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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Why is it, when you go into a store to buy ONE thing you come out with much much more???

We made a quick stop at WALMART which I LOVE because i had forgotten to grab diapers last wednesday when I was there. well we got diapers and three from the sample lady and a 42 dollor temperary King Kong tattooswatch for me ( i need one for the 9th of april, i am going to try to train Loagan to potty) a 12 dollar watch for parker, they are learning to tell time in school and he has started getting knocks on the door from his friends wanting him to play, so he needs to be able to tell when to be back home., we bought a coller ( bright blue) for tigger ( with a bell), but we wont be putting it on her till the 11th, she hates collers and will try to get it off and she will need a week of restricted activity to heal from her surgery. We almost bought a crazy frog back pack for parker but we put it back and willg et it next week when we go back into walmat. at the check out i was feeling bad for Blake, parker got a watch , i got a watch, logan got diapers micah alm,ost bought a game but the one he wanted was not the one he wanted after all (this would make sense if you knew micah) even tigger got a coller, and little blake got nothing. So at the checkout i let blake pick a candy and then of course parker needed one and oye we went there for DIAPERS , jsut that!

so instead of getting just diapers ( 16 bux with tax) we ended up spending 83 bux

oh welll

i love WALMART

later vader


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it seems like you guys arent the only ones who walk into a store expecially walmart for one thing and walk out with more....me and danny have a bad habit of doing that....speaking of danny he will be home in a couple of days his rig is shutting down early...thought i would let you know..have fun watching smallville

10:00 PM, April 01, 2006  

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