Goodbye my lovely little Icecream Cake

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Well, no more icecream cake for sundays big day!
We went grocery shopping ( we go twice a month) and during one of our stops at a store, we made our way to the back to get the " free kids cookie" which is basically a bribe the stores give to the kids to keep them quiet, but i am not gonna complain cus it happens to work with MY kids!
anyway a big ol book is set up right next to the cookies, and Parker points out to blake, " hey blake you could get this cake, it comes with a toooooyyyyyy" and thats it, blake was hooked .
20 minutes of flipping thru the book later, after very animated discussion between the two boys, blake settles on the spiderman cake, not becasue the cake looks good, but because of the toooooyyyy. Its a soiderman fighting doc octupus, ok i can live with that as long as they can still write happy birthday on the cake!

THEN parker says
can we get two cakes mom?

not cus he thingks we will need more cake, but because its " not fair" that blake is getting a toy on the cake and parker will not be getting a toy on a cake.

I hate that statement already and he has only started using it in the last month " its not faiiiir"

:well tuff luck buddy boy-o , it aint ur birthday, its blakes and all tehm wrapped present in my closet.. they are blakes too!

" but thats not faiiiir" ( insert whiny voice and tears in eyes here)

MOM: when it was your birthday did blake get presents? no, did he pick YOUR cake, no! its his birthday he gets the presents and maybe , just maybe if you are really nice to him, he will let you play with them!

but, thats not really fair mom, he is only one boy and there are five presents in your closet , so maybe i can have one and you and daddy and logan and then we will all have a present!

: no way, those are blakes, at your birhtday what did you do when he wanted.......

blah blah blah, this " not fair" argument is still going on, im pretty tempted to send him to his nanas tommorrow so he isnt even at the birthday party.

if i sound overly bitchy, its cus i need a nap.

later vader ( so what if it IS 20 to six, if i want a damn nap ill have a damn nap!)


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