Parker's Appointment

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Number one, I am super surprised no one has asked me about the photo of Logan in the table... did no one notice that if you click on the photos it shows a caption? I worked very hard on them tar captions! Check them out... And Yes, The baby Is Stuck In the Table In The Photo ~ We Had To Call 911..

moving right along

I haven't had time
to talk about Parker's appointment!

We actually made it to Parkers Doctor's Appoint ment ON TIME!... I honestly did not think we would, but turns out , we could have been forty eight minutes late.... yea , the appointment is for 3, we get to go in the office at 348... we got to see the doctor at 355.... super... Actually it went pretty good, ~ the waiting.
Parker is an abnormally well behaved child. He found a balloon and proceded to have a game with half of the waiting room where he hits it up, ( i think the object was to keep it off the ground) he would hit it and who ever it came closest too would hit it back and by the time it was our turn he probably had 10 - 12 people playing AND giggling along with him ~ thing is, I was the youngest person there by oh, say 15 years!

too funny ~ did you know that there are many many parts to an elderly person that jiggle when they laugh?

So The doctor spent a loooong time poking at the left side of parker... the kidney, then he would poke at the right and then both at the same time, buit he kept coming back to the left, making this ..face... it wasnt a "face" enough to really get me nervous, but still, he spent maybe 15 minutes just poking around there. Then very decisivly, he tells me that Park has to pee in a cup, and they will do a "full work up " on it, and he will request immidiat notification of the results, also park has to have an Ultrasound of the kidneys as soon as we can get in, I can''t even make the appointment till monday ....

kinda worried.... See, my sis got really sick when she was little, three I think... really badly sick, and it involved her kidneys. She was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein purpura... Its not a laughing matter and therefore kidney related things kind of make me nervous.

Anyway one of the main symptoms, the coloration on the limbs he does NOT have, and really his only symptom of any problem is .. well he doesnt like mommy to talk about it!

I do feel releived that Our doctor is taking this seriously and not just saying " oh its a stage , he will grow out of it!" after the Ultrasound, The doctor is aranging for parker to see the cities top Urologist, who is in fact, Blakes surgeon, so at least I will know him!

Hopefully Parker IS just going thru a stage, But I'd rather be safe then sorry. let the doc work him over real good " But mom you said it was my privates and no one can see them! " ( that was said in a totally outraged voice.

Now as fopr the pee in a cup thing.... yea that was fun.... he had to do a mid stream. he is six... his aim is not that good. Im trying to hold the cup cus i have to catch the Middle of his Pee not the beggining , not the end.. and all of this I am supposed to do with my eye closed cus " I need my private!!!" Parker had also suggested that HE close his eyes... whatever, next time he can struggle thru that by himself! he knows what to do now!


Blogger ablondeblogger said...

I never saw the photo of Logan in the table. I have such trouble loading photos sometimes (I still don't see it). You all had to call 911?!!!

I'll be praying for Parker. Were you reading my blog when my son's kidney troubles started? He was peeing pure blood. It was so scary!

But it's under control now, and although it's a life long condition that he'll need medication and diet changes for, and to be monitored, it's not going to be life threatening as long as we stick to the regimen he's on.

I pray that Parker is feeling 100% soon!

2:50 PM, June 04, 2006  
Blogger Bluepaintred said...

I hope so too! i wasnt reading your blog when your son first got sick, i have read some of the archived stuff tho! im happy that his condition is controlled thru medication and diet tho!

i hope parker gets better too LOL, im sick of hoim sick haha

3:08 PM, June 04, 2006  
Blogger Catch said...

geeze ..I looked at those pics of your boys and didnt realize the baby was stuck! That poor little boy!!!!

I hope everything goes ok with Parker...I will say a prayer for him....keep us posted! God bless you all.

12:54 AM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger Webmiztris said...

really, he was stuck in the table? I would have lubed him up with vegetable oil and slid him right out, I!

9:21 AM, June 05, 2006  

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