Don't Go In The Water!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This morning I asked Parker if his underwear hurt him. He said No. So I asked again, They don't feel just a bit tight? Again, he said no, and then asked why. I told him he was wearing Logans Gitch.
Parker is 41 lbs, Logan is 28lbs.

So I asked him when he switched his underwear, In our house we shower/bath at night and get into clean undies. So I wanted to know why , in the morning , had he taken off last nights clean and proper fitting underwear to put on Logans'.

He told me he was getting dressed, which didn't quite fly because when you Get Dressed, you usually put on more then just underwear. I asked him if he pee'd his bed, and he had. So In the course of changing the linens on his bed (Yay for plastic mattress covers By the way!) I asked him how it happened.

He said he was dreaming he was swimming at a pool, and had to pee. Then he said "A loooong time ago you said I could pee in the hot tub but not the pool" ( WTF? I did NOT)

So he pee'd in the hot tub, and then he woke up and realised he was wet and NOT in the pool, so he ran to the bathroom.


Bonus. Wednesday is the day for new bed linens in our house :o)


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