mutant kittens

Friday, March 31, 2006

So at least five times that I have seen today alone, Shadow our retarded male cat has had some " adult type fun" with his SISTER, tigger..... what a bunch of dopes! .. needless to say We have contacted the vet who said impregnation is at about oh 100% ( !##%&***!!!#@) so the two of them are heading in tommorrow to BOTH be fixed for a whopping 494 bux ! I think however, it will be worht it, as id rather shell out the cash then deal with haveing two faced one eyeed nine toed kittens!
i will of course update on how they do in surgery

So the saying " every rule has an exception... well it aint true! there is one rule out there that must be followed at all cost!, that is the rule that a brother may NOT mate with his siter and beget little kitten freaks!

If you are an American reader, Skip This! ... If you are Canadian LOL LOL LOL

i read this in a coffee perks last Wednesday and it is still making me crack up when i think of it so im going to post it to make sure others can enjoy this!... now I am not sure if this really is true, but Its damn funny any way:

This is the transcript of the ACTUAL radio conversation of a US naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland.

Canadians: Please divert your course 15 degrees South to avoid a collision.

: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees the north to avoid collision

: Negitive. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

: This is the Captian of the US Navy ship, I say again, divert YOUR course.

: No. I say again, divert YOUR course

: This Is The Aircraft Carrier USS Lincoln, The second Largest Ship In The United States' Atlantic Fleet. We Are Accompanied By Thre Destroyers, Three Cruisers And Numerous Support Vessels. I Demand That You Change Your Course 15 Degrees North, I Say Again, Thats One Five Degrees North, Or COunter MEasures Will Be Undertaken To Ensure The Safety Of This Ship.

: This is a lighthouse. Your call,

So. now you see why I have been laughing ! LOL, its darn'd funny, but I have a few issues with it, number one, if this ship is all big n shit, then their radar systems would be able to tell they were so close to land
if the us ship had all the support vessles it was talking bout , at least one of them would have gotten ahold of the captian and said.. hey wait dude ur arguing with land.
while i agree that the captian of the The Aircraft Carrier USS Lincoln might be a retard i cannot see all the other vessel captians being retards as well, so honestly i cant see this being true, but i like it any way !

Oh Dear

Thursday, March 30, 2006

due to the fact that Parker has no school tommorrow , micah decided to rent king kong , the movie.
Now he asked me first and i said " i dont care" so it is my fault too. I mean the kids kept watching the preveiws and saying how cool it was and so we are watching it right now,

~ * ~ Sigh ~ * ~

This movie lives up to its PG13 warning, there are some of the scariest looking tribesman i have ever seen, a cross between zombies and , i dont even have words to describe them! suffice to say they are scary! then there is the dinasours who rip things to shread ths ape the blood, the man sized BUGS for crying out loud!

there are going o be some horrid consequences to this movie and the first will be the amount of sleep i get tonight!

i cannot really blame them when they come up crying and want to sleep with us tho, im sitting here letting them watch ... several times i have said ok thats it its going off, and the kdis kick up a fuss about seeinghte end

so all i can do now is HOPE that they will be too tired to dream !

it aint gonna happen, i know my boys!

get some good sleeps people!

later vader

Krysta Snores! I have proof!

What a night!

wow what a difference a night out makes in the life of a stay at home mom! I woke up exauhsted ... howw do you spell that?
but by ten o'clock i felt top of the world,
last night me and my bestest bud went to walmart ~ at this time i feel the need to comment on a comment LOL

~Webmiztris said...

you know it's bad when you go to Walmart for rest and relaxation - just walking in that place gives me a headache! lol ~

now web, i love your blog, but it seems pretty clear ot me you havent had kids yet! Walmart has everything, when you have one day to do two weeks worth of shopping, you have to take advantage of every second, exspecially when you have three very noisy and rambunctios boys "helping" you shop!
i love walmart, not just the prices, but the whole "everything is here" part. it truly is a fun time for me! ( and i really appriciate the comments web, cus it lets me know ppla re reading my blog , so thanks!)

anyway me and nikki went to walmart and for um an hour or maybe more just shopped, now by shopped i dont mean we bought lots! oh no, thats not how you do it, you walk around, makin g fun of everything and everyone! and hating all the skinny ppl outfits!

so i needed to get a skirt last night ( couldnt find one) and i needed butterscotch chips, ( who knew peanutbutter marshmallw cakey thingy had butterscotch chips??? not me!)
i was supposed to get diapers but forgot OOPS, i jsut realised this LOL
oh well
i also got 2 meters of fuzzy pink fleece, in the spftest babyiest shade there was, ( 19.98) and then i re read the instructuions on my patern and realised not only did i not need 2 meters i needed less then one! well im not going to pay 20 bux for what i dont need so i thought ill leave it on this shelf and go get the pink fuzzyness another day ! BUT me and nik saw that they had fleece blankets... hmmmmm... LIGHTBULB in the head time!
so we pickled up this blanket and it sso cute im concerned that it is mostly blue but i think with some creative cutting it will be fine

got some interfacing , and some elastic and some thread and byy damn im gonna make this coat!

opps wait
i took the pattern out this morning and realised that i have never ever followed a [pattern before and i was hopelessly outa my leauge! now dont get me wrong i have swen a lot of things! but i make my own pattern. Dont fear there is a hope in sight i am going to my grandmas on sunday and she can sew anything ... she sewed my wedding dress and it was the most beautiful thing ever!

