Man would have loved to see a clip of himself on TV, and it would have made for an awesome blog post ... oh wait....


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Deck The Halls

Saturday, December 08, 2007

So the Christmas tree is up. Whoopee.

More importantly though, Santa Ducky has been unearthed from the cardboard cage he was imprisoned in, lonely and scared, for the past eleven months and is back in his rightful place.

The bathtub.

But I was wondering.

If I am just wet, I am fine. If I am just naked I am fine, But whenever I am Both Wet and naked, I always end up being squirted at!

Why is that?

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Done. Almost. Sorta

Friday, December 07, 2007

I ran out of tape, so I had to stop wrapping. But the good news is we are almost done. Now all we have to do is put up the Christmas Tree. So, uhhmm, any idea how we get a Christmas tree and a puppy to live in harmony?

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Tell me the Truth

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Do you think they'll be able to guess what it is?

An alternative title could have been :
Don't put a five year old in charge of wrapping Christmas presents.

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Overheard at casa del Bluepaintred

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hubs has a thirty inch waist (feel free to hate him for it, I do) and a six foot inseam. For as long as I have known him, I have never seen him in a pair of pants that fits him properly. He would be able to get pants to fit his waist, but then he would be walking around in manpries, so he gets pants to fit his height and uses a belt to take in the extra foot of material in the waist.


I know that there are places that we can buy jeans that will fit him in both the waist and the leg, but you have to pay like seventy bucks for a pair. The way we shop for clothing is if it over twenty bucks, it's too much. Except for shoes, and coats. And socks, I guess, becuase I once spent 21 dollars on a pair of socks, but man were they awesome!

For the last few months I have been trying to convince hubs that we should spend the cash and get him a pair that fits, and he can wear them just for special occasions, weddings and family gatherings and the like. Yes he wears jeans to weddings, nice, ill fitting black ones with a dress shirt and a sports coat. He looks good so STFU.

Hubs hates shopping. A lot.


So I think it is time to go and get those jeans. I think you should get a pair tight enough to make a genital devision sign.

Uh. No thank you, I like my sperm count exactly where it is!

What? At Zero?

So ... I guess we will go see Santa this weekend instead...

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

When your day starts with you having to shout "Aim for the toilet" you Know It's gonna be a good one.


Does it feel later in the week to anyone? Or maybe earlier? Cus it feels Sundayish to me. I feel like I should be doing bullet points or something.

But, uhm. unless you really want a bullet point blowing chunks by blow of how many times the brat puked, I really don't know what to type.

Fuck it. I'm taking the night off. I managed to convince James Blunt to guest host Bluepaintred tonight. And believe me, it wasn't fucking easy. He's a goddamn diva queen. You owe me. All of you, you all fucking owe me.


Gimme My Star!

Monday, December 03, 2007

After we finished our nightly meal, and by we, I mean me, hubs and the eldest ate our food, and the dog ate the two younger children's meal, Hubs took a shower.

I told him to hurry up as I wanted one too.

Normally, If I need a shower in the evening I hop in with him, but Rainbow Man had homework and without an adult sitting right.beside him he finds it impossible to tune out the other boys and do his work.

So hubs finished his shower and I went in to have mine. Shirt off I realized I had forgotten my razor in the other bathroom and was trying to convince him it was faster for him to get dressed and go get it than it would be for me to put my shirt back on.

Then the phone rang.

You see, his parents got their first internet capable laptop this afternoon, and were trying to access their email account. First up : trying to explain how to click the mouse. Then I tried to explain where to find the word in-box on his email program so he could put his new clicking skills to use.

All of this is happening at the same time the hubs is wagging his tail in my face. I tried to wave him away. No luck. The tail just kept wiggling, begging for attention mere inches from my face. I gave him a disgusted look AND managed not to laugh as he said in his most innocent voice "What? It's clean. I just washed it!"

The fact that I did not laugh - while still on the phone with his parents who are now arguing about the viagra email in the spam folder- tells me I am due for yet another gold star.

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Overstock Dot Com Is Having A Contest

I'm still in the midst of My Christmas shopping - I have no idea at ALL what to get my dad. I think that in the past ten years he has gotten some sort of sweater each Christmas. I really do not want to go that route again this year!

