Thursday, April 13, 2006

Now to complete his "nerd" ensomble, it took a bit of work, Because the kid has a three inch waist, he was able to do up his three year old brothers pants, so they fit the waist but come up to mid calf on him LOL , then my bestest Friend gave me a pair of suspenders which i sewed right onto the pants , ill just cut them out later tonight, Parker is also wearing Blakes Shirt so the arms could be too short. I ran down to the doller store last night and got the glasses, they were reading glasses but i popped out the lenses and stuck the tape on, and , you cant see, but he has a neon blue rubber thing to hold on his glasses as they are too big for him... LOL it was to hilarious at my house this morning...... liek the bucket hat? 1.50$ at the doller store, lol , i like to let the kids cheat to make sand castles, i get the buckets withthe castle in it already, no sense on them wasteing their imagination on something like that! ( there are two other buckets, of different castles, OH< and Nikki.... the boys said thanks !


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