so back to my night out
we went to the VIY , its LOL laff if you must! its a coffee shotp attatched to the gas staition cus if anything, we are classy girls!
we had fries with gravy and i had coffee, nik wanted her normal iced tea but they had none so she got a green tea... wonder how it tastes...
nik's hot water came in the little metal "tiny tea pot" like things... know what i mean?
the ones that are so darn minuature and cute i jsut want to stuff it in my purse take it home and name it norm... someday i will... unless an officer of the law reads this, in which case i am joking and this should in no way be construed as the premeditation of petty theft
i dont think nik enjoyed her tea tho.. instead of a cute innocent tea pot of hot water she got a mean evil one, it had some sort of internal fatle flaw that made it spew boiling water over the top every time she poured it! now that makes no sense, the spout hole attatched to the body of the container is below the top of it, so the water SHOULD come out the spout, not out the top. and dont go saying it was just too ful, these cute lkitte things only hold a cup and a half of water.. why dont they resize them to hold two cups .. just a thought. Anyway nik had already poured one cup so the thing is a third or so filled only.. yea i want to know W T F ! im pretty sure it was possessed!
I also got to indulge in one of MY fatle little flaws... scratch lottery tickets.... i know its a waste of money but i LOVE them!
i bought a monopoly ( 3 bux) a biungo ( 3 bux) and a ummm oh a pool pne thing( 2 bux) didnt win a cent but had some good conversation while scratching them!

i love my family, i really really do , but there is somehting about going out with a girlfriend and just being... alone.. if that makes sense. best case senario would be to have a sitter and be able to tak ehubby along with us...
anyway i had fun, i love walmart some teapots are evil, and um i bought and succesfully hid a package of ferrero rochers in the car for micah to find ont he way to work thismorning :)
and the timing was great as we woke late and he didnt have time for breakfast !
i am so great

ok now

later vader

Oh well

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

right now i am killing my "diet" by eating strawberry flavored wafer cookies ~ but htey are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!
how can i not? logan is on the stairs scream ing for somereason ( i am ignoring him!) and hannah is playing with some books. Blake, still in his jammies is eating yougurt upstairs and parker is watching tv, undoubtably with the wet socks i told him to change STILL on!

wet socks you say
now why would he have wet socks, soaked boots jeans and windpants? .... hmmm he sias he got splashed by " accident" walkinghome from school. as the wet starts about mid thigh to his boot bottoms and is positivly dripping AND a cirtain nana and papa drove by and SAW him splashing / jumping SWIMMING in the puddles im more inclined to beleive he is lying

oh well
not a lot i can do about it now

my throat is sore, i am getting a cold
that sux biug time

i am exceited about two things right now, nuber one is i finally have found ( logan is now crying because i am making him finish his first strawberry wafer cookie before i give him the next, poor wittle baby !) another sweing project :o) i am going to make a fleece spring coat for my adorable neice krysta ... with wittle tiny ears n everyhting!

the other thing i am excited about, come hell or highwater i am out the door at 7 pm to spent hte evening shopping ( yay walmart LOL) and coffeeing with my bestest buddy EVER

sigh three hours and 13 minutes to go
i can do this !

later vader

check back soon, i have a vidio of baby krysta SNORING i will be uploading htta either late tonioght or tommorrow AM!

I should have expected this !

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

hannah arrived at my house acting like she had eaten a bucket of sugar, well no not hyper cus hyper kids are usually into things and rotten little buggers , hannah was NOT bad , she was just... happy... really really really happy! but now its almost 11 and she started to cry and with ahnnah, the conisure ( sp?) of hugs, usually a hug makes everyhitng ok in her world, not today , i took her upstairs away from the noise of the other kids and hte yv and tried the hug again and she thru her first temper tantrum... oh dear... ok ok ill admit it, it was cute, she dropped to the floor and screemed and banged her little feet, so i ignored her , like the books say ( ignoreing does NOT work for logans tantrums LOL), so i was checking my ham in the oven when she decided she wansnt getting nuff attention, next thing i knew she was jumpuing/falling off the couch onto the floor and crying even harder, i got a wet cloth and held it on her cheeks and hte back of her neck hoping hte cold would snap her out of it , but then she looked up at me , still all sad and crying and said "nana nigh nigh" so we went back onthe couch and she laid down and was still sniffling, but with her eyes shut when i came back down.... not what i really like, napping befor enoon, but the poor baby is tired so i will let it go this time, she will just eat lunch later then normal

now my sister has called and i have to sign off and go for a smoke while we talk

later vader


Monday, March 27, 2006

supper was awsome, right in the middle of grace , Logan turned and tossed his cookies all ofer his dad and the floor and his chair LOL
what a great start, the minute he finished he said "hungry" so we fed him some food LOL

no more puke :(

so supper was corn ( kernal of course)
some wonderfully seasoned hash browns, ohhh and they were perfectly cokked, not too soggy not too hard, why don't mine ever go like that ?

the ,meat , some sory of pork product was wonderful, tender not dry at all, and was cooked in BBQ sauce... i really really have to do that !

so supper was great but i came home to blake with a fever logan still throwing up and parker upset cus he had homework and didnt get to play

plus i have oodles and oodles of laundry to do :(
first load is already folded and the second is inthe dryer third in the washer, i estimate only about 4 more loads left

but on the bright side, micah emptied the litter box AND swept the floor AND put away all the toys from the basement

ahh life

later vader

Lucky Me!

I'm getting a treat tonight ~ i dont have to cook supper! yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy
can you tell this makes me happy?
i took a ham out of the deepfreeze yesterday and on the advice of the hubby, put it in the refrigerator to defrost.. its still rock hard frozen, we will not be having it for supper like i planend. Telling my tale of ham-woe to the MIL resulted in an invitation to supper at thier house :)
mmmm good food and no supper dishes , life is good
i made an apple cake which is by far the fasted and easiest thing to cook in the world.

( i hate apples tho :o( )

so somehting is wrong with my dishwasher :( i love my dishwasher it does my job! but for hte past week it has leaked orange goo... yup orange..
but see i pre wash my dishes ( lol dont laff its impossible to get dishwaser dried on food off ~ and by prewashing i never have that issue)

i jsut leave my dirty dishes in a sink full of water overnight and load up my washer the next morning ... afternoon... day after that whenever i run out of dishes LOL

im hoping my dad will look at it cus me and hubby have no knowledge of dishwashers LOL

anyway hubby will be home soon, and i have to go potty ( dont u hate how , after you have been around kids awhile, you start talking like them?)
anyways i really do have to go so

later vader

will post later whjat was for supper : o )

Just for Krysta

Massaging Action Teether

Our vibrating teether really works. From Boston's Children's you! Soft and multi-textured, this vibrating teether delivers the gentle gum massage recommended by pediatricians. The sealed internal battery lasts 8 consecutive hours - enough to see you through your tot's teething. Colors may vary. For ages 6 months and up.

this is found at Walmart ( i love walmart, you can find everything there including baby viberators) , its just under 8 bux but its the coooooolest! my friend had one for her baby girl and she just loved it to death! You can also find this in a winnie the pooh style!

