Parker's second term report card

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rating Scale

S - satisfactory ( higest)
D - developing
U - undeveloped
N - not applicable

work habits

follows directions D +
listens attentivly D +
completes assignments proptly D +
Works independantly D +
Takes pride in his work D +
Shows consistant effort S
Is organized D

Social growth

Curteous and respectful S
Responsible S
Co operative S
Participates S
Works well in groups D +
displays appropriate behavior in calss D +
Displays appropriate behavior outside of classroom S

Readiness skills

M - mastery

can recognize uppercase letter in mixed order 26/26
can recognize lower case letters in mixed order 26/26
can match upper and lkower case letters 24/26
can recognize numerals 0 - 10 11/11
can recognize numerals 11- 20 0/11
can recognize number words 0 - 10 11/11
can recognize color words 10/10
Can recite days of the week in sequence M
knows birthday M
knows phone number M
Can recognize and print full name S-
Can recite days of the month in sequence S+

fine motor skills

Printind D+
Coloring D +
Cutting D+

Language arts
oral reading S
word recognition S-
comphrehension S-
lips / phonics S
Spelling S-
written language D

Math S
science S
Social studies S
Health S
arts education D +
Physical Education S


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