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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

tonight we were lucky, our two oldest boys , including our soon to be birthday boy went on a sleepover at nana and papa's house, it was a long trip LOl three houses away .... off to the city we zoomed, picked up the bestest friend and drove to toys r us, birthday boys need gifts do they not?
im not going to ruin the surprise of what he is getting, but i will post photos of the actual party late sunday night.
we had a blast marching up and down the isles , nik took logan with her so hubby and i could make some all important decisions about ninja turtles verses star wars...... wait till sunday to see who won!
when all was said and done, Logan had a spongebob filled with candy and a frying pan filled with fake food LOL

off we went with our trunk full to coffee, ahh coffee, food of the gods, Logan was amazing, considering he spent 30 minutes driving to niks, an additional 15 to get to toys r us and then 2 hours in a highchair with his fake food, pretending to eat it . it was great and i wish i could do it once a week ... well minus the toy store bill LOL

its late here, i have a big day ahead of me, so off i go to dream land

later vader


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