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Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm eating Birthday cake as I type this. In fact, I just plucked a red icing rose off the corner of my peice of cake, popped it in my mouth and started hitting keys. There is now red icing on the shift key and I am considering using my tounge to clean it off. .... Still considering.....Used my finger, but licked it off!

So. Where was I earlier today besides half asleep? Oye, The kids were nice and easy, I'm talking well behaved, not shampoo here, but my day was crap because i was just ugg. Ever get that feeling? Just uuuuuhhhhhgggg. Blah even. <---see that dot right there? Yes that one. I totally ditched you all and had a bath. And some coffee. And watched Canada's worst drivers with Jit. And my dirty clothes are still on the bathroom floor annnd the dishes are waiting to be washed. But who cares? I have a confession. I haven't downloaded the photos...yet. But I will. Soonish and stuff. Um wait I don't feel comfortable using my neices and nephews names online without them knowing, cus they don't know about the blog, and stuff.... so I will refer to them by their ages.

Now, 18 shot his buck, which turned out to be Large. So way to go with that. Jit and his dad left at like 6am to sit in a tree the next morning. Father in law, fell from the tree. Well, the last ten feet, but still. Pretty bad. And no deers were shot. JitteryJoe and His dad came back to SIL's house, have some food, some naps and head out again at like three. Apperently this time they decided that they should ride around and find a good spot, and again, no deers were shot. Meanwhile we watched my Brother in law skin the Buck 18 shot, which was neat-O, and of course, because the Buck was a big one, it is going ot be mounted so BIL skinned out the head of the Buck, which was doubly cool. I only have two pictures of this because my camera died and I charged it for like 20 minutes so I could grab at least a few of them, but then, DUH, it died again and I had to charge it the whole night. What you wont see in the pictures is the pure white kitten, still small enought to fit comfortably in my hand, speckled in blood, gorgeing herself on bits of fat and meat that had fallen to the ground as they skinned. And watching a baby kitty take a windpipe three times as long as her and punce the shit out of it, that was hilarious. But you won't know that becasue I didn't get photos.

For my three boys, being in a home with no TV, was different. Yes, with four kids, my brother and sister in law have no TVs. something about religion and not being allowed to have them. So for three days, the boys and thier cousin, 4, played with actuall toys and used actual imagination and played outside in the snow. Neat. I have to admit, I let them watch too much TV. The did have a lot of fun, as did I. Plus my sister in laws house is beautiful. Not just the layout, which rocks the balls of the monkey right freaking OFF, but how she decorated. One thing I LOVED was the had a wallpaper border put up midway up the wall, BUT what sets it apart, is she took... fuck, how to describe with out a photo.

I have a photo but its in the camera.

But she framed the border along the wall with centimetere wide peices of wood, and it looks great. I already told her that I will be stealing this for my house. She doesn't mind. Saturday Jitteryjoe, his dad and Brother in law left at like 630 am. No deers were shot. But Jittery sorta kind had a shot at a buck, a big buck, but he went round the front of the truck and the buck ran round the back and bounded into the underbrush before Jit had the gun loaded. Some sort of law about not having a bullet in the gun unless you are ready to shoot, so We came home Buckless. But Jitt is planning on heading out another weekend sometime soon. And lets see what else. I had so much fun. So. Much. Because the kids were so occupied with their cousin and the toys they had never played with and the outside and the kitty and the please pet me and scratch my belly more dog, I was almost a not-mommy this weekend. I drank coffee, talked about everything, and then drank more coffee. If my sister in law invites me out again, there will be nowell maybe's and we'll see's It will be a straight forward YES!

We left Sunday morning, almost Sunday afternoon for my dads place. Grandma's seventy sixth birthday. But It was my job to bake the cake and we were sleeping in my neices bedroom, and she doesn't have an alarm clock becuase she is four, so we slept in until almost 11 am. JitteryJoe opened his eyes to find stuperman standing there grinning at him. It was pretty funny. So I called Grandma to say we would be leaving ASAP, which is something you need to do in the winter. That way if you aren't there in a certain amount of time, someone starts to look for you.
anyway my plan was to get up early, get to Grandmas house and bake the cake. Unfortunatly, Grandma was cooking a Turkey, cus she loves me. But I fucked up and woke up late and so I couldn't get the cake baked and there you have it. I ruined grannys birthday. Flog me now, I'm already bent over.

