WHEW~ what a day

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

well the day is almost over i love it when hubby gets home to take a bit of the pressuer of all the kids off my sholders.

Krysta is gone, she is such a giggly baby, lol so far it has been a cake walk with ehr but im not super looking forward to her gaining mobility!

Hannah brought a little stuffed dog today BAD IDEA! all day long the babies have been fighting over this thing, both are sporting bite marks ~sigh~ the dog now resides in my coat closet till hannah goes home and i have requested that she not bring any more at home toys here!

blake is too obsessed with jaws i think, but its cute so i will let it continue!

parker got home from school and has oodles of home work,,, wow i looked at one of the sheets and it is on sentance punctuation! hes in grade one LOL, i think its advanced but oh well , we will see after supper what he does with it.
he missed two days of school and so this is catch up .

not sure what to make for supper tonight , im not very hungry myself!

micah scored a 96 and a 90 on his firearm safty exam last night WAY TO GO MICAH

right now hannah and logan are on opposite sides of the basement staying as far from eachother as possible! LOL

makes for a quiet time, as parker and bblake went to nana;s for a little R&R
i have soo much to do, but i will post this and a few photos and then head up to get my stuff together!

remind me to switch loads in the washer ! LOL

later vader


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok switch loads in the washer and what is r and r and yah switch loads in the washer

5:34 PM, March 22, 2006  

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