Post Comments

i recently asdded a site counter to the site, and had 168 veiws in the last 3 days WOOHOO
soooo, why do i only have a handful of comments? is it lazyness or people just dont know how to leave a comment?
its easy . if you are already a blogger member you donthave to do anything, if you arent then you need to click on "other" and fillin you name or id, whatever you like, and ignore the URL part, just leave it blank, unless you have a link you like to use. for my URL i use my blogs site (www,
i believe i also have it set up for anonymouse as well, not sure. but the point i am trying to make is leave comments! how can i know you came to visit if you dont... just a simple Hi will make my day !

remember, click "other" type a name, type a comment and hit "publish" sound simple? thats because it IS!

almost bed time

Sunday, March 26, 2006

well i sure hope everyone has enjoyed the movies of the kids, be sure that if any cute stuffs happen ~ it will be on here

exciting news tonight , i will be hosting the easter dinner at my house ( how do you cook a ham?????????)
if anyone has any suggestions please drop me a line
anyways i need to hit the hay so i will talk tommorrow if there is time....

later vader

Away in a manger

"im tired and I want to go to bed"

Logan on wheelies

has been deleted

It can go right over heeeaar

i had a brainstorm tonight. The vidios on my blog , most of them came from, a wonderful site where people download movies and you can just click and watch them.
the site provides an html code for you to insert in your blog making it possible for people to veiw the vidios on the blog.
i thought , hey my camera takes vidio, then i thought why dont i put it on youtube, and take the code and stic it in my blog.
thats when it happened. i signed up to you tube using BLUEPAINTRED as my ID, but it was taken.... TAKEN! like omg, wtf is with that????? seriously, its not like my id is sexylady or soemthing genaric like that its a string of random words!
who the hell is this 27 yearold californian who stole my name????
i had to use the id IMBLUEPAINTRED
what really cheeses me off is i clicked on this imposters name to see their stats n vidios n stuff, but they have NOTHING online, why did they steal my name to make it unusable for me and hten not even USE IT!

i find it weird i acctually feel somewhat betrayed, im hurt and angry and sad and its just a silly computer ID, but its MINE!

how must real people feel when this happens to them? when their actual names and sin cards n stuff is stolen?

The perfect baby curse

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I once had a baby boy. he slept thru the night, ate amazingly well, and was contenet to sleep and giggle and chatter and was ... well the perfect baby ... sounds great right?
well its not
all perfect babies come with a curse
its called the curse of the " i hope you have one just like you!"

i was so entranced with my perfect baby that i wanted another , i mean if this baby is so easy to care for so loveable, so PERFECT, the we for sure need another baby, it iwll be easy , no hassle, i mean how hard could two be?


we had our second child, this is where the curse comes in, this baby did not sleep thry the night , loved food way too much, he ate constantally, which ment he poo'd constantally, this baby always needed to be held but you couldnt sit with him, nope you had to walk, he was far from the perfect baby our first was

it gets better ~ DONT WORRY~, perfect baby is now six and the cutest thing on wheeles, plus as an added bonus he is as smart as a whip

our curse baby is now almost four and is , if its possible, even cuter,
they do grow out of the " omg i need i need i need i need stage " tho i have hear that the minute they turn "teen" they go right back into this stage, perfect or curse!

point of the story and of COURSE i have one

last night i had the good fortune to "baby sit" a perfect baby ( baby site being in quotation marks cus i dont feel i watched her at all, read on to see why)

if possible ,she is even more perfect then my first!

she came to my house at 5 pm, she laid on a blanket on the floor and giggled at the roof, she chattered with my her three cousins, and held their fingers to the boys glee! she whimpered and whined while i made supper so i held her while i ate and she chattered then, she screamed bloody murder when i put the dishes away , so i fed her, and changed her bum... and then ... nothing..........

the perfect child fell asleep at 7 pm.... i left her in her carseat till about 10 then i thjought well i need to put her to bed and maybe she will l wake up and have a bottle if i move her, so i picked her up... she slept, i laid her in the bed... she slept, i covered her up... she slept i picked her up again and re posostioned her... she slept . i put my hand on her chest to make sure she was still alove, and she SLEPT!
i checked on her about every hour or so untill i went to bed at 1230... she slept, at 1 30 she woke up and wanted a bottle, and i thought oh no she has slept so long already she will never go back to sleep, but i put the bottle in her mouth and she slept
then at 7 30 this morning my son woke me up to ask why my sewing room was giggling....
yes giggling
in the morning with a poopy diaper and not having eaten for SEVEN hours!

the perfect baby

this little sotry is ment to be a warning to all who have perfect first borns... they come with a curse ...
procreate at your own risk !

Smallville is safe

Smallville is safe for another wek, our stupid cable company ( persona you know who you are!) has managed to get their fingers out of their butts and fix the " broken fiber optic cable" bullshit, someone was banging on the desk with all the "important" switches and filpped the wrong switch off!
Im not bitter or anything, not me! We got back from our twice monthly shopping spree ( ya food) and tried hte tv, no cable, ( at this point i was understandably upset!!!) but when i went for a nap , and by nap , which by deffinition is a SHORT sleep, I got up from my four hour "nap" and the cable was back, i assume they got my message involving death and dismemberment!

so as i have said multiple times tonight chloe finds out about clarks super powers! omg i cant wait ~ but i will have to , its not on till 10 pm tonight ( 830 now)

smallville is in danger

Just came downstairs to grab a belt for Blake, his pants are falling off his little butt LOL, i had my precious neice all last night, we will hear more about that tonight when i have time to post, so i could not be on line last night ( i am lieing, but we will get to that later too)
we have to run into the city now for grocery shopping, so dont expect any updates till later, possibly after 8 pm lol, depends how our day goes LOL

on a more serious note, our cable provider is a fucking retard, for some reason all of warman has no cable , um hello SMALLVILLE is on tonight and not only that but its the episode we have been waiting almost seven months to see!
tonight chloe finds out about clarks super powers, omg is persona has not fixed the problem by 10 pm tonight they are going to hear from a ver very mad me!

