A Very Late Father's Day Post

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First Off, Here is what the Parkster Made for Daddy at school. Its a magnet on a peice of foam with a cork board type layer and a black and white photo of our boy-o.. Its way too cute. Can't really tell from this photo but its about 6 inches square.

Here is the Front Of the Card Parkster made at school. It was a cute card, But even better was the way the Hubster ran his finger over the "for Dad" in the pocket. Hubster doesnt show emotion very well, So it was very touching for me, to see the visable emotion he felt when he saw the card.. It gets even better when you open it!

Parker told Hubster "It says Happy Fathers Day , Daddy I Love You, And these are hearts I drew, From Parker, xo xo xo - those are hugs and kisses - I drew three cus you have three boys"
Way too cute!

Here is the poem inside the card. Parker read it to us at least three times, and again to his Papa and Nana when we went over there that afternoon

We let the Hubster Sleep in till 11 am. But turns out he was up till 3 am playing DDR so he still only got 8 hours of sleep LOL.. I tried. The last three Fathers Day's I totally forgot , and I hit him hard in the ribs pushed him out of bed nagged yelled pouted each time and made him get up with kids so I could sleep. I totally tried to make up for it this year

The boys made him breakfast in bed, AND a tray to carry it on. The also got him "The Adventured Of Tom Bombadil" ( a book) with a little help from mommy. They ALSO got him a cup with cute little cats on it, with help from nana ( they got me a kitten cup too!)

Unfortunatly I did not get to give him his Fathers Day gift from me. I tried earlier in the week, but he was sick, and now I am out with Boobal Issues. It's OK cus they are safely hidden in the hamper in my room, Under my socks ( clean ) We will get to use them at some point!

So that Was Hubsters Fathers Day.

I called my own Father on Sunday. I was not upto the 45 minute drive to go down to see him in person ( Sorry Dad! I drove to the city tonight and I am in P A I N now ~ so It was a good decision)

Anyway while on the phone with him, I could hear my sibs and my baby niece in the background, So I asked him If he was having a good day.

He said NO

I asked what was wrong and he explained he didnt feel good because Marnee ( his Wife-ee-poo) Had tried to kill him!.. Apperently she pushed him backwards on the bed that morning and hurt his back. I figured that with him having three biological kids of his own and two wedding gift HOTTIES kids, he knew the basics of the Birds And Bees... Trying to explain sex to your father makes for a very awkward Conversation!... Maybe I will draw him a diagram this weekend....

So, That was My Dad's Fathers Day ( oh and I sent him a card , but he never said Thank You)


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