Smallville is safe

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Smallville is safe for another wek, our stupid cable company ( persona you know who you are!) has managed to get their fingers out of their butts and fix the " broken fiber optic cable" bullshit, someone was banging on the desk with all the "important" switches and filpped the wrong switch off!
Im not bitter or anything, not me! We got back from our twice monthly shopping spree ( ya food) and tried hte tv, no cable, ( at this point i was understandably upset!!!) but when i went for a nap , and by nap , which by deffinition is a SHORT sleep, I got up from my four hour "nap" and the cable was back, i assume they got my message involving death and dismemberment!

so as i have said multiple times tonight chloe finds out about clarks super powers! omg i cant wait ~ but i will have to , its not on till 10 pm tonight ( 830 now)


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