Tuesday, October 31, 2006

puke. laundry..lots of poop.no post due to flu. but i assure you, it would ahve been a damn good one

Oh My God, What A Day

Monday, October 30, 2006

Whew. this has been a busy weekend, am I ever glad I got my Sunday Six and Birthday post done up before hand. I haven't had time to respond to many comments, nor leave many, But I have been reading posts and comments.

So Don't cry.

Now, Lori asked how to Sign up for Sunday six. Its really quite quite simple. Sometime, during the week leading up to Sunday, Kelly a working mom with two adorable children, Jack and Janelle, will put six questions up on her blog. There isn't a set day to go and get the questions, as Kelly is rather busy, but it is always worth my time, and I am sure yours to hop over to get them! Then all you do is post your Sunday Six, on Sunday, obviously, and if you want other Sunday Sixers to pop in and read it, drop a comment at Kelly's stating that you played Sunday Six. I for one will pop over to anyone who says they have played. I'd also like to make a special request that Mrs. Fab pose next weeks questions to Mr. Fab. (P.S. if you want the Sunday Six Image and are unsure how to grab it, ask!!)

RM's party was great. We had seven kids, including my three. One of the other kids unfortunatly came down with the flu, BUT RoxDar has promised to come drink my coffee and let the kids play another day! YAY. He got some awesome gifts from the kids, and it was SO worth it to pay the bux to have the party outside the house. no muss no fuss, they did it all, from cutting and serving the cake, to packing up the gifts for us to take home. The kids, mine at least because we came early and stayed late, played HARD for five hours, only to come home and carve pumpkins. I was told that Seven really IS a lucky number because this was the best birthday ever. So I am happy he is happy. However Sister mine, He asked tonight when I tucked him in if you had commented on "His" post yet. Think about that for a minute. Compare your age to his. Do the Math.

Did everyone go check out the pics in the Photo section? Im not too proud to say mine turned out the best, and if you value your life, you will definatly agree with me. BUT, RM carved his own. His Own! He has never ever tried this before. Always before I figured he was too young even to scoop, not to mention playing with knives. He got cut once, which he hid from me untill this afternoon when he complained how red and sore it was. BB also did one, which shocked me. I figured he would be happy enough to sit and watch us carve, but my MIL helped him scrape and supervised him cutting, and dammit he did a great job for such a little guy. It seems to me, I am not giving the boys due credit. I wonder what else they can and would enjoy doing that I think they can't.....

Anyways, another reason I am not online so much is we have company right now. My SIL Spongebob and her baby Tubby are here foir a week, due to an asshole landlord. Now I ask you who kicks a ten month old baby out - in the cold - and still sleeps at night. thats just RUDE. So I have been filling my day with girl talk, baby talk and coffee. Lots of coffee. I love coffee. I think I might divorce my husband and marry Juan Valdes. I think it's a good plan.

And Oh My God, whats with adults ruining Halloween? This is NOT some sort of Pagen Holiday, Its not here so we can Worship the freaking Devil. Halloween is for candy. CANDY! Wee tiny Chocolate bars, ring pops, tootsie rols, micro sized bags of chips, Rockets. Pillow case upon pillow case of candy! I repeat
This is not about the devil, unless you are dieting.
Period, End of story. And yet, can RM wear his homemeade pirate costume that HE thought up and helped me get together to school? NO. Tommorrow he has to get up, change out of his jogging pants, and into the only pair of jammies that fits him (Kiss, thank God for the Harry Potter Jammies, THANK YOU). Yea, tommorrow at school is Bad Hair and Pajama Day. WTF people? What! The! Fuck! On the up side, not only will you get photos of the kids in the costumes, you will get photos of all three with pajamas and bad hair.*

Did I mention at 8 pm I realised I had no idea where his pajamas were, ended up finding them in the bottom of a hamper covered in dried porridge, realised I had to wash them before tommorrow, then realised that Spongebobs clothes were in the dryer, which sucks** and that I would have to have them dried PLUS the load in the washer into the dryer before I could even start to wash his jammies? It's 10:45 and his jammies are in the wash now, they have 20 minutes left.

Sigh. I swear the only thought that has gotten me through this day, is that tommorrow night I will be dining on Micro Chocolate and sweet sweet suckers. Welcome to My Idea of Heaven.

Oh, and D.B. Thanks man, I would have forgotten, infac this is an edit while I wait for blogrolling to load. Check it out... You're over there now, with all teh perfect people. Welcome!

*Unless I can't find Stupe and BB's jammies, in which case you will get Gitch and bad hair photos of those two. We aren't a pajama family. We turn up the heat and have fuzzy nummy blankies, and we sleep..... comfortably.
**My dryer is old, and it has to go thru two cycles to dry a normal sized load. Lets not talk about towels and jeans. Or my energy bill. Or the cost of a new dryer. And washer, Cus I'd want a set.

This happens to be my five hundredth post. woohoo Blue. Or something.


There are forty thousand five hundred million eighteen (thank Blue Boy for the number {smirk}) new photos under the photo tab to peruse. I will replace this with a real post after the kids go to bed. We had a blast.

Sunday Six : Halloween Edition

Sunday, October 29, 2006

This Week's Sunday Six - Halloween! Brought to you by the wonderful Kelly. Stuperman(2.6), BlueBoy(4.7) and Rainbow man (6.12). Rainbow man wore his Pirate hallowen costume for the Questions, Just to get into "the spirit of things mom". Please do not forget to scroll down to last post and wish Rainbow Man a happy birthday (He is reading AND keeping track of the comments, he Loves them!) And now must go get ready for the birthday party. Y'all have a wonderful Sunday!

1. When is Halloween?
: Uh. Halloween-O. yea It's 'morno (tommorrow) (Jumping on the bed)

Blue Boy:
At 40 thousand, 80 thousand sleeps.

Rainbow Man:
A few days after my birthday

2. What do we do on Halloween?
Stuperman: Halloween-O?? Yea! Fwuck o'Fweet! (jumping excitedly)
Blue Boy: We put costumes on.
Rainbow Man: We make pumpkins on halloween.

3. Why do we celebrate Halloween?
Stuperman: A Halloween-O Doin?
Blue Boy: To eat candy ...and...Thats all I guess.
Rainbow Man: Because it's the day where we get to carve pumpkins and we get to get candy from houses and we say trick or treat.

4. What happens on Halloween?
Stuperman: Happens On Halloween-O??
Blue Boy: We say trick or treat and peoples give us candy.
Rainbow Man: Um, (talking really slow so I can write) We go to houses and get candy and we carve pumpkins on halloween. (insists on reading it to see if I wrote it right, Gets mad at me for typing this)

5. Why do we wear costumes?
Stuperman: A costume! A Pirate! A monkey! Oooh! Oooh! Ahhh! Ahhh!. I monkey. I bannana. O0000 O00000 Ahhh!!! You writin 'gain?
Blue Boy: Cus they don't know that halloween is now
Rainbow Man: Um. I don't know.

