The End Is Here

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The end of the weekend of course. I spent a very enjoyable day out of town visiting my grandma, and bonus i got to bring home oodles and oodles of material ,,, im oretty excited about two things ,one of the materials is a t shirt kind, that soft material that the oldes most comfy shirts are from, so i want to make some t shirts for myself! also i got a bunch of fleese and a pattern for "jester hats" those touques that were all the rage when i was younger ! im going to make up some for my boys to wear next winter!
i am also a braindead retard, i forgot to bring the pattern for baby krystas jacket down so grandma has graciously agreed to come up one day and help me make sense of the patters PLUS she had a zipper that will fit the coat.
Grandma and i had a nap int he afternoon LOL, and then had a wonderful supper of whole baby chicken thingys potatoes and salad, dont forget the dressing, that rocked too!
all in all it was a wonderful day spent .
Micah and the boys had a blast from what i hear, and junior was well behaved for most of the day . in the evening when i returned home i soent an hour and a half playing a PS2 game with hubby, i do NOT do this often as those games bug the shit out of me, but i have to admit i had fun doing it, i found that i i hit the "block" button repoetedly i can make it look like i am screwing his charechter in teh butt, and that was funny!
anyways i have to get up and clean the kitchen before all the kids come tommorrow ( the boys's leftover lunch AND supper is still ont he counter!
oye men!
but hey what else did i expect?

later vader

omg i almost forgot the mostes inmortant news of all time ! eeeeek!
i am braindead
at the end of may ....... wait for it........ its worth it.... scroll down!

JAWS comes out for the PS2 and for the very first time in my life I want a game ! LOL

this is a great idea for my birthday if anyone was interested, but i will need to know before the end of may as i will be the first in the store to buy it myself other wise!


kitchen duty calls!


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