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Monday, June 05, 2006

Thanks to Cheerio butt from Children and Cheerio's on the Loose I am participating in my second Peek Inside Me Weekly. The point of this game is to be HONEST about your life at the other end of the computer. This week's topic is Feet , tops AND bottom. I am not to nervous about this topic, I mean come on! they are FEET
I have been having an ongoing secret affair with nailpolish for about 10 years.. I think my husband suspects this.. He does not seem to mind. Off hand I would say I have roughly 35 different shades of polish. As for the bottoms of my feet... I don't spend a lot of time looking at them. I recently bought my very first toe ring, and the anklet I am wearing was a surprise anniversary gift from the Hubster on our sixth wedding anniversary. Let us begin:


I am quite amused at the tan line my new sandles have left, infact right now I would say that that is my favorite part of my feet right now. Least favorite, I get chronic ingrown toenails in my big toes ... TMI? Too bad, we are supposed to be Honest!


The Hubster took this photo for me. I could not seem to get my whole foot in the frame. Also there was no way I was going to beable to get both feet in the picture. Picture it, me tring to balance on my butt, feet in the air arms outstreached to get the camera facing my feet.. i ended up
with a photo of my crotch! OK , Don't picture it!

These next to photos are me trying to be an overacheiver! No really, why stop at feet? what about socks and shoes? I like shoes, I do, but I can honestly say that my most expensive pair is 29 bux. Really, i wont buy a pair of shoes for full price! EVER at least three of those pairs were under 10 bux, and two were FREE! HA ( and there is no freaking rule that says a 27 year old mother of three cannot do her grocery shopping with her pink wheelie shoes! it makes it fun, sue me!)

Now socks. Thats a totally different real ity! I will pay upwards of 30 dollars for one pair of socks Take for instance, the white and black stripes in the bottom right corner... they cost 25 bux. they go past my knees, so they are WORTH it. I have an actual philosophy on socks...want to hear it? ... oh well Im going to tell ya so if you don't then leave now!

Imagine this: you are having a bad day, The kids are fighting the cat is puking, the dishes arent doing themselves, life just sucks. you glance down, and what do you see? neon yellow ducks frolicing on your toes... how can you NOT cheer up when confronted with this???

I wear cirtain socks for cirtain things. Some I wear when I am nervous and need a little boost.. like my Shiny pink socks with woven in sparkly fibers.. they GLOW . They give me confidance. Missing from this photo is about five pairs of socks. The are behind my dresser because I can no longer wear them. I can't bring myself to throw them out, but i can never wear them again. Take my neon orange socks with the tigers growling. why can't I wear them? I had them on in the emergency room when i stapled my finger withteh air compresser staple thingy! If I wear a pair of socks and something bad happens they are ruined, I will never wear them again.. i think I might be a wee bit superstitions, but thats me.. Is there a type of OCD involving socks?

My husband refuses to wear anything but white socks. Seriously. To get him to wear black socks for our wedding his mother had to take and HIDE all of his socks, leaving only one pair of black socks in their place! Want to know why he only wears white socks? He doesn't like colored toe jam! Seriously. If it wasnt for his great ass the great sex the way he makes me laugh at him that would be reason enough to leave him!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute feet! Loooove the socks! I want to do that! Oh and Steph helped me with my blog look. I posted about her today!

7:33 AM, June 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you find your jean shoes? maybe there by your coffee check the bathroom or the garage!!!LMFAO

11:53 PM, June 06, 2006  

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