Later vader

and fingers crossed!

Craig ~ my sisters friend

Friday, March 24, 2006

This is My sisters friend craig( the one on the left) ~ i had to reject your comment on the snakes ~ but only due to the fact you called yourself my "dad" and my actual dad reads this site and he would NOT be happy to see his name on a shitty- trying- so- hard- to -be- funny- but- NOT- succeding- post like the one you tried to submit!

Animal Crackers

Animal crackers in my soup , LOL anyone else remember that song?
i dont, just the first line LOL LOL
but i have a big bowl of animal crackers sitting on my computer desk just asking to be eaten!

so was on teh phone alot this morning , it is weird some days i lie to get out of having to be on the phone, i just cant stand the idea of being on the phone and talking ot people. and other days , like today i phone up anyone i know who is home and force them to talk to me for an hour

no body is answering there phone anymore LOL

i am looking forward to tonight, i am getting a recliner .... yay ! ima gonna watch Smallvile in style on saturday !
speaking of smallville, this saturday chloe is going to find out kent clarks secret ! omg, i cant wait!

also on april 2 is daylight savings time, thats when everyone BUT saskatchewan turns back the clocks...

i heard that sask doesnot turn back clock s cus farmers complained that it will screw up the cows feeding schedual... is this true?

i seriously just sneezed and got snot all over my hand, i mean to do it here at home where i can run to the bathroom and wash it off is ok, specially as the only wittnesses to it are the toddlers i am surrounded with, but who here hasnt had the exploding sneeze out in public, where there is nothing to wipe with and you oh so sneakily "scratch your leg" all the while wiping it on you sock!

yea so i need to fill up my sugar bowl but as part of my new diet i will not be filling it untill my next pot of coffee... lol which will be soon LOL

I have my baby neice allllllllllllllll night tonight ! im pretty excited as i am planning to forsure get a nap on the couch with ehr snuggled to my tummy LOL....

thats a big thing i miss about my kids when they were small, the cuddling with me on the couch for naps.....

i love naps

id like on eright now but all these kids ... gees! LOL LOL
anyways i am going to run out for a smoke, which in itself is a complecated process, depending on the number of children in my house, today it is only blake logan and hannah, so i will have blake watch hannah downstairs while i take trouble causing logan upstairs with me , there i will bribe him with crackers and juice to sit nice wile i smoke LOL

oh ~ how i miss the good old days of smoking IN the house and without worrying about who is biting / hitting/scratching/ pushing/ whom!

i lied, i do not miss the smell of smoke in the house, infact i hated the hazy when we smoked in the appartment and the stale smell when we came in from outside .. whatever, like i said

later vader

back by populqar demand, i have redone the photo of my sister sheri, .... does this skirt make my ass look fat?

jaws attacked our house

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So one day , blake wanted to know what was for lunch and had been asking this question since right after he finished breakfast, i got annoyed LOL, and since it was quarter to twelve i told him, as soon as i go for this smoke ill come in and we will have Shadow for lunch! help ful boy that Blake is, i came in to this ... LOL... im just happy he doest know how to turn on the stove!

Tiggers favorite night time spot is on blakes bed , but " her motor is too loud" so the boys always kick her out ( translation ~ she purrs loud enough to wake them up)

tigger in the sink ~ lazy cat!

WHEW~ what a day

well the day is almost over i love it when hubby gets home to take a bit of the pressuer of all the kids off my sholders.

Krysta is gone, she is such a giggly baby, lol so far it has been a cake walk with ehr but im not super looking forward to her gaining mobility!

Hannah brought a little stuffed dog today BAD IDEA! all day long the babies have been fighting over this thing, both are sporting bite marks ~sigh~ the dog now resides in my coat closet till hannah goes home and i have requested that she not bring any more at home toys here!

blake is too obsessed with jaws i think, but its cute so i will let it continue!

parker got home from school and has oodles of home work,,, wow i looked at one of the sheets and it is on sentance punctuation! hes in grade one LOL, i think its advanced but oh well , we will see after supper what he does with it.
he missed two days of school and so this is catch up .

not sure what to make for supper tonight , im not very hungry myself!

micah scored a 96 and a 90 on his firearm safty exam last night WAY TO GO MICAH

right now hannah and logan are on opposite sides of the basement staying as far from eachother as possible! LOL

makes for a quiet time, as parker and bblake went to nana;s for a little R&R
i have soo much to do, but i will post this and a few photos and then head up to get my stuff together!

remind me to switch loads in the washer ! LOL

later vader


Oh Dear

oh my word! baby krysta is zonked out on the coucj beside her dorito eating cuz, SNORING
thats right
wait till i tell grandpa who his little "christmas carol" takes after LOLZ


thanks the lord for coffee! Woke up this morning dead tired, all i wanted to do is go back to bed! I made a cup of tea, cus it would have taken too long and i needed a hot drink fast.
i sat on my butt for about half an hour just trying to keep my eyes from shutting, then hannah came and the little brat went and fell asleep on me! so I woke up parker and made him breakfast. but that didnt make me any more woken up either.....
So now its almost 10 am and i am no more awake then before and i have had half a pot of coffee...

random stuffs

foolin round on i found these gems, some i had seen before , some new, the baby one is absolutly priceles! omgosh! four babies laffin is funny and all, but imagine the four of em crying.......
anyway one more cuppa coffee and i am off to bed for hte night, so far no puke since 10 pm last night i think we are all in teh clear, i spent most of the evening walking orund with antibactirial soap doing door nobs and toys LOL

later vader

Four Babies Laughing

" I say STOP da dog - he bite"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Camel toe

GO Sean GO!!!

