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Monday, November 20, 2006

Getting this post up early, because I plan on being super busy tonight working an a certain quilt. I have been putting off doing the last of it, because it is hand work, But If I want it done for Christmas, I better get a move on it.

Blue boy, poking at the tree he is not allowed to touch : "I think the batteries died"
I guess he never saw us plug in the lights yesterday, the lights we turn off at night. That made me LOL!

So the tree is up. But Jitteryjoe Smashed my favorite strand of lights. The are globes covered with some sort of frosting. They were my favorite part of my parents tree, and one year my dad gave them to me and my sister. The string of lights was very old and in pretty sorry condition. It pretty much killed me when he smashed the one bulb, which meant they could not go on the tree this year. It will be the first Christmas I remember without them. So I went to the city to try and find replacement bulbs. For a 20 year old strand of lights. Not bloody likely LOL. I found something even better people! The same strand of lights, the last two boxes. Oh sure they are half the size, but at least they look the same and believe me, I will be hunting more of them down after Christmas. If they have them in mini they have to have them in regular size somewhere!

Someone check my math for me, Is it 35 days until Christmas?

Because Blogarita loves me, she tagged me with this. Yet another chance for me to talk about myself. This pleases me.

1. If I had to do it all over again differently, I - Wait do I have to do it differently? I'm pretty darn pleased with how my life is right now, and after mulling this question over last night I can't think of what I would change. Sorry if that's not in the spirit of the meme, But I'm just happily satisfied!

2. I wanted to be a Vet/mom/writer when I grew up. But Two outa three aint bad, eh?

3. If I were ten years younger, I'd be just starting to date Jitteryjoe. Id slap myself on the back and say way to go, get him girl......Wait never mind, I did that anyway. I might have paid more attention in university too, but probably not. Oh and I would have stockpiled A&W Chicken Nuggets, because they don't make them any more and that makes me sad.

4. I am horribly Lazy. I'm lazy lazy lazy and I like it. I clean house front to back about twice a week, other then that, the dishes get piled and the clothes sit in a hamper. I sit on my butt and watch the kids make-believe, and I read lots of books, and if I'm lucky I have bon-bons Pffft! According to my esteemed mother in law, Dirty dishes in the sink are grounds for divorce LMAO

5. My biggest fear is Spiders. Icky black creepy crawly spiders. When I was around seven or eight months pregnant with Blue Boy I decided to make him pillowcases to match the new crib sheets we had bought him. I was sitting on the floor, my back against a couch. A disgusting spider crawled out from under the pile of material in front of me. I scrambled up the couch, the back of the couch and onto the stair railing behind the couch to get way from it.

I call people who live in different towns and beg them to come over and kill spiders for me. This is why I had three boys, It's now their job to kill the spiders. Unfortunately they seem to only be able to kill them outside. Inside they are as scared as me, and that sucks.

Helpful hint of the day, Spraying a spider with hairspray makes the spider slow enough that even a two year old can kill it :o}

So we are done With Weffriddles as far as we can go. Weff is making a batch five, which is super exciting. But no one knows when it is expected to come out. If anyone needs Weffriddle help, send me an email with a legitimate email address. I'm not going to hint/spoil here. No one else wants to read it LOL. Plus weff got mad at me. I'm getting lots of comments saying help with level 14 or level 45 and stuff, but with no return email or a blog link, how can I help you??

The rush for the PS3 amused the crap out of me. Don't people realize that around 5 million are expected to be released by years end? That's only two months people! Did Game Cube ever have sell out things like this? People were sleeping in tents outside the stores. HELOOOO??? It's winter. I heard the Nintendo Wii Did the same thing, but at least the Wii sounds cool!

Christmas cards to the four people who gave me their addresses, (Catch, Lori, Fab And FantastaGirl) Are ready to go. If you want a card, I need your address. This includes Family. If you want a card Say so, Cus I have coooool cards this year!
That will be all. Now please leave a comment or I will cry. Oh and the Christmas Tree Pics are up in the Photo Blog.

Total Transformation Program for behavior challenged kids? Interesting. Written by James Lehman


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:08 PM, November 20, 2006  
Blogger Bluepaintred said...


4:01 PM, November 20, 2006  
Anonymous Allen said...

my cheryl is knee deep in quilt making right now as well... that pre-christmas scurry, same as you.

4:18 PM, November 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do love you. It can be our secret.

4:45 PM, November 20, 2006  
Blogger Catch said...

I am very impressed!!! You are making a quilt!!! Way to go Blue. And I am sorry to hear about your broken lights. Im glad you found some that at least resemble the broken ones. I had to laugh about Blue boy thinking the batteries had died Now I have to go check out the picture album. Dont ever call me to help kill a spider.....Id be right behind you! Im so afraid of them...and I have been using hairspray on them for

6:03 PM, November 20, 2006  
Blogger Fantastagirl said...

Hey she tagged me as well - so she must love me too! ha!

8:23 PM, November 20, 2006  
Blogger Bluepaintred said...

Allen ask her to send me pictures I'd love that!

Blogarita *kiss* Hubby read that, wants to know if he can video tape it.

Catch pfft Ive been making this quilt for what? eight months? Im lazy lazy lazy... or I blog too much

FantastaGirl LMAO a threesome!

8:48 PM, November 20, 2006  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Okay, here is the comment. Please don't cry...

5:55 AM, November 21, 2006  

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