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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My new door is up. But we can't use it. Well we can but anyone under say 25 is barred from touching it. Without a special chain thingy, the door will open into our big window on the living room, and like most windows ours are made of glass. So if you want to visit, I'll open the garage for ya. And make a fresh pot of coffee while you are at it!

Wednesday. Its my favorite day ever. Wednesday means coffee, and coffee means Kiss(BFF). A few hours of no kids, no bounderies. My favorite part might be when I play the ATM like a slot machine and scream "I won" and freak when it gives me money. I like trying to convince other people to try their luck. It might be the part where I act like a teen, no worries about bills and kids and leaky floors. Maybe my favorite part is re-connecting with Kiss, a weeks worth of comings and goings. Having someone to bounce ideas off on. We never got around to talking about if Rainbow Man should start having "regular" chores around the house and an allowance. I'd like some input on this by the way. (yes I mean you) Keep in mind he is only one month shy of seven.

OMG He is almost seven. WTF when did that happen? He has lost four teeth. My god I remember calling my dad from a Hotel Lobby payphone crying with excitement when I felt the first tooth! He is almost as tall as me. He can read and spell and cross streets. He can change a diaper. A poopy diaper instead of waking me up and getting me to do it. I don't agree with that by the way and I told him so, he is the brother, not the parent and there is no way its his responsibility to change a diaper. He will have enough of those in fifteen or twenty years. Hopefully.

I found out soemthing really cool about Blue Boy today. See when we write things, I place the pencil in his hand for him and help guide his hand up and down and around to make the letters. Today I wrote "Happy Birthday Papa" on a peice of paper and let him do it on his own because I was busy (READ: I wanted to read my book and drink coffee) I went for a java refill and checked to see how he was doing and there were letters on the page. Recognizable letters. I have been trying SO. FREAKING. HARD to get him to make letters. Any letter. ANYTHING AT ALL... With no luck because without my hand to guide his, he zooms off the page, uncontrollably. Then I noticed he had the marker gripped in his Left hand. Coooool. I whelped a lefty!

My mom was a lefty. She had the neatest writing I have ever seen, it was all slanty and every letter was perfect. I loved the way her writing looked. Plus she had the page turned almost upside down when she wrote. Thats talent. Sometimes I grab a book from the oodles of boxes my dad ships to me (cus he loves me) and I open the front page and see a bunch of random numbers she has written, a phone number a math problem, and Its cool. Gone for so long, and yet there is a part of her in this book, and now a part in my son. Genetics ROCK.

Some people have grown concerned over my little foray into the wide world of Duck abduction. But its OK. Trust me. When The K-Ster's daddy gets back from the rigs, she can have her duck back. Just think of me as an abusive Duck Babysitter. Or something. (This is mostly directed to FlipFlopMama, she's such a softie)

Speaking of Bloggers. I got a sweet ass recipie for Apple Crisp off OneTallMommas blog. (I hate apples, kids love em) And I was going to take a picture of it, after I made it, but I got busy and then it was gone. Just vanished. I found some later on Blue Boys chin, and some on the babies chair. But they said they were framed. I also stole a recipie from Chris, down at Notes from The Trenches. I haven't made this one yet, but I was thinking it would be nice during the Christmas Holidays. Or soemthing. It just sounded so damn yummy I had to steal it!. So, Who else out here has some great recipies? I hear Mrs Fab makes a great cooookkkieeee...... anyone? Anyone?

xo people

EDIT: Just popped back in, I was over at IT2M, they just reveiwed a site with the SAME template as mine. Freaky. I know it is a free skin, and one I plan on only using temporarily, but its really weird to see someone elses thoughts where it seems mine should go. Anyways, Its official girls, the wet stuff on her lips may be drool. Here is a quote:
Red and white. Lips with what appears to be drool. Nice template overall except for that annoying line running down the side of the content box before the sidebar separation line. I can see it very clearly on my desktop but it’s not as noticeable on my laptop.
Remind me not to get re reveiwed using this template, Mkay?


Anonymous onetallmomma said...

The mental picture of you jumping up and down as the ATM spits our your cash is priceless!

And at 7 my kids were responsible for the following choses:

making bed in morning
picking up dirty clothes and putting in hamper
setting the table for dinner or clearing the table (moms choice just make it the same every night)
Vacuuming our living room rug M/W/F.

That's it. As they get older they take on more responsibilities but not necessarily more overall work.

and no allowance. I'm mean like that. As they get older they earn money other ways and we talk about saving, etc. But the chores are expected as a member of the family. We are all responsible for making our home a peaceful, orderly place to live.

Glad they liked the crisp.

6:30 AM, September 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome that Blue Boy is a lefty. Outta 9 kids I have one bro that's a lefty. Sucked at Christmas dinner, but it is quite cool. Always that maybe "the boy" was left handed too, but he writes with his right. Big D "the hubby" can use both which is really cool. I like the template... maybe she's thinking of all the cool recipes your making!? I think we should find a duck torture pic and create a template. That would rock monkey balls!!! ROFLMAO!!

8:02 AM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger Catch said...

Blue your a trip...jumping up and down at the ATM

I always notice peoples hand writing....I have very nice writing when I take my time. I love to write. I have a gf who is left handed and she writes so neat...her hand is almost upside down when she writes.

Have a good weekend!!

12:06 AM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw that site with the same template as yours at IT2M! that BITCH! lol

10:31 AM, September 22, 2006  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't see what the problem is, I drool all over my laptop all the time...

4:26 PM, September 22, 2006  

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