What a good day I had today !

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Today was an all around good day ! Woke up at 645 as per usual, and made a pot of java, I was having my first cuppa when Hannah arrived. She was very tired LOL She had spent all of last night , from the time her daddy picked her up till 9 pm in her back yard, she even ate her supper there.. I think all kids love the outdoors!
Since hannah was tired i laid her on the couch and poured my second cuppa, thats when it hit me... PArker and Blake are sleeping at nana's, Logan was up way past his bedtime and will deffinatly sleep in. I grabbed sunshine bear off the living room floor.. or maybe it was bedtime bear, i can never keep the carebears names straight. whatever the bear in question became my pillow and we all slept till 10 am ... how can your day not be good with a start like that!
Shortly after lunch, Hannah and Logan were napping, i taked to my bestest friend for 45 minutes on the phone, also a garentee for a good day , infact my day was going so good i decided to do a load of laundry and the dishes.
having my dishes done, which is not a normal occurance in my home ALWAYS makes me feel good.
Parker and Blake walked over from Nana's for a visit, since Nana had phoned to ask if the boys could sleep over another night , i fed them chocolate , chocolate Mr. freeze, chocolate, kool aid, cookies and chocolate, then i let them play in the mud, and in Blakes case eat the mud, and sent them back to nana's for clean up!
I am evil!
Logan and hanna played in the backyard till 515, when hannahs mommy came for her. Micah and i decided to go out for supper instead of cooking, might as well take advantage of the boys being gone. Logan was a great boy at the resturaunt, he is so cute.. but maybe i have to say that cus i am his mom, who knows. Came home , let logan play, ignored his poo'd diaper till micah changed it and sent him off to bed. I had a relaxing bath, and am now here wasting time on the computer!

I am thinkking of doing a joke of the day post everyday, what do you all think? If there is anything else int he world that makes me more happy then chocolate, its email.... i open my box about 3 - 30 times a day, depending how manytimes i get close to the computer, and i get very sad when i open it and have no new emails. Even junk mail amuses me LOL

I'd say, on an average day, i get around 300 to 450 emails LOl I might be addicted.

Now , I'm off to read some of my favorite blogs, some of whome i am very close to linking on my blog as opposed to having them just in my favorites... does anyone ever click on links anyway? and then im thinking, if hubby can figure out how to untangle the blind cord in our room so we can close it, i might just con him into an early night *wink*


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