The perfect baby curse

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I once had a baby boy. he slept thru the night, ate amazingly well, and was contenet to sleep and giggle and chatter and was ... well the perfect baby ... sounds great right?
well its not
all perfect babies come with a curse
its called the curse of the " i hope you have one just like you!"

i was so entranced with my perfect baby that i wanted another , i mean if this baby is so easy to care for so loveable, so PERFECT, the we for sure need another baby, it iwll be easy , no hassle, i mean how hard could two be?


we had our second child, this is where the curse comes in, this baby did not sleep thry the night , loved food way too much, he ate constantally, which ment he poo'd constantally, this baby always needed to be held but you couldnt sit with him, nope you had to walk, he was far from the perfect baby our first was

it gets better ~ DONT WORRY~, perfect baby is now six and the cutest thing on wheeles, plus as an added bonus he is as smart as a whip

our curse baby is now almost four and is , if its possible, even cuter,
they do grow out of the " omg i need i need i need i need stage " tho i have hear that the minute they turn "teen" they go right back into this stage, perfect or curse!

point of the story and of COURSE i have one

last night i had the good fortune to "baby sit" a perfect baby ( baby site being in quotation marks cus i dont feel i watched her at all, read on to see why)

if possible ,she is even more perfect then my first!

she came to my house at 5 pm, she laid on a blanket on the floor and giggled at the roof, she chattered with my her three cousins, and held their fingers to the boys glee! she whimpered and whined while i made supper so i held her while i ate and she chattered then, she screamed bloody murder when i put the dishes away , so i fed her, and changed her bum... and then ... nothing..........

the perfect child fell asleep at 7 pm.... i left her in her carseat till about 10 then i thjought well i need to put her to bed and maybe she will l wake up and have a bottle if i move her, so i picked her up... she slept, i laid her in the bed... she slept, i covered her up... she slept i picked her up again and re posostioned her... she slept . i put my hand on her chest to make sure she was still alove, and she SLEPT!
i checked on her about every hour or so untill i went to bed at 1230... she slept, at 1 30 she woke up and wanted a bottle, and i thought oh no she has slept so long already she will never go back to sleep, but i put the bottle in her mouth and she slept
then at 7 30 this morning my son woke me up to ask why my sewing room was giggling....
yes giggling
in the morning with a poopy diaper and not having eaten for SEVEN hours!

the perfect baby

this little sotry is ment to be a warning to all who have perfect first borns... they come with a curse ...
procreate at your own risk !


Anonymous kiss_my_glass2001 said...

now you know why i dont want any lol i would never get the perfect child i would only get the curse lol love ya all

1:11 AM, March 26, 2006  
Anonymous kiss_my_glass_2001 said...

now you know why i dont want any i would never get the perfect child i would just get the curse lol love ya all and i escpecially love your perfect child and your curses

1:12 AM, March 26, 2006  

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