Im having a so - so Day

Monday, March 20, 2006

so far the day has been pretty good, i got to see regurgetated Kraft dinner ... was kinda neat i t came up so fast i could still smell the cheese LOL
but i got the dishes and the stove and the floors cleaned last night so today i did some laundry, as well as the endless puked on sheets and pillowcases and jammies i got some normal wash done. It has taken three dryer cycles to dry logan's pillow.... so far
i have fresh coffee now, and all three of my kdis are looking ... better.. not 100% ~#~but better

OMG the shark! shark! its going into the pond shark in the pond shark in the pond somebody do something ~ michaels in the pond!~ the shark ! shark! its going into the estuary! ~ hey guys , hey guys you guys ok?~ the shark the shark, do something! doesnt anybody have a gun?

You may have guessesd, jaws is on right now LOL, jaws is always on at my house , today i bribed my three year old, if he wanted jaws on so badly he had to sing for his aunty sheri! ~+~ bumpa dum dum, im tired and i wanna go to bed, i hada wittle dwink aboot an our ago and i think i hit my head ~+~
LoL, so he doesnt know the words its still damn cute!

"they going on a boat parker" said blake

"Yep, and he is going to be eaten"answersw parker

Ok, so i have issues , and one of those is i think my kids are cute, the otehr really PRESSING issue is i have to pee. i have had four pots since i got up, well no three and a quarter , but i still have to pee badly,
later vader


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