I have read blog posts here and there where different people have talked about the wonders of Overstock dot com, but I hadn't clicked on their links until recently. They have so many cool things there and the prices are great!

But the neatest part? Overstock.com is having an All I want for Christmas Giveaway where over the course of five days, five people will win 1000.00 to spend any way they want on overstock.com. At the end of the contest one super lucky person will win 5000.00!

If I won* the 1000.00 contest, I would get my dad one of those nifty GPS navigation thingys so he could find his way to my house to visit more often.

But if I won the five thousand dollar part? For Sheila? She would totally get a Laptop! We'd never have to stop the chatting then!

You can enter once a day, so get your rear in gear and enter!

*Pee ess: This contest is ONLY open to US residents (bummer for me) So if you win, buy me something nice! (HINT: I'd like a LCD TV, LOL)

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Teh 411

A long, long, long time ago, when I was in grade four, I had gone on a school day trip somewhere. I cannot remember where, but on that trip I had gotten my little brother a very tiny glow in the dark dinosaur. And then I promptly forgot I had bought it.

Just before bedtime, in a panic I remembered about the dinosaur and it seemed like the most important thing in the world that he have it before going to bed. It was downstairs in my room and I was upstairs, so I ran fast fast splat to the bottom of the stairs.

The floor was concrete and the steps were wooden. There was a telepost at the bottom of the stairs - a metal support pole thingy. I hit my head on the telepost *insert so thats what happened joke here* and hurt both of my wrists at some point on the way down the stairs. I suspect it was the splat part.

Sigh. I just spent an hour looking for the picture taken of me after the fall and cannot find it. You will have to use your imagination.

So what does me falling down a set of stairs ages and ages ago have to do with my "ow" last night? Well it's simple. I cannot follow directions. At all. If you tell me to do something, it's like a mental block forms and all I hear is static.

I was told to do a billion and one different strengthening exercises for my wrists. But they were hard to do so I simply did not do them. And not doing them had consequences. I have zero strength in my wrists, I cannot lift a small pot full of water without using two hands. And even then, by the time I get from the sink to the stove - about a foot and a half away, or two steps, my arms are shaking from the effort.

And then there is the joint pain.

Last night I was doing the dishes and Rainbow Man asked me what was wrong with my arm. I had it cradled against my chest and was doing things one handed, and yet I hadn't even realized it was hurting. This wold have been the opportune time for me to have taken some pain meds and wrapped my wrist, but instead I finished the dishes.

You see, when it starts, it's just a dull achy feeling.

After the dishes, I played bubble shooter with my opposite hand until the children went to bed and then we watched a movie - Live free; Die Hard - excellent, by the way.

About five minutes into the movie, my elbow started to hurt. I really should have wrapped my arm and taken the pills at this point, but I figured if I just rubbed it, the Ow would go away.

It always starts at the wrist joint, and then the bone in my forearm will start to ache. When I actually use my brain, I have taken pills and wrapped it before my elbow starts to ache, but last night it went right to the shoulder before my brain kicked into gear. Half way through the movie I took the pills, but it was too late.

When it gets this bad, I do not have the strength to wiggle my fingers of rotate my wrist. Last night I wasn't even able to hold my arm against my chest without supporting it with the other.

And so. No post. My bad.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

have ow
cant type
will try again in the morning
grammar natzi's should ignore no caps
using only one hand for typing sucks


Because I can, Thats Why

Saturday, December 01, 2007

  • The dog is acting like a dog again. It seriously pisses me off when she remembers she is a puppy.
  • I want to shoot her.
  • how can she want to play in the snow anyway? Does she not understand frostbite?

  • Blue Boy has three loose teeth, tried to sell the snow int he front yard and has his first Christmas Concert coming up :o)
  • he also has his first homework assignment. I will take pictures. it should be cute.
  • If it isn't he sucks, not me.

  • I wish I had smilies. Does wordpress have smilies?
  • Pee ess: Y'all were very helpful in the comments but I was gone all day and busy all night.
  • Well 'til now, of course

  • I am so damn boring today I will quit this right here and now.
  • And how the hell am I boring?
  • I had a full day!
  • I did things!
  • God I suck.
  • (but I do not swallow, ask Mr.Fab)
Later vader!