6. What do you get on Halloween?
Stuperman: I Break Halloween-o. I get candy. Here mommy. (passes me invisable candy), All gone now. You gonna get some more candy mommy??
Blue Boy: Candy. Treat candy.
Rainbow Man: Candy from houses. All sorts of candy. (sounding very excited.) Stop writing that kind of stuff. thats not what I said. Quit it. If you are going to do that I don't wanna play Sunday Six any more!

Rainbow Man Is Seven ~Mushy Mommy Type Post~

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Three Days Old

Seven Years ago today,I slept in, and woke to the phone ringing. It was the hospital wondering where we were. We were supposed to be there by seven am for our indiction. It was now 830am. I showered and we grabbed our stuff and headed to the hospital. We were just out of our teens, I had just turned 20, so Had Hubster. We had been married for three months.

We went in with the attitude that we were at a party. Oh man I can still feel the overwhelming urge to giggle and dance. At last, I was going to have my baby!

We found out about Rainbow man in a sort of odd way. I was undergoing testing to give my sister a kidney, and was having an ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys. The technition asked if there was any possible way that I was pregnant. I laughed and assured her there was No Way.

On April first I recieved a letter fromt he Nephrology department.

Dear Miss Bluepaintred:

I would like to inform you that the ultrasound report of your kidneys showed an incidentalfinding thats is the presence of a baby in your uterus. Therefore, I believe you should get immediate attention by an obsterician at theis stage if you wish. I would reccomend to you to defer the work up for transplantation untill after your delivery.

If you have any concerns, please call my office.
(Uh, WTF>>When is a baby , planned or not, EVER incidental???)

My first thought was that this MUST be an april fools joke, and my neks thought was HOW AM I GOING TO TELL MY DAD???? I was 19. It turns out I was almost 15 weeks pregnant, and had had NO clue. But it definatly explained why i couldn't lose this weird ponch of fat in my belly! I stopped dieting immediatly LOL.

Six weeks Old
Rainbow Mans first due date was September 18th. We got into an accident that day and completly totaled the car. My first reaction after the car stopped was to shove my hands under my dress and into my panties to see if I was bleeding. I wasn't and almost immediatly, the baby started kicking, protesting the jolt he had received. Hubby did not fare so well. He had jammed his knee into the metal face plate of the radio, hurting it pretty badly. I don't know much about cars now, and I didn't then either. I saw smoke (it was steam), and Hubs wasn't responding to anything I said, so I told him I was hurt and I could not get my door open (It was a lie) He shoved at his door a few times then, and it was really hard for him to open, later we realised that the whole drivers side was compacted inwards, and thats why his door wasn't opening. He did get it open and came around to help me out. Just imagine the looks I got, at 9 months pregnant (and I was HUGE) standing by thei totaled car, waiting for the cops. I refused an abulance, but accepted the cops offer for a ride to the University. Later, we had Baby checked out, as well as Hubbys knee. My only injury was from my seat belt, some very colorful and painful bruising.

I am sure that the car accident is what made baby so late. He was scared to come out! Finally on the 25th of October I convinced my doctor that he had to come out NOW or I would go insane. He offered induction on the 28th or I could wait till November 1st. I didnt want a halloween baby, so I took the 28th.

From the time of indiction, to the time of birth, I was in labour for only 13 and a half hours. The first half, My sister and I had balloon wars with "It's a Boy" balloons. the last half, Hubs and my sister just put up with me. I had an epidural. When it came time to push, the nurse called the on call doctor. The doc asked the nurse if this was my first baby, she answered yes, and so he told her he would finish his coffee and come up. After all, first babys take forever to push out. That was around 12:55am.

Six Months Old
The Doctor never made it to the Birth, It took one half assed push and two real ones and he was born, 1:05 Am on the 29th of October, Six Lbs, 4 Ounces. Hubs cut the cord, and the Doc walked in as the nurse was checking baby in the bassenet.

RainbowMan was an EXCELLENT baby/toddler, and is still a wonderful and caring boy. He never likes to get anything he cannot share with his siblings. He helps a lot, sometimes too much around home. He is even willing to change Stupermans Night diaper. Rainbow Man was the reason we decided to have more children, he made the experiance wonderful for us.

2, Halloween

I know I want to say more about him. But As I try to picture the boy he is now becoming the man he will be, my chest tightens and I start to breath faster. The thought of him being grown and gone from me, hurts, but at the same time, I want him to have what me and his daddy have. And since It bothers me so much, I refuse to think about it, and instead, I will take his growing up, one day at a time. And I will Love every minute of it.


Happy Birthday Honey

Friday Fuzz

Friday, October 27, 2006

So yesterday I had my first guest post, and it was pretty fun.. OHHHH the POWER! I loved going in and editing the post with my own wittle comments. So if any of YOU wanna do a guest post, you ain't gonna hear me say no!

Coffee on Thursday was fun. We did go back to the esso resturant, And Esso So Totally Gave Me 20 Bux In Esso Credit Things To Use On a Lotto Ticket Which I am So Totally Splitting With Kiss And We Are So Totally Gonna Win Thousands At Susans Expense And So Totally Laugh Our Asses Off At Her As We Spend Every Cent Of It. The gas station clerk was great..except for the part where He made me arm wrestle him. I won of course. (I used two hands) ..... Totally

We had gone for a smoke right around 9pm, and foolishly didn't take the time to tell our waitress we weren't leaving. SO SHE TOOK OUR COFFEE. *GASP* And the internet roars with outrage. The poor poor coffee, so sugard and hot, dumped down the drain like soured milk. Oh the horror. Oh the waste! Won't somebody please think about the coffee?

But our waitress, Rose, she's a sweety. She offered to get us more java (we decided it was 9, we might as well go anyway) and then. THEN, we tried to pay, and she Would. Not. Let us!...Tell me, Is Rose a mind reader? It was somehow her fault she didn't know we were done?Cus that would be Neat-O.

Pffft. But thats ok, I have a plan. I know where things are! I bet that I can find the keys that you lost to your car. Next time we go to coffee, and Rose is there, unsuspectingly pouring me cup after cup of hot and steamy coffee and it is time for me to sneak off into the night, She will find a surprise when she cleans MY table that night, And NOT an extremly long and hard to understand run on sentance!

Vewwy vewwy sneakily, Shhh, I'm huntin Wabbit, I will pay for my coffee twice that night. Once at the till, and once as a tip. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Just call me Supreme Overlord Blue of the evil varaity.

Guest Post for FOAD Thursday

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Umm, as the owner of this blog (How fucking pretentious can I get?), I have taken the liberty of, shall we say, editing, this post. My edits will be found in Italics
Since I don’t have a blog, but I am an avid reader and commenter, I thought I would allow my good friend Bluepaintred post for me.

(Dude! Hear that!?! ? She said good friend. She just says that cus I give great oral)

First a little bit about my family to understand where I’m coming from for this post. My daughter “the girl” (yes this is her actually nickname) is 5 years old. She has been diagnosed as being speech delayed. Which in turn, has caused her to be developmentally delayed. All this means it that she talks on the level of a 2-3 year old instead of a 5 year old. (In speech people, not in brains, she can understand us, just not TELL us things!! She has the normal feelings of A five year old) So she is a designated student at school. There is a special educational assistant assigned to her to help her with her speech and socialization with the other kids, we’ll call her Ms. Kitty.

