Saturday, March 18, 2006

ok so i promised everyone that i would tell a bit more about the puking good time we had last night, i am sure no on ereally wants to hear about it, but too bad LOL
it all started on Wednesday , Hannah ( a little girl i play with during the week) came over at 10 after seven int eh morning. at 715 she puked for the first time, i thought whatever, and cleaned it up , then she puked some more, and finally puked for the third time.
after that she slept and then woke up and played
Thrusday i took logan for his 18 month shots... so i was a bit late , who cares!
logan was too cute when he got his shots by the way , not a single tear, not even a whine!
anyway friday night i was lazy so eggs and toast for supper.... i happen to like that !
plus the boys eat it nice and fast with no fighting so BONUS!
so lets see supper was done round quarter to six we all went downstairs to watch some tv... well i wont lie i was surfing other pplss blogs! HAHAH adict!
by 730, logan threw up, ewww u do not want to see scrambled eggs drenched in stomach fluids. not a biggy tho , its laminate flooring nopt carpet, easy clean up! i was wrong, wrong wrong
he threw up on the bean bag chair, it was gross, so micah picked up logan to put him in the tub for a clewna up, and the kid puked again, all the way up the stairs! poor baby, i piked up the puke covered bean bag chair, tossed it out the front door, and went back to clean the stairs and floor, by that time logan was getting nekked in the tub, for about 30 mins all was well, then logan stood up and puked , ewww more curdled eggs, i put one hand on his back and one on his tummy to make surte he wasnt gonna fall, tubs are hard, His little tummy was rock hard, so i kinda pushed it and he pouked again, so i pushed and rubbed for about fivce minutes gettinghim to toss up everyhting in his tummy, then we hosed him down and took him outa the bath
(which was not fun to clean up!)
after the bath we gave him a gravol suppository ( i think he must be straight he was very against me putting anything in his bum) lol, but no more puking after he had the gravol so i guess it worked
so at the time i was thinking he was ill from his shots the day before , and that now thta he was sleeping comfortable all was well
Around quarter after 11 i said to hubster that i was heading to bed if my dad was coming in the AM i wanted to piuck up toys in the morning so i needed to get some sleep.
never ever EVER say out loud that you are tired when you have kids
if you say this (or that u want some lovin) it is a garentee that some catastrophy will happen to prevent the aformentioned sleep/lovin
so sitting on the couch working up the energy to get up and go to bed i hear a sound. i tried to ignore it but then the door to blakes room opened and i hear a little voice all teary and sad say " i puke-ed in my bed "
i got up and boy did he ever "puk-ed" in his bed, id say the puddle was 18 inches in diameter and prolly a centimtre thick with chunks of eggs chips toast and , my foavorite ketchup!
Micah got blake to the bathroom and infront of the toilet and i went up and grabbed the yummy orange smelling cleaner stuff i have , and a bucket paper towel and a plastic garbage bag, originally the garbage bag was for the puke soaked paper towel and the bucket was for me to carry the sheet up tot he washer , but instead i folded up the sheet and tossed it in the garbage bag and threw it right out, i mean its red puke so its not like i would have gotten the stain out, i mean that is soem gross shit there!
so after anothjer puke this time in the potty, blake was changed washed down, mouth rinsed , bed washed new sheets on ready for bed....... i sat down . no way was i going to go get comfy in my bed and then have to wake up to i puke-ed again!
sure nuff not 45 mins later the door opens and a little streak of blue races to the bathroom and i hear the wonderful sound of puking again
wonderful? yea woinderful!
i could hear the puke making contact with the water in the toilet and let me tell yuou its a wonderful sound to hear, knowing you dont have walls and floors to clean !
so three more in the toilet, mouth washed , gravol given again he is off to bed,,, this time for the night

is it jinxing myself to say that they are fine now? i mean all night all day so far and we went swimming and to M.D's they should be fine.... I hope
i need a coffee refil so i will sign off here
hope you know i can almost sort of still smell it!


Blogger myrtlemarie said...

no more scrambled eggs for me!!

7:36 AM, March 20, 2006  

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