Well if any one did not catch the MMVJ search 2006 tonight or last night, you missed a gooder!
with a surpriseing twist at the end, two of the contestants were voted to go off air! so that means .... OMG SEAN IS IN THE TOP THREE........ go sean go sean TEAM SOLO DIVA strikes again!
so i am understandably proud of my cuz, not just cus he got plastered onto the tv but cus he really is good at his job ( tims hot) ( OMG seriously, tim is HOT) ( bring me a lock of his hair sean!)
so wai t where was i , oh yes, see i thought cool seans on tv in a reality show , neat but i couldnt see him as a VJ at first... a big part of that was waiting till hubby got home to acctually explain what a vj was LOL
another part is i dont like that kinda music AT ALL, but turns out sean likes it and damn if he dont know his stuff!
i have been watching and i figure that even if sean wasnt my cuz, he is the one id wanna watch on tv.. altho... tims hot, quiet shy and not very good on camera ~ but hot
yea so , whats happening now, is you can go to
and vote for a loser to get back on to the show ( voting norm lol, cus he aint shit to sean, no competition at ALL) but u go here , i dunno when LOL, but go here and vote a loser back on, vote norm cus he is a dork, and then later in like a week two weeks or so , VOTE FOR SEAN!!!!!!! ok i need a smoke a pee and a bath , in that order
oh and did i mention tim is hot, well his hair , and body, not his face


How was your night?

My night was um well it was night lol, about 930 i was sitting at the computer and i heard a weird sound kind of a cross between a berp and a moan, so i went to my sons room, stooping to pick up a bucket as i passed and i actually made it, i had JUST, and i mean JUST put the bucket under his mouth when he started to throw
up, timing is EVERYTHING!!
so i kept him home again from school.
this morning has been better, all three of my kids woke up with clean sheets ( yay no puke in the night :) Blake even had dry pants :))
life is good
logan is pretty grouchy this AM tho, but lol , we are used to him liek this ... hes my boy after all and I am not a morning person so why should he be?
too bad he is too young for coffee.... but he turns 2 in a few months...
anyways just a little update for y'all LOL
later vader

Im having a so - so Day

Monday, March 20, 2006

so far the day has been pretty good, i got to see regurgetated Kraft dinner ... was kinda neat i t came up so fast i could still smell the cheese LOL
but i got the dishes and the stove and the floors cleaned last night so today i did some laundry, as well as the endless puked on sheets and pillowcases and jammies i got some normal wash done. It has taken three dryer cycles to dry logan's pillow.... so far
i have fresh coffee now, and all three of my kdis are looking ... better.. not 100% ~#~but better

OMG the shark! shark! its going into the pond shark in the pond shark in the pond somebody do something ~ michaels in the pond!~ the shark ! shark! its going into the estuary! ~ hey guys , hey guys you guys ok?~ the shark the shark, do something! doesnt anybody have a gun?

You may have guessesd, jaws is on right now LOL, jaws is always on at my house , today i bribed my three year old, if he wanted jaws on so badly he had to sing for his aunty sheri! ~+~ bumpa dum dum, im tired and i wanna go to bed, i hada wittle dwink aboot an our ago and i think i hit my head ~+~
LoL, so he doesnt know the words its still damn cute!

"they going on a boat parker" said blake

"Yep, and he is going to be eaten"answersw parker

Ok, so i have issues , and one of those is i think my kids are cute, the otehr really PRESSING issue is i have to pee. i have had four pots since i got up, well no three and a quarter , but i still have to pee badly,
later vader

logan found a gold mine

Two hours puke Free

its 10 am and we have successfully gone 2 whole hours without puke, pillows and sheets are in the dryer, blankets are in the wash , hope they are all done by nap time

baby krysta is sitting in her chair at my side giggling her wee little butt off

if only i knew how to make sound files and embed them on here! id love for y'all to beable to hear her "talk " to her aunty
sorry my photo is blurry, she likes to move it move it LMAO!

Busy in the house of Puke

i do not think i will be on very much today as parker and Logan are puking, yay its 830 and i have been cleaning up puke since shortly after 5 am
father in law is dropping off some more gravol and some gingerale today
and i am running out of sheets LOL
gotta go , i dont want to be away from them long!

Cry Baby

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well its qute late so i am going to hp in the bath , fisish my book and then get the dishes done, normall i dont do housework on weekends, id rahter laze around with the kids and hubby lol, but tommorrow will be a full day with logan and blake not quite up to par and im thinking parker isnt feeling all that great either,, had some cramps tonight just befor bed, might be nothing, BUT if hannah blake logan , krysta and parker are all sick tommorrow there is no chance i will get my dishes done LOL so after my bath im going to do them up real quick.... maybe even fold a load of laundry!
prolly not tho LOL
i hate laundry, i want to move to a nudist camp
later vader

You shall Taste the Wrath of my Mighty Sword

Blake the Barbarian

Mmmm.. tasty... could have used some salt tho

Die Troll doll , DIE

Attack of the killer kitty

In Serch of the Perfect Photo

tonight i will be searching for the perfect photo

i want one of shadow with the troll doll, and trying to get a cat to pose for a photo, much less one intent on ripping apart the evil little doll, will be very time consuming LOL

the second photo i want is of the stars now glowing in Parkers room.

i have also noticed i havent got any photos of Blake, so i must search my picture files for some great ones of him...

Blakes appointment is on may second by the way --- lol i think i am writing htis more as a reminder to myself then to inform the family LOL

A special thanks goes out to Joy of joydivision, as i humbly accept my award for " Worst Mother of the Year" i admit to not having noticed that Logan is a South Paw!
LOL sharp eyes girl!


