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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

After the fuss i made to my family about reading the blog , I have to now apologise for not updating in the last six thousand years. some really exciting htings have been happening. I went to my grandmothers house a week or so back and she gave mee oodles and oodles of fabric, and of course im all proud of it and stuff so i go to show it to my mother in law. Now ,, a lot of this fabric is " scraps" for making quilts and little things, and a lot of it is big nuff to make a shirt or shorts for the kids,, and some of it is big enough to make whaterver i want!
the MIL, however, saw the scraps and said " if i were you id throw out 90 % of this crap. you doint have the room" now i could let this comment go when we were in an apartment, BUT i now own a five bedroom house, with 2 and a half baths! I have my OWN sewing room, WTF is wrong with this woman? of course i have the room, PLUS i WANTED the scraps cus i WANT to make a crazy quilt ( to make this you NEED scraps!!!) anyway nevermind, lets not get in to MIL peeves right now or we would be here all day .
so in the material that my grammie gave me was a tiny amount of strawberry shortcake patterned material, which made me very excited as my bestest ever bud, nik, loves SS, so i made a pillow case and i have sew the top of her quilt all together i now have to get the middle and back LOL. later on, after my camera battery charges, i will post photos of them.
I also made my baby neice a spring jacket, i havent gotten a photo as my battery is dead but nmext time i see her i will snap a pic. i think i will make a lining for the jacket today as it keeps sheading all over the place! What i wouldnt give to own a serger!
also , since hannah is gone on vacation this week I decided it is time to train Logan, he is 21 months old. i figiurred that this week id be lucky if he went in the potty one time, but man oh man is he good! the first day he wet five pairs of gitchies, and the second three, BUT the big one was last night, he was in the living room and crouched down to take a poo and i said to him " logan lets go to the potty, lets poo ont eh potty!" and he stood up and had his hand on his little bum and ran to the potty and i sat him down and figured hed hold it till he was off the pot aznd go in his pants, but nope, all of a sudden ( 9 i was washing supper dishes) he stands up and said " done, mommy done" and i looked and there it was , the golden poo! i got so excited i think i scared him a bit, but in the end he knew he did good, he kept touching his belly and saying " good boy" i gave him a sucker for a job well done .... yes i know i will give him an eating disorder, rewarding good behavior with food, but he lieks it and i like him happy and he is only a little fat (25 lbs) and really he is almost 2 so 25 lbs isnt THAT bad, ....... or it wouldnt be if he was taller LOL LOL
i have now ran out of coffee and things to say for now, SO i will close off and go up to make a fresh pot, im thinking of grinding some beans and making flavored, plus its 9 am and logan is still asleep so i should wake him upo and take the two boys out to play , its a beautiful day, in fact , its the first day parker has gone to school in running shoes as opposed to rubber boots and splash pants!

anyways i am sorry i havent posted in a long time, i solomly swear i will try to do better, but , i do like playing with the kids lol, and so if its a choice between them and the blog update,, deal with it.... i have some great new photos i want to upload after i get the battery charged, so check back after nap time, or this evening or tommorrow LOL, like i said we want to play outside and i want to make a lining for krystas coat, so those will come first... XOXOX
y'all rock monkey chunks

lader vader


Blogger Webmiztris said...

"the golden poo"...LOL!

12:40 PM, April 12, 2006  

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