Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well, Easter is almost upon us, We bought the required candy ( thats the part i love, in order to save my poor wittle children from the evils of sugar, i get to eat most of thier candy) I am pretty excited about easter this year for a few reasons, the first being the kids are old enough to all enjoy the hunt, and we have a house this year not an apartment to hid the eggs. Buying this house was the best decision we have ever made. I still get nervous about what to do 15 years down the road whne the roof goes, or what we would do if the furnace/ water tank thing went... but the satisfaction of looking around and knowing I own this house, it sure pays off! the second reason i am looking forward to easter is my family has asked me to host the easter dinner, and i am very excited, its nice to know that now i have a house and CAN host things like this ( i am also doing christmas dinner ~ any good recipies for how to make a turkey? i have never cooked one!) We are having Ham, and all teh various members of my family are bringing different foods to dinner, i am really looking forward to Jessi's Pies ( and holding the baby) as well as my dads soon to be wife is making hot cross buns. from what i understand these buns have nuts and berries or something in them , i have been told by two different people they are " yucky" but i am looking forward to trying them. plus, best of all , my grandma, cus she loves me bestest, is making her potato salad, and believe me! Grandma makes the best potato salad ever! the only thing better is her egg salad... mmmmmm cravings!


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