(lets call her miss bitch, shall we?)

So the girl has only been in school for a little over a month and half, and seemed to been adjusting ok. Ms. Kitty Miss Bitch doesn’t always understand how the smallest thing can set the girl off and she becomes upset in class. Today the girl had ripped the knee out of her pants. Apparently this happened shortly after the start of class. Well cuz the girl never leaves anything done “half-assed” she torn them a little more until they were right up to the crotch (sorry bad grammar).

(we have a strick "Fuck Grammar" rule here at Chez Bulepaintred)

I always send a full change of clothes everyday to school (school rule for Kindergarteners), so this shouldn’t have been a question. Ms. Kitty Miss Bitch should have taken her to her locker, gotten her a pair of pants and asked her to change them. Did Ms. Kitty Miss Bitch do this??? NOOOOOO!!!

(Makes sense to me, After all why else do they say bring a change of clothes??)

She sends my half exposed daughter out to play at recess. Then she wonders why she was upset when she came in??? Maybe cuz it’s freaking cold outside and her underwear are showing??!!!!

(Isn't this some sort of sexual harassment? Making a child parade around in their Undies?? At the very least it's depraved indiference)

But does Ms. Kitty Miss Bitch get the girl to change now??? NOOOOO!!! She sends her to music class which is clear across the whole school. Thus the girl gets upset again. And Ms. Kitty Miss Bitch marches her back to class alone and phones me to pick her up cuz she doesn’t know why she is upset.

(That would be because Miss Bitch has the sense of a gnat. And they let these people run free amungst our children??)

So I pick her up ask about said pants and leave very confused. Hubby comes home for lunch and freaks when I tell him what happened. He phone the principal and we have a meeting with her tomorrow morning. But the kicker for me (who gets embarrassed very quickly and always takes it personally) one of my son’s friend’s mom’s calls me (someone RoxDar see basicall every day at school, and socialise with!!) and asks what happened to the girl in music that her pants were ripped and she was crying. This means that Ms. Kitty Miss Bitch marched my daughter past all the moms with little ones leaving preschool. What the hell is Ms. Kitty Miss Bitch thinking? Would she allow this to happen to her children??? What would you do??

Thanks for this Blue…won’t forget it!!



Lets see. What would I do. After getting over the crushing embarresment of having my "mommy" friends see my daughter dressed like a welfare bum - Cus lets face it, we moms compete with our kids. How smart they are, how cute they are, how well they are dressed - I'd get angry. Very very very angry. I would almost be tempted to pull The Girl outa that school, BUT she doesn't like change.

Going to the principal, and I hope its the principal, not just the teacher, is a good start, and honestly, Rox, if you do not get an apology, a SINCERE apology from Miss Bitch, I would go straight to the school board and then to the board of education. Take it as high as it needs to go!

I particularaly like the phrase "Depraved Indifferance" You should totally use it tommorrow morning in the meeting. Bring up Sexual harrasment, for the undies showing, AND Neglect for allowing her to go outside In the last week of October without proper clothing. A child in Kindergarten still needs guidence. Someone to help with zippers and mitts, someone to say, "no no, its too cold, lets put on your coat" Someone to help her make the connection between the embarresment she is feeling and the fact that she can go change into new pants. Thats why Kindergarten classes are so small, so they can GET the attention they need.

So, Miss Bitch, For being a complete and utter fucktard, for derilection of duty and for making The Girl feel sad and confused, not to mention embarresed, You can Fuck Off And Die

So I ...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I think I am going to go back to blogging at night. I'm just too groggy in the morning to actually write other then I did this and I saw this and I took a dump and shit crap stuff. Ever noticed just how many different words there are for poop?

Oh and lets all thank the mathematicians for this : Vampires are an impossibility

We voted in our mayoral election tonight. I went in, and I knew I wanted the dude who was in charge to stay in charge cus he’s all set to build me a middle school, and he is doing one heck of a job now. So I totally memorized his name. Then we had to vote for counselors, or something and I thought we only needed to know two we wanted to vote for, so I was all prepared, till they told me Pick Six. And that sucked.

And then I am reading the vote thingy and it says to fold it back the way you got it. Oh shit origami! So I says to the lady "I sure hope this is right" as I passed my seahorse shaped papers to her. Its void if there are any identifying.. things... to it. But plenty of people will fold it like me, right? RIGHT??

As hubby and I walked out, I turned to him and said. "I used the eanie meanie mo system ...You?"

We rented Nacho Libre for tonight (I am very happy, his other choice was Silent Hill)
I’m very much looking forward to sitting on my ass doing nothing with this movie. (We should have bought Nachos for the movie ). (Enough italics and {parentheses} in this paragraph or should I add more? Maybe some semi colons or bold font?)(I want; a break ;because I have spent; the last week; doing this:)

Hint : It's Blue Boy

And for the record : Blogger is an anal retentive prick who won’t allow people to do any fucking thing at all with it’s system AND IT SUCKS

You Bastards!

Why didn't anyone tell me that laminate flooring is the PERFECT surface to use children as bowling balls on?

Keep an eye out for this video...... my battery is dead right now so I can't upload it yet. Wait. I haven't taped it yet.


P.S. I almost died laughing when I saw this site!

Breaking News : The floor is clean

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Before you do another thing. Even breath. You MUST click this link.

Oh you're back? I thought you would be gone longer. Lemme grab my pants.. Or something.

So I washed the floor today, while wearing red socks. Im washing and scrubbing and cursing the makers of syrup. And then I look back, supposedly to admire my clean floors. Nope. (Yea, me and my exciting life, huh? Aren't you glad you stopped by? Just freaking made your day. Hey, tell everyone!! Blue washed the freaking floor!)

Apperently I need a refresher course on proper housewife clothing. Maybe an apron? Ohhhh fuzzy slippers! House wives wear slippers don't they? Crap, strike that, I have fuzzy slippers on right now.

I want bon bons dammit! Aren't they my constitutional right as a house wife?

This is the bed Hubby wants us to buy. I just don't think it will fit in our bedroom. I do think it would be perfect for a guest bedroom though. what do you think?

This Just In:

Monday, October 23, 2006

(compiled over the last few days)

"Dinasours eat cheeseburgers" -Stuperman (2)

"Hello snow. My snow. Right here. My snowman is right here. I ate my snowman outside. My shovel out there." - Stuperman (2)

Upon waking very hungry "Mommy, know why I am so hungry? I have four tummies. But Im not a cow...Moooooo" - Blue boy (4.5)

"Jump really high Stuperman, Jump really hiiiiihg. Go to the sky Stuperman. Kiss the kidddddy in the sky"-HG(2)*

"I running!" Falls " Owwwww. I ok mommy" gets up "I running!!" Stuperman (2)

"I want more Damnberry Ju, OK?? More Damnberry mommy." I give him raspberry juice "damnk-you" Stuperman (2)

"I got a concussion" Hubster (27)

Holding a plastic crab "I got crabs" HG (2)

"I made rainbow Poop" - Blue boy (4.5)

"I making pumpkin" (as he poos) - Stuperman (2)

"Know why I am not eating anymore?" Why? "Cus I am done" - Blue boy (4.5)

"Now if only we could get chunky honey. You know, with little bee's heads floating in it?....What?? you don't think it would be a good seller?" Hubster (27)

Rainbow Man "Why do they have their halloween decorations up?"

