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Friday, October 27, 2006

So yesterday I had my first guest post, and it was pretty fun.. OHHHH the POWER! I loved going in and editing the post with my own wittle comments. So if any of YOU wanna do a guest post, you ain't gonna hear me say no!

Coffee on Thursday was fun. We did go back to the esso resturant, And Esso So Totally Gave Me 20 Bux In Esso Credit Things To Use On a Lotto Ticket Which I am So Totally Splitting With Kiss And We Are So Totally Gonna Win Thousands At Susans Expense And So Totally Laugh Our Asses Off At Her As We Spend Every Cent Of It. The gas station clerk was great..except for the part where He made me arm wrestle him. I won of course. (I used two hands) ..... Totally

We had gone for a smoke right around 9pm, and foolishly didn't take the time to tell our waitress we weren't leaving. SO SHE TOOK OUR COFFEE. *GASP* And the internet roars with outrage. The poor poor coffee, so sugard and hot, dumped down the drain like soured milk. Oh the horror. Oh the waste! Won't somebody please think about the coffee?

But our waitress, Rose, she's a sweety. She offered to get us more java (we decided it was 9, we might as well go anyway) and then. THEN, we tried to pay, and she Would. Not. Let us!...Tell me, Is Rose a mind reader? It was somehow her fault she didn't know we were done?Cus that would be Neat-O.

Pffft. But thats ok, I have a plan. I know where things are! I bet that I can find the keys that you lost to your car. Next time we go to coffee, and Rose is there, unsuspectingly pouring me cup after cup of hot and steamy coffee and it is time for me to sneak off into the night, She will find a surprise when she cleans MY table that night, And NOT an extremly long and hard to understand run on sentance!

Vewwy vewwy sneakily, Shhh, I'm huntin Wabbit, I will pay for my coffee twice that night. Once at the till, and once as a tip. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Just call me Supreme Overlord Blue of the evil varaity.


Blogger Catch said...

So where was the grouchy waitress? Did they give her her walking papers???? I hope so. Have a great weekend Blue!

11:56 PM, October 27, 2006  
Blogger Lori said...

Supreme Overlord Blue of the evil varaity.


I have been a waitress for far too many years, I would have never thrown your coffee out.

8:18 AM, October 28, 2006  
Anonymous DB Cooper said...

I love it when an E-vile plan comes together like that.

12:31 AM, October 30, 2006  

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