Wait. Then how was I eating birthday cake at the start of this post? We stopped at a Safeway. on the way down and picked up a cake up. Swoosh, score one for Blue. One of the reasons I love going to My dads house is the meals that we get to eat. We have a salad 99% of the time. Thats just not in oue budget, freash veggies are freaking expensive. And they cook real food. No KD and Hot Dogs, Unless I specifically ask for that in the summer time, cooked on my dads barbeque. Cus everyone love BBQ!!

So The dinner at Grannys was great. Food wise. Ohh and My aunty Lisa was there and she is hilarious. She said its ok for me to sell naked baby photos of my now famous cousin to the tabloids as my new get rich scheam. YES, score!

And there you have it. By deleting this paragraph detailing the fight me and my brother had, where he starts swearing at my children and throwing things, - Stuperman can say Bitchy now, and does so with alarming regularity due to the fact that my bro and his GF say it very often in regards to their baby and Blue boy told his brother Dammit all that's fucking retarded, - which was juuuuust great. How do I punish my children for using words they so obviously should not be using when I wasn't willing to start yet another fight during my grandmas birthday by bringing up the fact that they are swearing up a blue streak with little ears listining? Because by not asking them to stop, I basically let the children know that I accept the language Uncle and Aunty are using and therfore it's OK for them to use it. My weekend went wonderfully great with no exceptions!

I swear I will publish this, go pee and head downstairs to download the new pictures into the photo blog. I swear it on my chocolate cake still sitting, half-eaten, from before my bath.


Blogger Fantastagirl said...

I stayed up late hopeing for pics and I get nothing....

11:31 PM, November 13, 2006  
Blogger Fantastagirl said...

Oh cool - I was first and didn't even know it!

Damn, I rock or something like that! (I think I better go to bed, morning will be here too soon!)

11:32 PM, November 13, 2006  
Anonymous Allen said...

Goodness! You wore me out with that. I need a nap!

Hey you have Safeway's in Canada! Cool! I did not know that. I've never shopped at one but I have heard of them.

12:58 AM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...a hell of a weekend!

3:47 AM, November 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sparky has started saying sh*t lately. And when we ask her "What did you just say?", she tries to cover it up by saying "Oh, gosh!"

We have no idea where she learned it. It didn't come from us. If she'd learned it us, it probably would have been f*ck. LOL!

6:39 AM, November 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, glad your back... Just in time for more snow...LOL. Glad you had a good weekend. Kids are funny that way, they just think it's a new word. We tell our kids those are big people words, and they are not allowed to use them. (I have the same problem with my family, they sware like it's a part of speech).I tell them they'd have to stay home from school if they used them. Anything that would prevent my kids from going to school, they won't do..they like school way too much. call you later.

8:37 AM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger Bluepaintred said...

Fantasta Girl bieng first rocks. I am sorry about teh tphotos. I got distracted by weffriddles then I was downloading them and clicked over to comment on a blog ( it was yours LOL) without thinking and messed up my download. Forgive me?

Allen We have safeways but they are uber expensive and i go there once in a blue moon

Mr.Fab I do however have your moose cock photo. Look for it tonight MUAHAHAHAHA

Blogarita well I do Know where my boys learned it, and I have *i think* gotten Blue Boy to understand why its not OK for him to say it. Stuperman is still saying bitchy at everything. Thismorning he looked outside and said "its bitchy" instead of its snowing...sigh

RoxDar Rainbow is old enough to know he cant say it, and stupe is too young to understand reasoning, really, so fingers crossed for blue boy. Shovel your driveway and then call me!

10:21 AM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger Fantastagirl said...

Pics are pretty cool! Love the wallpaper idea...I may steal that if Mr. Incredible ever lets me put up wall paper.

2:37 PM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger Catch said...

Im glad you had a good time! I cant imagine not having a tv! EVen if I dont watch it, I want to know its there. lol, pictures, pictures, get a move on girl!

5:51 PM, November 14, 2006  

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