ME: Cus its like a week and a half till halloween, your birthday is the 29th and halloween is three days later"

Rainbow Man Really? I coulda been born'd on halloween!

ME: Yea but when you came out, you came so fast that the doctor wasnt even there yet. Just the nurse and daddy"

Rainbow Man "Were you there?"


if I was being attacked by a living doll, You'd believe me, wouldn't you?" Hubster (27)

*HG is the baby girl who comes to play with us all week

Disclosure Policy

Sunday, October 22, 2006

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact bluepaintred @ bluepaintred at gmail dot com.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Pee Ess: sometimes I get paid to blog about the things I write. I like money, You like reading, It's a Win-Win situation!


Sunday Six - Happy BirthdayJanelle!

Welcome to Sunday Six. This week’s topic, brought to you by the lovely Kelly, is birthdays! Today is Kelly’s daughter, Janelle’s fourth Birthday. Happy birthday baby girl!

Stuperman (2.5) reluctantly played, as well as Blue Boy(4.7) and Rainbow Man.(6.12).

  1. How do we celebrate birthdays?

Stuperman: No Mommy. No no no no no no. What doin’ mommy? (sings) Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Got a ball??

Blue Boy: With candy sticks?

Rainbow Man: By bringing toys and going places and giving the birthday person the toys.

2. Do you know anyone who is having a birthday today?

Stuperman: Ohhhhh. Somebody goin’ have some birthday??? Somebody want some eyes mommy? You color that paper?

Blue Boy: No.

Rainbow Man: No. Tigger??

3. Why do we celebrate birthdays?

Stuperman: No play it mommy!!

Blue Boy: Cus.

Rainbow Man: Um. I don’t know. Because they are turning older?

4. What happens at a birthday party?

Stuperman: No mommy. No Mommy. Nooo Mommy! (cries) Nooo presents!

Blue Boy: Lots of people come.

Rainbow Man: Um. They get presents.

5. When is your birthday?

Stuperman: In the birthday mommy. In the birthday Mommy.

Blue Boy: I don’t know

Rainbow Man: October 29th.

6. What do you do on your birthday?

Stuperman: No write mommy.

Blue Boy: Eat cake

Rainbow Man: Um. Go to the fun factory

There. Isn't it nice to have that long ass meme gone? I don't blame y'all for not reading it! Have a good Sunday

MeMe Excuse for a post

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I stole this meme from Miss Ann. It's very very long. I didn't feel like filling it out, so I don't know why anyone will want to read this. Instead, there are 16 new photos under the photo tab and 3 new you tube videos. Here is soemthing to look forward too: Stuperman joined in the Sunday Six fun.

No, but I drool

I’m not sure, so I will go with lover.

Spiders and my boys being hurt.

Not as far as I recall.

I like the shows like Extreme Home Makeover and flip this house, But not survivor and Idol and crap.


Dunno. My parents were really mean and took tones of photos of my older sister, but none of me..

No, I think I would go insane if I had to try dating.



OMG NO. And I never ever will

Only in the bedroom.

I’d like to go on a cruise. Other then that, camping

enough to keep me on the top of the water..

Yes. I thought it was so-so, but hubby is in love with it.

Not really.

I bite them.



kill it, but don’t gut the damn thing on my freaking counter.

um. Im married right now.


penicillian. Laundry. Doing the dishes and sweeping

bout three questions up



some of them are.

if I knew that I’d be a millionair



McDonalds is right up there with chocolate in my opinion

bout 430 this afternoon



yes, but that doesn’t mean I want YOU too!

only when I am home alone

coffee smokes and grinding the bones in my wrist according to hubby

peanut butter sucks ass.



I guess so. But ask me in about a week if I am willing to go without my midol



you bet

on tuesdays.





love love love it


not really

no .Dogs smell

not really, but there are extenuating circumstances sometimes

whats that?

yes but don’t tell anyone.

nope, its pretty nice.

baloney sammich


um three. Y’all can worry amongst yourselves about if you are on the list

Head on.

nope. Whats it?

Scotty doesn’t know


Friday, October 20, 2006

Due to some issues at the Bluepaintred household. This is my post for today.

There is no post.

There may be no post tommorrow. And if there is, It will probably be a meme I stole from Miss Ann.

I will be off the computer and hugging my children. I promise to catch up on your blogs either late late tonight or tommorrow or the next day... it all depends on the level of comforting still required.We Miss You Already

This Week Has Eight Days *Edit at Bottom*

Thursday, October 19, 2006

For your veiwing pleasure, A Fuck of And Die Thursday Post

Yesterday was Wednesday. Did y'all know that? Heeheeheee I DID! Coffee Wednesday! WOOT WOOT. YAY. I looove me some Wednesday coffee. I'm a mom. And I love being a mom. But I'm Me too. BFF Kiss saves my sanity by giving up one of her two days off each week and joining me for coffee.

(Here I break the rule about naming stores, cus really, I googled it, go ahead and find me with it, I dare ya!)

We go to an Esso for coffee. Yup a gas station. Well, it's a gas station AND a resturaunt. The coffee is good. We always spend 20 bux on Scratch lotto tickets and then sit down with our coffee and scratch happily.

Y'all know what scratch tickets are, don't you? What? You in the back? You don't? GO BUY ONE! You know you wanna!

We talk and we act.. well we don't act our ages, thats for sure. So yesterday we scratched and won. I won 22 (spent 10 ~ bonus) Kiss won 6. We had been talking about a 20 dollar scratch lotto pack. It says you are gaurenteed at least one win per pack. But 20 Bux??? I mean we stick with the three dollar tickets and sometimes, sometimes splurge on the 4 dollar ones! So we decided to cash in our tickets, go for a smoke, and then decide. Kiss bought one, I didn't.

Lets cut to the chase shall we? Kiss ended up winning 25 freaking bux on her ticket. We were pumped! We practically ran to the counter to redeem and buy another one. Well, two more cus I was going to bite the bullet and shell out 20 bux for one of my own.

This is where I start swearing. oh, Put the damn soap away!

We get to the freaking counter. Ahh, Miss Perky our favorite server. Of course I am lying my fucking ass off here. She is a bitch. A cow. She sucks royal monkey balls and LIKES IT. She is rude and snide and acts like she is soooo much better then everyone around her. She works Wednesday, so we have had a lot of experience with her, and none of it pleasent. NONE.

By the way, for three years we have gone to this coffee shop. For two of those years we went every night. Then we moved to a new town and I can only go one night a week. We are what you would term regulars. The waitresses don't take our orders, they give us our orders!