Today so far

So far today lots of little things have happened. I woke up very very rested, which is a nice change. maybe the new vitamins plus three very early nights in a row have combined to help out.
For once the boys were behaving LOL, and for me behaving is being very quiet while mommy has her first cup ( pot) of coffee
after a really uneventful morning , we made plans to take Parker and Blake to the dollar store.
It was amazing LOL they took less then ten minutes to pick and stick with a toy choice ... this has never happened in recorded history before. I took a bit longer LOL, i found some glow in the dark stars and moons (3d) and some flat glow in the dark stars, then i needed to find soem sticky tack for the stars and the best part, i found my new towels ( YAY).
gettin ghome i immediatly put the towels up to see how they will look, and showing parker how cute they are i lost track of where tigger was , and kitty tripped me so i dropped my FULL cus of fresh brewed coffee, what a waste, not only did i lose all the coffee, but i shattered a very nice mug.
oh well.

we had to take down the outdoor christmas lights because they were starting to fall down lol, and we already put up the glow in the dark stars/moon in parkers room, tonight i will try to get a photo of them all glowing :)

i also need NEED to get a photo of shadow, our other cat playing with logans troll doll, you havent seen funny untill you see a black cat running round with a neon green troll hanging out its mouth !
lol i also have plans to capture that on film!

so far today has been a really good day , with the exception of the smashed coffee cup!

Pretend its a gitar, and also pretend you can float, put the two together , add jumping really high , and dady at the camera, twenty billion jumps later Voila! mid air - air guitar playing

Spagetti is FUN food!!

My little Terminator, Parker _ in vintage McDonalds glasses and his new "dollar store" dart gun

i found the cutest towels today . It is like they were custom made for the downstairs bath!

i got four of them , one of each sea creature lol, they are absolutly PERFECT!

OK this will make me look like a pervert, BUT ....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

People should know this!

i wen tto perez hilton . com and was readint he comments, the first comment was rather rude the second was a link to this chicks new website she made today , so i went to her site and bashed her quite nicly , which will never be seen as she has comment moderation on which means she can kill the comment after she reads it , anyways i saw that she had some links on her site, perez and pop sugar being two of them, i went to po sugar and was checking each blog entry for her name ( sarah) to see if she had left more rude comments so i could go BACK to her blog and bash her some luck, so i went on down to her next site she had linked hahahahah
ohmigosh this was the caption on the first page, ( Straight guys stroke longer then gays) well what the hell i HAD to follow the embeded likn in THAT kinda statement didnt i?????????
ok so here is what was said... and i am NOT a pervert , this is hilarious ( micah refused to go "choke his chicken" and count for me, by the way ) Proving that men will turn anything into a competition:

According to the Stroke 29 Shoot Out Survey, and online study of sexual habits, straight men have been proven to have a stronger "staying power" than gay men.

Study participants were asked to track their habits while choking the chicken, including number of strokes (ASTC), what they use for mental stimulation, and whether or not they utilized friendly companionship whilst in the act. Among their findings was a marked difference in performance as related to sexual orientation.

Controversially, the ASTC for straight men was 62, compared to gay men at 58. Overall, across the (sexuality) persuasions, right handers lasted longer with 60 strokes compared to 58 from the left-handers and 55 from ambidextrous participants.

Also in the findings, perhaps most disturbingly: when asked where the resulting after-mess was discharged, 394 said they used their hand, 73 used an old sock, 141 used a handkerchief, 12 did it in the sink (!) and 43 used a plant pot. (?!?) We can't imagine that's good for the plants.

The purpose of the survey, sponsored by the manufacturer of Stroke 29 lubricant, was to determine if personal lube intensified the experience and shortened stroke-time. The things we do for science

and here in graph format LOL are the results of the survey HEHEH

The Shootout Survey Results by Sexuality

Question Gay Straight Bi Neither Total
Surveys 124 736 132 15 1007
Left handers 29 90 11 1 131
Right handers 68 566 80 9 723
Ambidextrous 27 80 41 5 153
Average strokes to come
Strokes to come 54 62 54 41 59
Did you wank with your
Wanked left-handed 24 125 16 1 166
Wanked right-handed 70 517 69 10 666
One, then other 30 94 47 4 175
What material did you use for 'inspiration'
Pictures on a computer 19 72 17 3 111
Pictures in a magazine 5 31 8 0 44
Movie on DVD 24 92 15 2 133
Movie on video 2 17 3 0 22
Movie on computer 24 154 30 1 209
Just your imagination 29 215 36 5 285
A real live human being (and everything!) 21 155 23 4 203
Were you wanking...
On your own 76 606 80 7 769
With a mate 41 105 42 5 193
In the round 7 25 10 3 45
What did you wank into?
Your hand 56 283 50 5 394
An old sock 15 41 15 2 73
A handkerchief 4 125 12 0 141
The sink (bathroom) 5 31 7 1 44
The sink (kitchen) 2 7 2 1 12
The sink (neighbour's) 11 13 8 1 33
Plant pot 8 22 12 1 43
Not saying 23 214 26 4 267
Afterwards, did you have a feeling of...
Intense joy 86 609 100 11 806
Inadequacy and gloom 38 127 32 4 201

id like to take this opertunity to repeat I AM NOT A PERVERT!
ok and if you want to see the site that does this kind of survey, and i warn you its an ADULT site, they sell toys n crap , lol if you go there look at the first entry under "condoms"
here is the site

New Look

So , took a bit, html codes are the suckyest thing in the world, seriosly look

- HTML code taken out of post because im a retard, when i copy and pasted the code in, DUH it carried out and became what the code told it to do , which in this case was links to other sites. so i took it out, just believe me when i say the html stuff is stupid random letters

this html stuff is yucky
i need some input on weather or not you like the new template or not... i like it its much more simple
smallville is on tonight im very excited, we all know how much i love smallville

jessis baby is still sick, that sux worse then the html code
but as much as i like writing in here i have to take a break LOL


