I Shoulda Brought The Camera

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I wish I brought my camera with me last night...

The first thing I would ahve liekd to capture on film , and then BLOG the HELL out of it, was the hott hott hottttt guy working hte gas bar lastnight... OMG

It was too funny , i was quasi hitting on him at the same time I was showing him pics of my three kids AND husband... then we talked about incestual cat sex... ahhh good times

then I deffinatly would have taken a video of Jessi screaming and running around after we sold her baby for 5 bux.. That was too funny!

See Jess went out for a smoke and when she came back me and NIk were at the gas bar ( we go to coffee at a gas station, its comfortable so shut up!) .. anyway we were at the gas bar, we did spend a lot of time there, dude was hot ! Jess comes over cus Krysta isnt at the table, she MUST be with us, right? She looks for the carseat by our feet then she actually goes BEHIND the dudes (BEN) counter and looks! Realising the baby is NOT with us and just maybe we were serious that we were selling her offspring, she books it super fast back to the resturaunt part of the store! LOL she was yelling "Where's my baby" and running back and forth thru the tables it was great . ( I was still at the gas bar, almost peeing myself laughing at her, still talking with Ben) Then some lady walks up to jessi and she's liek "hey thats MY baby!" and the lady is all "Oh, I bought her for 5 bux!" Ben told us we were creeping him out, and could we just please give her back her baby? we just laughed at him tho.. Say no to peer presure girls, even if its HOT ! In the end she got her baby back so it's all good... isn't it?

Man if looks could kill, I tell ya, this girl has NO sense of humor!

Then we are driving down the road and some dude in a car has a big ass honking yellow sign taped to the back of his car. It says "It's my birthday! Honk or give me the finger"
So I honked the horn and the second I did, The unmarked cop car that I did not know was there turned its shiny blue and red lights on!! ( we are stopped at a light by this time)
Freaking cops in this city! Gave me a freaking me a heart attack, I havent had a ticket OR an accident since i was driving my dads new van and a big mean pillar jumped out and started smashing the side of the van! So anyway , the Cop had turned on his lights in his GHOST car to go thru the red light.. so um I thought the whole unmarked police vehicle was kinda so no one knew it was there till you broke the law... kinda gave it away there Buck-o.. . . .

So yea fun times all around last night ( I'm Pretty sure Jess would disagree on that one... Her little sister , Im sure had a blast) By the way, Nik, Jess, Ariel.... there is no way in HELL we are NOT doing this again!... say Monday?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ariel will be gone on monday she is leaving my house on friday to go to a dance and wont be back for a whie call me and we'll talk

10:20 PM, June 07, 2006  
Blogger Cagalli said...

Hey i was there and i would have to say that this time it was not much fun we should do it again with just us.

12:55 AM, June 13, 2006  

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