Miss Bitch has been known to prop open bathroom doors for "cleaning" and walk away while you are trying to go pee. (She did this tonight) And when you buy multiple tickets of a same kind, you kinda want them out of sequence, ya know? She goes overboard makinging sure we know she is taking them one after the other, and has argued with us that if she takes them out of order, it messes up her tray. WTF? Has the MonkeySucker ever heard "The customer is always right"?

Well maybe we aren't always right but we do deserve respect, even if it IS faked. So Kiss takes her ticket to the counter. Its really 8-10 tickets all together, accordian style. Each ticket has a seperate bar code, and they have perferated edges for tearing. We were unsure if we were allowed to tear the tickets apart, as some tickets are invaled if seperated. So we left it as is.

Miss JizzForBrains scanned the first ticket, slammed it down on the counter in front of us, looked Kiss in the face and said "Don't Do this to me again" WhatTheFuckingChrist on a Stick??? What the fuck did Kiss do? Redeem a winning freaking ticket?? Why the hell is she not allowed to bring a lottery ticket to a lottery ticket counter, WITH NO LINE BEHIND US, to redeem the fucking thing? Now MissBitchFromHell is Tearing the ticket apart. Not along the perferated edges, just grabbing and ripping. You know the barcode at the back of the ticket? The one they use to validate the fucking thing? The one that you cannot get your money if its ripped? That one?

Yea AssFace was ripping them. So Kiss said "Give me back my tickets" and held out her hands. PrincessNastyAss refused to hand them over. So Kiss tried to take them from her. Bitch held on like an Ethiopian to a peice of stale bread. It took a lot of convincing (Read: grabbing with both hands ~ both of us) to get the tickets back, Keep in mind BitchWhore is still ripping as we are trying to get them back. Did I mention that the top prize on the pack is a million? How the fuck does LittleEssoGirl know it Isnt the big one? What if she is ripping up a million dollar ticket?


So we left, with Kiss's torn ticket, and went to a different gas station and cashed the ticket there.


So I am going to phone her boss in the morning. Dixon. I got his number. And I am going to complain very loudly and using strong words and a stern tone about Susan. Again.

But thats not all, for further entertainment I am contacting Esso. The company. Not the pidly podunk gas station, but the big guys. They probably won't give a damn, the guys on top usually don't. But It will make me and Kiss feel much much MUCH better. Oh and I am sending them a link to this post.

Susan, I think, is not cut out for customer service. She should try a funeral home. Dead people won't complain when she is a WhoreCow to them.

What was that? Oh! Why does this week have eight days? Its very simple, I will type it slow.
I refuse to go to Esso for Coffee on Wednesday EVER again. We talked to Rose. She works Thursdays, so Coffee Wednesday has become Coffee Thursday. This will be a very very long week for me.

EDIT:I just got off the phone with Dixon and then The Big Guys at Esso. Susan answered the phone when I called and when I asked for Dixon she asked who was speaking (I think they have to do that), and when I answered with my name, which she knows, she called him and he asked who it was... She said "It's that lady I told you about...with the tickets." And of course she made sure I heard it, So I was prepared for Dixon's response.

Dixon blew me off, like I knew he would. Apperently, when there is a long line up (WTF- one person is a long lineup???) It is really stressfull when people bring up tickets to be checked that are not winners, and it creates a "hairy situation". Um we took the accordian thingy up and it was something like 8/10 of them had won. We took them all up because we didn't know we could seperate them (we can).

I do not think he expected me to phone head office. The girl at head office was amazing. She asked good questions and listened when I talked. She did not interrupt with excuses in the middle of me talking (like Dixon). When I got of the phone with her, I felt a lot better, Like I had been taken seriously ~ What Dixon should have done in the first place. They will look into the situation and get back to me in 10-15 days.

Only one problem. They plan on calling Dixon. Which I expected, but Dixon has a habit of "banning" people from his store. Kiss and I might have to *gulp* find a new coffee spot before next Thursday. Sigh. Even If we do have to find a new spot, I feel better for having taken steps against Susan's rudness. It was unacceptable.

Edit2: dont ask where the graphics went. Thats a whole nuther story!

Am I Lazy

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Last night round 11pm, Hubs reminded me that we had forgotten to take the trash to the back. (It's still back alley pickup) Because it was dark, and cold, and I was already in my pajamas (actually, I hadn't gotten out of them since waking up that morning) I called my mother in law, three houses down. She lives in a condo, and there gargabe is collected every week at the front of the houses.

So now I just got back (its 830am) from dragging my full garbage can down the road to park in her front yard for pick up. In my defense, the snow/ice is built up about four inches infront of the back gate(s). (there are three gates to go throu to get to the back alley)

So... Am I?

Lots of too many things

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

EDIT: Warning if you are Christian, or uh, anything really that has to do with God. maybe you should think twice about clicking this. Really, Cus if you click it and hate it and send me evil nasty emails. Well Ill probably print them out as my first hate mail, but I will also post them here and make fun of you whilst patting myself on the back for creating such an easy post situation. Yea so, uh clicky clicky people.

I read a story this morning about a mom taking her 17 month old baby into the ER because he was either sleeping or vomiting. The baby proved to have a blood alcohol level of .195 percent. The legal limit for driving in Colorado is .08 percent. Her defense was that she had let him have sips of her red wine and that day he drank more then he should have while not looking. The sad part?
"That's hard to imagine that the child wouldn't be comatose," said Broderick. "I'll have adults with blood alcohol levels of .195 and lots of times they are totally unconscious."
The mother had this poor baby so used to drinking he was tolerant to it. Imagine his wee little liver! This is so freaking nasty.

We are given a very important job, the moment we conceive, and yet so many parents fail to make the grade. And for crying out loud, yesterday I was worried I was warp-ing Rainbow Man because I let him think he has super powers! In fact, I put the idea into his head in the first place!


Have I mentioned I completely forgot that Christmas was to be at my house this year? Getting a little nervous ab - oh freaky my mouse is possesed. Stuperman just jumped onto the couch where the mouse is resting, causing it to click the part that makes the computer "standby" whatever that means. So i pushed the power button, expecting that all of the above would be gone, and things started popping up like crazy, and the cursor was zooming across the screen. Something happened to all my desktop icons and my email opened up AND deleted the emails in it. I unplugged the mouse. AND my post is still here so it's all good!

where was I before the mouse attacked? Oh Christmas. Im getting nervous about it. Can I suggest a potluck? I mean this is sounding a bit overwhelming. Hubs gets a Turkey at christmas from the company soI don't have to worry about buying one. And really, its just the baking I will need some help with. I can handle the dressing (I NEED A RECIPIE STAT) and the potatoes and the salads and corn and blah blah blah (someone send me a list of whats for supper christmas day!) But all the pies and the cookies.

