Sunday six, now in color!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

SUNDAY SIX! The theme this week - COLORS!

1. How many colors are there?

Rainbow Man: Twelve
Blue Boy: A thousand
Stuperman: *Puts sunglasses on his tummy* I am a monster! Grrr Grrrr! *I ask again* Meow *lots of jumping* Meow *Lots of meowing and jumping*

2. Can you name some colors?

Rainbow Man: Purple, green, blue, red, grey, white, brown, black, orange, indigo(I asked him what that he said I don't know but I heard its a type of color) yellow, and silver!
Blue Boy: Orange, purple, pink, yellow, red, green, pink, Did I say pink? Ok red then. I did not say red. Fine no more colors.
Stuperman: Green, Blue, Meow! Color? The snow! White!! Look mommy the snow! White!!

3. What is your favorite colors?

Rainbow Man: But I have two! Green and red!
Blue Boy: Blue
Stuperman: Uhhhh. Dinasour? That's MY bed. Meow. We are done mommy?

4. Where do we get colors?

Rainbow Man: We don't get them, we make them with wax and we melt them together. (like duh mom)
Blue Boy: From Shopping.
Stuperman: I bit your blanket mommy. *spits out fuzz from blanket* Meow!! Nake's rainbow hab colors!

5. Who made all the colors in the world?

Rainbow Man: I don't know, God maybe?
Blue Boy: Dinasours!!
Stuperman: ME!!! Me mommy! And kitty doing colors. Sunglasses want on my foot mommy! Now I am a monster foot! Monster foot! Monster foot! I do it all by my self mommy! Ohhh Help me do it!

6. Name something colorful.

Rainbow Man: A Rainbow is colorful. And a black eye is too.
Blue Boy: All different kinds!!
Stuperman: Colorpul? Callapillar colorpul! An' an' and TB colorpul. I want to watch Sponge Bob mommy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is up with the number 12? That was Pan and Tink's magic number. I like Blue Boy's 1,000!

8:12 PM, January 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the answer indigo...and i love the obsession with dinosoars its very cute...


8:47 PM, January 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought this weeks was soo funny, I had to read them to my hubby! We were both laughing.

8:57 PM, January 21, 2007  
Blogger Shelli said...

Can you do video Sunday Six? I might do that with Belle next time I have her.

9:29 PM, January 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute as Per Norm.

12:21 AM, January 22, 2007  
Blogger Catch said...

Ha ha....I always love stupermans I always look forward to your Sunday Six.

2:50 AM, January 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA!! I love RM's "black eye" answer to what is colorful. Now how the heck does he know that?? Stuperman cracks me up every week!

7:34 AM, January 22, 2007  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh man, I want to be a monster foot too!

I can't wait to read these to Mrs. Fab...

9:03 AM, January 22, 2007  
Blogger Bluepaintred said...

Fantastagirl I know how weird is that? How man colors are there? that the human eye can see i mean? any idea?

Spongebob Hehe Hehe you got neeeettttt.

FlipFlop LOL i cant wait till the beast will bea ble to join in

Shelli Nex sunday I will do Video Sunday SIx, just for you. Im nice like that.

11:59 AM, January 22, 2007  
Blogger Bluepaintred said...

BigDaddy Yea, well, what can I say they are cute like me.

Catch Dude, everyone loves thes tupe man

Kathrine well its simple. I have three boys and not a week goes by that one of them doesnt get a new shiner

Mr.Workin.Fab Muahahaha forcing the mrs. to join in the Cult of Stuperman?

12:02 PM, January 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that the human eye can only see 2 million colors...or something like that

~Jittery Joe~

12:13 PM, January 22, 2007  
Blogger Bluepaintred said...

My Lovey-Pie-Sweetums awww aren;t you just a font of useless knowledge today :o) Kissey kissey!!

1:10 PM, January 22, 2007  

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