Saturday, March 18, 2006

so we went swimming at the pool , and it was kinda fun, mostly fun, but there was this guy who , and we watched him for half an hour , half a bloody hour, he was splashing this woman in the face, she just stood there with her hands over her face and let him, OMG , after like 45 seconds id be getting mad. so anyway this man he is splashing the woman and everyone in the vicinity as well, and i mean the pool is crowded and there are like 20 people in a 10 by 10 foot radius around him and they are all being splashed, so holding the baby i made eye contact and then walked into his " splash zone" i mean i have a baby surly he wont splash, but logan got a face full of water as he turned to directly splash MY baby , so i yelled at him... um yea ... not pretty , and his response " its a bit of water it wont kill you" . so we made it to the hot tub and sat down and i watched this man for liek half an hour and he just over and over without brteaks splashed her..... i mean constant. so isnt that like abuse? i swear i wanted to slap him.
so that was annoying
and the only other thing that was annoying was , parker is too big for the shallow water so micah takes him tot eh deep to play so i am with the younger guys, well its HARD to watch a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old , let me tell you every two mins i was saying to a stranger keep an eye on him while i ran to get ewither blake or logan from jumping into the deep end.
oye vey
but the kids had fun and i had fun and i think micah is still mad at the 18 person limit to the hot tub that can easily fit 30 and still have room
we went to mcdonalds afterwardss..... if anything is gonna make the kids puke again its greasy food LOL LOL


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