I guess Im reverting to what Christmas was a child. It was Magic. My mom and older sister baked A LOT. And it was ALL good. BUT how did they do it? mom had a full time job as well as three kids. I have three kids and no job, whats my excuse? Oye Vey. Whatever. I will cook a turkey and have people come eat it, and it will be fun, even if the buns are rock hard and the potatoes lumpy. And really. Can anyone tell the difference between stovetop stuffing and dressing? Yea, Didn't think so.
Anyone know if the Nintendo DS plays the Gameboy advance games? We are getting a pair for the boys, but if they can't play their old games, not really any point, huh?
Wow this post is all over the freaking place. Sorry bout that. Hey I have read at several places that short posts are the way to go. What do you all think? Are mine too long? Cus it ain't changing. How do people write short posts? Sigh.

word of the day : gyne-box

Thats so funny. Im so gonna refer to my Vagoo as a gyne-box from now on. Soon as I figure out how to pronounce "gyne". Hard or soft G people?


Thats IT . I QUIT. I have Nothing to say. If by some miracle, I find something Interesting to say, I will say it then.

Until Such a time comes, feast your eyes on this:

Kevin Federline getting a smackdown during his WWE debut!

Hit the floor, Sucker

Now all that's left is to take out the trash

Its a cryin shame that wrestling is fake.

Winter Wonderland

Monday, October 16, 2006

Woke up this morning to see the rain had turned to snow as we slept. My first thought was how pretty, but it was followed by, How icy are the roads? Will the other drivers be carefull? Is he awake enough to manage the icy cormers? Do Rainbow Mans boots fit? Where are his mitts. Adult stuff.

The difference between how adults see the world and how kids see it, was brought home this monring when Rainbow Man bounded out of bed screamind It Snowed! waking up his brothers and all three came tumling out of their rooms and sped to the windows. Excited chatter about snowmen and snow balls and Can I go Play mom.

They look outside and see a brand new playing feild. School time came for Rainbow Man, and he hadn't gone more then six inches past the door when he swooped down to grab a handful of snow. He saw a toy, I saw that last years winter coat has to be replaced.

I dressed the two younger boys up to go Shovel the snow; Child labour rocks play and saw that all three need better mittens. I shovled and they threw snow. I cursed while they laughed. Stuperman, unused to the fit of ski pants,waddled. Falling every three steps. The snow was slush underneath. Novelty mittens just didn't cut it. I got the Driveway shoveled and had started on the steps when Stuperman fell in a puddle of ice water. We gave up and came inside. Hopefully the snow melts tommorrow.

Not very likely is it?

Right now, Warmed by hot chocolate, Stuperman has forgotten the cold hands and cheeks, and is standing, nose to the window, talking to the snow. Blue Boy is begging to go back out, but is to unsure of the new snowfall to venture out alone. He thinks he may "freeb to deff." Trying to explain the concept of a doorbell to This four year old is not going well.

Sunday Six : Pumpkins

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday six, Brought to you by the wonderful

Well, we're getting close to Halloween, so let's talk Pumpkins! Played by Rainbow man(6.12) and Blue Boy(4.7) for obvious reasons I did not attempt to ask Stuperman. He's a big grouch anyway, and who really wants more pictures of him crying?

1. What is a pumpkin?
Rainbow Man : It's a giant orange thing you can eat and it grows in the ground. It's seed is called a pumpkin seed.

Blue Boy : For putting halloween candy in

2. What do you do with a pumpkin for Halloween?
Rainbow Man : We cut faces out from them and then we put a light in it.

Blue Boy : We hold it and ring the doorbell and they give us candy.

3. Is there anything else you can do with a pumpkin?
Rainbow Man : Yes. You can put a light in it.

Blue Boy : We can go to another house and ring the next doorbell.

4. Where do pumpkins come from?
Rainbow Man : The ground

Blue Boy : From the pumpkin store.

5. What color is a pumpkin?
Rainbow Man : It's orange.

Blue Boy : It's green and then it turns yellow, I mean orange.

6. What shape is a pumpkin?
Rainbow Man : Round

Blue Boy : (draws a circle in the air with his finger)

By this point it should be pretty obvious that I love Halloween. Not just the costumes but the candy. I wish I could find a photo of the first "real" carving I did for halloween. It said "Baby's first pumpkin". Looked just like this one. Rainbow Man had turned one three days before. Candy is my favorite food group, and because I hate exercise, it is really really is starting to show. But I could care less. Especially those wee little bite size chocolate bars. Or Glossets. OMG gumballs and suckers!Life is freaking good round halloween. Plus the kids go to bed at eight and I steal all the good candy. How much longer do you think I can get away with it before they notice and cause a stink?

Also the smells of halloween, the raw pumpkin as you carve. The spices. The pie.... just the general excitemnet leading up to it. It seems so much more oure then the material excitement that leads to Christmas. The kids are more concerend with the costumes then the candy. I just love it. Plus My wee little rainbow Man was circumsised at three days old ~ on Halloween. That's just funny. Brings a new meaning to the words "Trick Or Treat"

It's Official *Edited*

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm a wireless blogger.

We went to the computer shop to check out prices of wireless routers and a card thingy and instead walked out with both for 49 bux cus they were having a sale. How awesome is that.

Hubs was showing me crap the 'puter can do now (thanks to my BFS) and in the email thingy I have a clandar so I joked and told him, mark down "make supper" for 5 pm. And dammit! At quarter to, the 'puter started yelling at me. Make supper! Make supper! MAKE SUPPER BITCH! Till I freaking made supper just to shut it up! (Three cheese noodles and chicken breast)

The two older boy went to the fire hall for some reason and came home with all sorta goodies. Blue boy hasn't taken his fire hat ..oh sorry, Fire Cheif Hat off since he got home. Apperently he was too scared to go into the fire engine, but he is gonna drive fire trucks now. (Last week he was gonna drive tractors)

Man this is a borning post. Crap.

I am definatly switching to blog lines ( as opposed to blog rolling) cus blog rolling won't even tell me who has updated anymore. I think they hate me. My ass is numb.
*edit* i got confused at bloglines and joined but don't know how to add my links. help damn it!

No really, I was kicking hubs butt at gin, cus like, now we got two computers, and so I have been sitting here for a long time and my ass is NUMB. Who wants to rub the feeling back into it?


Why is it, during the day Im all I have to blog that! or Thats blogable, and now that I am blogging I can't think of a damn thing to say? hmmm what to say what to say. Stuperman has become very clingy latly. Walking up to us and grabbing us around the leg in a hug. He did that this evening and I said to hubs whats up with the doggy leg humping? Hubby wasn't too impressed. He sucks.

We still haven't set the laptop.. note book? which one? up for pictures so I can't show you pictures of all the pumpkin tarts (which are better then Sponge Bob's) or the beautiful pumpkin pie.

Hubs just got back from the store. We needed slurpees for Smallville, and I needed chocolate! I have to go watch Tom Welling and gorge my self on chocolate now.

Later Vader

Sex and Baloney = Kool-aid Cults

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ok, I have a wonderful post full of sex and baloney lined up, but First, lets all head over to Certifiable Princess' Blog. Now. She is living a parents worst nightmare. A life threatening infection in her baby boy.
The doctor has diagnosed him with pericardial effusion, fluid around the heart.