i figured out how to do "titles"
i am so great

ok so i promised everyone that i would tell a bit more about the puking good time we had last night, i am sure no on ereally wants to hear about it, but too bad LOL
it all started on Wednesday , Hannah ( a little girl i play with during the week) came over at 10 after seven int eh morning. at 715 she puked for the first time, i thought whatever, and cleaned it up , then she puked some more, and finally puked for the third time.
after that she slept and then woke up and played
Thrusday i took logan for his 18 month shots... so i was a bit late , who cares!
logan was too cute when he got his shots by the way , not a single tear, not even a whine!
anyway friday night i was lazy so eggs and toast for supper.... i happen to like that !
plus the boys eat it nice and fast with no fighting so BONUS!
so lets see supper was done round quarter to six we all went downstairs to watch some tv... well i wont lie i was surfing other pplss blogs! HAHAH adict!
by 730, logan threw up, ewww u do not want to see scrambled eggs drenched in stomach fluids. not a biggy tho , its laminate flooring nopt carpet, easy clean up! i was wrong, wrong wrong
he threw up on the bean bag chair, it was gross, so micah picked up logan to put him in the tub for a clewna up, and the kid puked again, all the way up the stairs! poor baby, i piked up the puke covered bean bag chair, tossed it out the front door, and went back to clean the stairs and floor, by that time logan was getting nekked in the tub, for about 30 mins all was well, then logan stood up and puked , ewww more curdled eggs, i put one hand on his back and one on his tummy to make surte he wasnt gonna fall, tubs are hard, His little tummy was rock hard, so i kinda pushed it and he pouked again, so i pushed and rubbed for about fivce minutes gettinghim to toss up everyhting in his tummy, then we hosed him down and took him outa the bath
(which was not fun to clean up!)
after the bath we gave him a gravol suppository ( i think he must be straight he was very against me putting anything in his bum) lol, but no more puking after he had the gravol so i guess it worked
so at the time i was thinking he was ill from his shots the day before , and that now thta he was sleeping comfortable all was well
Around quarter after 11 i said to hubster that i was heading to bed if my dad was coming in the AM i wanted to piuck up toys in the morning so i needed to get some sleep.
never ever EVER say out loud that you are tired when you have kids
if you say this (or that u want some lovin) it is a garentee that some catastrophy will happen to prevent the aformentioned sleep/lovin
so sitting on the couch working up the energy to get up and go to bed i hear a sound. i tried to ignore it but then the door to blakes room opened and i hear a little voice all teary and sad say " i puke-ed in my bed "
i got up and boy did he ever "puk-ed" in his bed, id say the puddle was 18 inches in diameter and prolly a centimtre thick with chunks of eggs chips toast and , my foavorite ketchup!
Micah got blake to the bathroom and infront of the toilet and i went up and grabbed the yummy orange smelling cleaner stuff i have , and a bucket paper towel and a plastic garbage bag, originally the garbage bag was for the puke soaked paper towel and the bucket was for me to carry the sheet up tot he washer , but instead i folded up the sheet and tossed it in the garbage bag and threw it right out, i mean its red puke so its not like i would have gotten the stain out, i mean that is soem gross shit there!
so after anothjer puke this time in the potty, blake was changed washed down, mouth rinsed , bed washed new sheets on ready for bed....... i sat down . no way was i going to go get comfy in my bed and then have to wake up to i puke-ed again!
sure nuff not 45 mins later the door opens and a little streak of blue races to the bathroom and i hear the wonderful sound of puking again
wonderful? yea woinderful!
i could hear the puke making contact with the water in the toilet and let me tell yuou its a wonderful sound to hear, knowing you dont have walls and floors to clean !
so three more in the toilet, mouth washed , gravol given again he is off to bed,,, this time for the night

is it jinxing myself to say that they are fine now? i mean all night all day so far and we went swimming and to M.D's they should be fine.... I hope
i need a coffee refil so i will sign off here
hope you know i can almost sort of still smell it!

so we went swimming at the pool , and it was kinda fun, mostly fun, but there was this guy who , and we watched him for half an hour , half a bloody hour, he was splashing this woman in the face, she just stood there with her hands over her face and let him, OMG , after like 45 seconds id be getting mad. so anyway this man he is splashing the woman and everyone in the vicinity as well, and i mean the pool is crowded and there are like 20 people in a 10 by 10 foot radius around him and they are all being splashed, so holding the baby i made eye contact and then walked into his " splash zone" i mean i have a baby surly he wont splash, but logan got a face full of water as he turned to directly splash MY baby , so i yelled at him... um yea ... not pretty , and his response " its a bit of water it wont kill you" . so we made it to the hot tub and sat down and i watched this man for liek half an hour and he just over and over without brteaks splashed her..... i mean constant. so isnt that like abuse? i swear i wanted to slap him.
so that was annoying
and the only other thing that was annoying was , parker is too big for the shallow water so micah takes him tot eh deep to play so i am with the younger guys, well its HARD to watch a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old , let me tell you every two mins i was saying to a stranger keep an eye on him while i ran to get ewither blake or logan from jumping into the deep end.
oye vey
but the kids had fun and i had fun and i think micah is still mad at the 18 person limit to the hot tub that can easily fit 30 and still have room
we went to mcdonalds afterwardss..... if anything is gonna make the kids puke again its greasy food LOL LOL

see the pretty dress? no? oh , yea me neither i was too busy looking at the beautiful baby ..... she is part mine ya know, i get her third from the left toe and the Seventyth hair past her right ear

This is Krysta Dawn, Better known as PERFECTION, I mean really can she get any cuter???

Here is Blake and Grandpa Don, this was Blakes first time on grandpas bike, i was just as nervous as the first time parker went for a bike ride, but dad said its ok and guess what, it was






Sugar and spice

these are my three favortite little people, Logan , Blake and Parker, this ios an older pic, cus logan is almost two, blake is almost four and parker is six and a half, with two more loose teeth, you can bet your bottom dollar ill be posting pics of him with his Teeth gone!

this is Jessi , see that lump of fat in the middle of her? that turned out to be the most beautiful baby girl you will ever see. honestly, i figured it was just fat but christmas eve she all of a sudden exploded and out came da baby :) Eventually jessi will come to the blog and answer yes or no to the posting the aformentioned beautiful baby on here. its just plain rude to post someone elses baby on the net without permission....

this is my sister sheri

this is my sister Sheri and her long time boyfriend Mike.. there are rumers that a wedding is in the works, but who knows? They have been a couple for um, im gonna say three to four years now

i had a photo of sheri cuddling Mike but my sis ordered me to take it off cus she is a retard

this is my MIL, she is nosey opinionated and VERY VERY set in her ways BUT we love her to bits anyway can you not love someone willing to get on that little bike just to please her grandson?

this is my brother danny, hot stuff! at the time this pic was taken he had no idea he would have a beautiful baby girl to play with on the same day next year!...beautiful babies pic to follow soon, i gotta ask her momma if i can post it on the net

so i did it, i was thinking all 11 photos would come at the same tiem so i didnt really caption anything so .... this is my dad and his soon to be wife and birthday boy blake, in just over a month it will be birthday time again for blake!

one or eleven?