Get your butts over there and pour on the loving. I said move it people!

And now, onto our regularaly scheduled blogging program. Which you cannot read if you have not clicked. I will be checking.

My Fabulous BFS Roxdar has cleaned and loaded my new laptop. All I have to do is wait for payday to get some card thingy with an antenna to put in it and a box thingy. As far as I can tell the antenna and the box are having a torrid affair and are not willing to be seperated. If they aren't together, my punishment is no net. Ahhh, true love. I wonder if the modem knows about this?

Speaking of true love, I went for coffee with my Husbands mother today. Yea the one who lectures him on hickeys giving cancer and no sex during periods. That one. Umm and by "Went for coffee" what I mean to say is we went to Wal*Mart and had a coke at the McDonalds there.

So we are walking the isles pointing out things to Stuperman. "Look a pumpkin. A car. A duck.A fish." and she has her eagle eye out for the neon yellow clearance signs. Ohhh goody! This was on sale. After about five minutes of reading the back......

"Ohhhh ! Look It warms as you rub it!"(MIL)
I smile and look away, avoiding eye contact.
"Wouldn't that be nice? But Jake doesn't rub my feet."(MIL)
I start to wonder....
"I think it would be nice if I gave him a nice back rub"(MIL)
Oh dear, Don't tell me she doesnt know...
"Intimate Lubrication?......"(MIL)
Now I have to say something!
"Uh, mom, thats not for Back massages its for, uh...well.."(ME)
"Ohhhhhh! Are you buying some?"(MIL)

Also, It was pointed out to me that the "Magnum" condoms are on sale

I will get to the baloney portion of this post in a moment, but first lets go over a few words of wisdom I got from her tonight.

Things like :
  • Sex should never get old in a relationship. Its not old with Me and Jake. I mean its not like it was the first years of marriage, but its still great
  • Refill your drink. It's free.
  • A sale is not a sale unless you need the item on sale
  • Refill your drink. It's free.
  • Wash your dog in tomato juice (let me point out at this time I do not have a dog)
  • Refill your drink. It's free.
  • If we wait till we go to put the lid on, it won't spill.
We walked thru the grocery department, still hunting for bargins. Still pointing out different items for Stuperman to Identify. I point out the baloney, which I love. It's a food group into itself! MIL says "Does mommy eat a lot of baloney?" and he says....(wish I had brought a video camera) "Nana full a baloney!" and by says I really mean screams it so loudly people six isles over heard! Priceless.

Also on the topic of saying things. Last night in bed, right after I got over a bad case of the giggles (Always time a fart for when they are turning so the are hit full on with the stench people. Timing is everything) I said "I'm sorry I'm still in blog mode" I wonder. Am I different on blog then in real life? Rox? Kiss? SpongeBob? MM? you tell us. Am I me on the blog or am I Bluepaintred?

BFF Kiss came over today. She was using my washing machine as an excuse for us to have more coffee. I didn;t bother to tell her my dryer sucks and it takes two full cycles to dry clothes! HAH! Bi-otch was stuck at my house for HOURS! Oh and Kiss....

Last night I was supposed to buy milk after coffee, but I forgot. So hubs went all PMS over my ass this morning when he had to start his day without his precious precious Cheerios (What a baby. We have waffles and porridge . They don't need milk to be eaten, its not like you starved!)
So I says to the guy, Just buy some after work. And. He. Forgot. Did I get all bitchy on His ass? Nope. I bought some tonight! I rock like that!

I will be investigating this Bloglines thing. It may be a cult. Mr.Fab tuned me in to it, so it Must be a cult if he's with it!. Ah Hell! I'll even drink the koolaid if it means I get to have my Linkys back!

Don't Say I Don't Listen to the Masses

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I have been having problems with BlogRolling. Anyone else? My links keep disappearing and I can't go a visitin'. That pisses me off. I made a list of back up links so hopefully if that happens again, it won't stop me.

Coffee With BFF Kiss was a blast. A Blast people. Plus, BFS (Best Fucking Stalker) Roxdar has taken my new laptop to clean out all of my brothers porn. Lots of porn. Did I mentiuon the thing was full of porn? Interesting stuff. Like big white ass takes huge black **** , Young Teen Nurse and something about Jessica Simpson.... At least there was no Inter-Species Erotica. That we found. Also, thanks to BFS Roxdar, SpongeBob... don't buy my neice winter boots. those are wee little reindeers adn snowflakes. Too Cute.

See exhibit A:

I have had some comments about the lack of floor pictures. I'm Sorry. I ment to post them with the last post, but was laptoppin' it, and I had no photos on my laptop (yet) . I was going to go in later and add them, but I'm intrinsically lazy.

Here are the floor photos. I hope you all are as happy about it as I am. This is the reason I didn't comment on your blogs!

This is My Best Brother EVER Dan and The Hubster. I call this photo "Boys: Banging in the wood"

This is the edge of the floor. Didn't it turn out amazing?

Down the hall

As of five minutes before I came down to type this, the floors are done.

The Floor is Done! The Floor is Done!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I know, I know, I have been a horrible blogger the past few days. I haven’t answered a single comment, nor left comments on your blogs. I have been reading all of your posts, I just had no time to comment. Things should be getting back to normal very soon around Chez Bluepaintred. Does that even mean House of Bluepaintred? Or did I just call myself a weird and nasty name without knowing. If so, feel free to giggle and snicker at my expense. I don’t mind I’ll just kill you all in your sleep

The floor is finally done. Almost. Sorta. We had to remove the baseboards and door trim to get the floor in, so we decided we had to paint them before they went back up. Then we realized that we had to fill all the little nail holes and then paint them again anyway. Because we suck. We still have a lot of little spots that need wood filler in them, but I like it. And damn does it look good.

One really funny and unexpected bonus of the new floor is the cats. How hilarious are they as they race around a corner expecting to stop only to slide right into the wall instead This morning Shadow tried to jump off the arm of the couch to the window ledge. Only the couch has been moved. He smacked face first into the window trim. (He is ok, so no angry emails folks). It was great he just sat there, trying to pretend it had never happened. He knew that I knew that he knew I knew it had happened , so in the end he just stalked past me with his nose in the air like I was the one who had missed the jump.

So really neat, I am writing this in the office word thing-a-ma-jig-y-doodad that is on the laptop. If I pre-write my posts, I no longer have an excuse for grammar or spelling errors. This sucker rocks. Plus the keys on the keyboard feel really neat when I type.

I have to get on Hubster’s case to call up our internet provider to see what the cost is to get the ?card? to make the laptop go online. I think it’s funny that this little package of joy has more memory then our big computer downstairs. Tee hee. I cannot wait to blog where ever I want, to read my emails at the kitchen table, or check my blogrolls in my warm and cozy bed. It will be like taking all of you bloggers to bed! Now, doesn’t that sound like fun? FYI, I sleep naked and my butt has a serious case of perma-freeze, at least according to my husband. But what does he know!

I am looking forward to Wednesday, A LOT. It’s been a very long and NOT relaxing Canadian Thanksgiving. But its done, and with very little blood shed. Stuperman lost the most blood when he took a saw to his toe and decided to cut. Why yes, I was in charge of locking the children in a small room with only a T.V. to keep them company watching the children, how kind of you to point that out! I cut my hand with an exacto knife, Carpet tacks, and a truck. Please don’t ask me to go into details it’s still too traumatic.

This morning my MIL was over trying to get another coat of paint onto the baseboards. Everything is going great. I have coffee, the babies are happy, I have coffee. What could go wrong? Then I noticed a spot of paint on the new floor. And then another. And another. They were all over. Of course I immediately jumped all over MIL, telling her she must have paint somewhere on her, making her twist and turn so we could find the paint. Then Stuperman walks by and trailing behind him are wee little foot prints of paint.

Note to self: When painting anything. Do not allow the two year olds to play "Kitty" right beside it, covering themselves the back of the couch and the floor in paint. Stop worrying! The floor is fine. The paint wasn’t all the way dry and I was able to get it off the floor. But not the couch. Or the kids. Or their clothes. But hey, the floor is fine!

Sunday Monday Six

Monday, October 09, 2006

Ohhhh, first off, I'm typing this on a laptop. Yea, you freaking heard me! A LAPTOP. And it might be mine. No joke. Mine, ALL MINE. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! Ok, yes Im excited. My Brother (the best brother EVER) was listning to me bitch about not having a laptop and said I have one. So I joked Ill give ya 192 bucks for it. AND! HE! SAID! OK!

So Hubster is checking this puppy out. Some sort of problem with netscapeeight point something and blogger. Everytime I try to log into blogger with the netscape, the sucker crashes. And I mean CRASHES. the whole net shuts down. But I can blog thru Internet explorer. Uh, yes i know Firefox rocks. I plan to download it for the laptop AFTER I pay for it. Hubster thinks its rude for me to download and delete stuff before its actually mine. So yea, Brother dear, come and get your money please! I love this thing!

On to Monday Six. Kelly thougth that Johnny apple seed would make a good topic... who is this fruit? Stuperman Sort of played. lets all keep in mind he had no naps all weekend, and is only two! Blue Boy(4.7) and Rainbow Man (6.12) played.

1.Who was Johnny Appleseed?
Rainbow Man : A guy that eats apples and he loves them so much he ate them everyday and he turned into one.
Blue Boy : An apple man. (Pickes up dropped candy with toes and eats it)
Stuperman : Cries. (Falls on the floor) I want cookie.

2. What did he do?
Rainbow Man : He just eats apples.
Blue Boy : Picked apples.
Stuperman : N....(still crying).....

3. What dies his last name ( Appleseed) mean?
Rainbow Man : Uhm. He is an apple
Blue Boy :Davey Jones
Stuperman : Want Sucker?

4. Where did Johnny Appleseed live?
Rainbow Man : In an apple tree
Blue Boy :Where apples would
Stuperman :

5. What did Johnny Appleseed like?
Rainbow Man : Apples
Blue Boy: Picking apples and eating them. And worms.
Stuperman :

6. Do you like apples? If so, how do you like to eat them?
Rainbow Man : yes. Just biting them I guess.
Blue Boy : No. I don't like how they taste. (WTF??)
Stuperman :(screw that, I didn't ask him that one!!)

Death by Flooring

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Feet and back sore : check
Stress thru the roof : check
At the end of my rope: check
Fighting with husband : check

Kill me if I ever say renovate again


Iits 159 my time. we stayed at MILs to celebrate her birthday till 10 pm. Then we got the kids to bed and started working at 1030 pm.
here is what we did.

Before. way way before. this was taken before we finished the basement, hence the computer and kitty tree are upstairs

Ugg. During

Read it. 152Am

Done for the night.

Kids will be up in five hours or less.

I'm going to bed now.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

I will be very busy starting in about 30 minutes. I have a birthday party to go to, Smallville to watch, carpet to rip up, floors to sweep baseboards to stack... you get the picture!

I WILL be visiting your blogs. As I Can. I doubt I will comment as it will be a five minute break here and there where I desperatly try to cram enough blogs into me to satisfy the beast within.

My Sunday Six will either become my Saturday Six or the Tuesday Six, depending on my time line. But the topic this week is johnny appleseed. How fun will this be, I dont; think my kids have ever heard of hime, nor do I know JackShit about him! Should get some funny results

This is going to be a suck-ass busy weekend, with no turkey,mashed potatoes OR gravy. We will all be eating sandwiches and soups cus there will be couches in my kitchen and a TV on my table.

Spent another 258 at Home Depot today. Im in love with the Dude in flooring. How can he possible KNOW all this stuff? Without seeing our wood he sent us home with edge peices that match EXACTLY. Home Depot rocks!

I cannot wait for Tuesday when this is alllll done! Love ya lots, and have a great weekend ~ somebody should LOL


Home Improvement SUCKS

Friday, October 06, 2006

As I type this, Stuperman is in his room singing and throwing toys and anything BUT napping. So here are the pictures I promised.

304.5 square feet of Laminate at .99cents a square foot ( Bargin)
300 Square feet of Ultra padded underlay at 30 bux per 50 square feet (Not bargin!)

So now all we have to do is rip out the base boards* wash em , paint them, rip out the carpet and underlay, lay the laminate, get all the door-end-y-stopper-trim-stuff put in, put the base boards back up and get rid of the trash. With three kids and two cats underfoot.

*When I pried off a baseboard, just to see how easy/hard it would be, I saw this:

Great! Joy! I am so Happy now! The retards previous home owners painted the walls without first removing the baseboards!! So now. Yay! Joy! Hurray for us! We either live with chipped walls, which will be VERY noticable due to the disgusting dark grey they painted the walls without removing the base boards first like a normal freaking person, or decide quickly on a color (as in tonight) Paint quickly (also as in tonight) so that we can have nice walls and no paint drips on the new floors. But I have to spend another 3-4 hundred on the door-end-y-stopper-trim-stuff, and I really DO NOT have time to paint, And I have NO idea what color It should be!

Wonder if I could just get a little thing of dark grey paint and touch up the walls where it will come off. Will that work? People??? Hello??? Fine, be like that!

Why did I assume this would be super easy? It didn't even cccur to me till today that we would have to remove the baseboards to lay the floor. Which means I didn't budget for new paint for the base boards, nor the time it would take to paint them. There are 52 seperate boards that must be cleaned and painted, for those of you keeping score at home. Last night I was super pumped about my new floors. Today I still want new floors but notsomuch the work that comes with it.

Oh and we are also trying to hide the fact that we are doing this from my inlaws who live Three Doors Down.

I might not have a lot of time to blog this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Saturday shopping, then MILS birthday that night. Hope to rip out the carpets sunday morning and start laying the floors to be done by monday night. Have to get the base boards numbered (52) and painted in that time as well. Im skipping Thanksgiving dinner because I do not have time (or space what with two couches going to live in my kitchen) to cook it!

If anyone wants to come help......