So right now my head hurts, not so much as it did an hour ago, and it is gettin gbetter so i shouldnt
bitch... i will write oodles and oodles on the puking good time me micah and hte kids had last night ,
and i will tell you all exactly what i did to blakes sheet!
but for now im going to have coffee, work some more on losing the headach and seeif i can be fine
by 1 pm so we can all go swimiming
so yea

oh , also
i have an itchy boob

Friday, March 17, 2006

well supper is done and out of the way , i can smell the coffee being made upstairs, i know i just had a smoke but it still feels like i havent had one in a long time, weird
im sorta thinking i should run up and have a shower or better yet, go outside n shovele the driveway and THEN have the shower... any suggestions on that? i cant tell if anyone reads this unles syou leave comments, but in a way i like the idea of having this here online and no one i know reads it but one day by accident some complete stranger reads itand realises what a fabulos person i am ... cus its team diva LOL LOL ok shut up alter ego
yea so i fed that one to jaws, sorry bout her, i cant control it all the time
kids are causing trouble again. sigh what age do they grow up and leave home again> cus im going with them
i want some Micky Dee's
anyway im gonna run up and grab some of that cofee, smells so good, dont ya wish ya was here?
then depending on wether or not the hubster is in the shower i will wither come back down here or go out and shovel...
later vader

oh and since i dunno how to add links to my side bar, go to, and and
they are cool
but still rocks monkey chunkys

it took 4 tries but with micahs help i did it

why cant i paste things here? i just wrote a long fricken comment on the wqrong spot now i lost it all, lets see if i can remember any of it
here we go
i have to check my email cus i emailed blogger help to see if they can tell me why i cant post photos, just watched the must love jaws vidio again, i laffed my f in ass off, blake is very amused, we havd alphagetties for lunch , the bread was not thawed plus i found all the bathing suits.... think it will be ok to take the baby to the pool in just trunks no little swimmer diaper? its not liek he poops every five minutes.
i cant remember all the crap i wrote last time so oh well, my back is itchy
i think im gonna try to cook a ham this weekend.... if i do i will keep y'all updated on how it goes
i think its funny that i write this like people are reading it HAHAHHA
oh well i never said i was sane, the doctor did
im gonan go to the email now

jessi is a bone head

so today i "helped" jessi to make her own blog, now by "help" i mean i confuzzeled her and made a lot of use of the word RETARD
in the end, jessi has a blog
now i will periodically check it to see if her blog sux like mine or not....
not that mine sux, its just that no one knows it is here
AND if you come to it you had better leave a comment

Parker will be home from school soon, i am looking forward to this, spent 20 mins on teh phone this AM with his teacher and i think it is all going to be ok now
but of course in the end this is up to parker
his teacher had several different veiws then me, but hers are valid and i think make sense.
Blake is being annoying, the thing is he is wearing liek wind pants and the sound of him walking is KILLING me
plus he is playing with a bean bag chair which makes the SAME noise as his pants.
am i allowed to make him change clothes over a whim?
wood flooring is nice for spills but it is NOT nice for watching tv or for any peace and quiet at all
the kids for soem reason like playing, and toys that were previously "quiet" toys are now "noisy " toys
for instance, this little yellow dumptruck, OMG wehat a racket on the floor!
im thinking of either throwing hte truck into the backyard OR tearing out the flooring... suggestions/
now im heading up to the barthingy up top of this page to play with color options, talk to you soon

My tattoo

well sort of success,
what did you think?
nice size?
oh well see that photo i think went before the last post cus ont he last post i found this nifty button to make the time change from the weird time to what time it really is BUT since i havent figured out how to change the hello time ( hello is the thingy i had to download to make the pictures come) that post got put before the one at 1, make sense? well it doesnt to me so lets say it this way, the photo of logan was posted at 11 or soem such thing and the post with writing was posted at liek 150, so 11 is before 150 so it went in before that even tho i actually posted it later... get it? i am not going to change the time on this one and see if it goes before the other one too....
all ways working

success at last ( i hope)

so i sux at this

im still trying for a photo, i found a button called " add image" onw would think you hit the button and add the image, hmmmm. bad bad button

  • for some reason i have made it it make dots when i hit enter
  • see
  • what did i tell you
  • how do i make it stop?
  • ohhhh well
  • i wonder if the bread will be unthawed by lunch time/
  • heheh logan is singing
  • my back is sore from this chair, i still havent found their trunks and i want a smoke
  • so dot dot dot, im gonna go for a smoke wich will un numb my bum and strewach my back at the same time, see smoking IS good for you
  • seriously the dots are bugging me

still trying to figure out photos

so i think after i find out how to put pics up , ill just use this to post phjotos of my boys cus they rock, and maybe talkabout stupid stuff that makes me laff, i can really see me pasting lots of jokes LOL
so any new news ? yes
we are going swimming tommorrow ( where are the kids trunks???? ) i cannot find the summer clothes box, oh and my tooth hurts and blake is upstairs i can hear thimping dso i will hit the publish post button and go find him....

so i saw the funniest thing possible on swim at your own risk. com.... hilarious
its called must love jaws ... its just a , hmm, sorta like a what are thois things called , like at the start of a mivie ; thas it! a preveiw, its like a preveiv of the normal jaws movie but they messed with it, changed the order of images, added a comenter person in the background, and make it look like brody is in love with jaws and quint is the bad guy, infact this is such a funny vidio i made up this blog so i could pretend people will look at it , and go to

funking funny

Back Up Links

Thursday, March 16, 2006

You don't listen well, do you? I Told you this was MINE!!

This is Just a list of links, A back of sorts, Becuase I have been having such issues with blogrolling and I am tired of not being able to read "my" blogs when I want to. Feel free to click and read every damn one! Or ignore this, its up to you! It's not like I made you click!

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