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Saturday, April 29, 2006

i amused myself for a good HOUr entering everyone whos name and age i knew in here to see how they were going to die

Shannon : <>
While attempting to dive into a pool, you hit your head on the diving board in mid-air. You're knocked unconscious, and your body sinks to bottom of the pool, where your lungs quickly fill with water.
Ok, thats pretty interesting, aside from the fact that we rarely go to the pool, and i havent been near a pool with a diving board for um.... well see i cant even remember the last time. Now considering i have a lot of years left to go and search out pools who may have the aformentioned fatle diving board, i dont dive. i dont like it, mainly becuase as a kid i dived and ended up with the wedgie to beat all wedgies.... it still hurts!
Micah :
A crazed man in a hardware store fatally attacks you with a large wrench
Lets start with the hardwear store...does micah know what one is? ok fine, home depot, but thats more like a walmart with tools .. anyways if anyone DOES fatally attack him with a wrench, i wil sue them and the store and live richly ever after,.

While crossing what is typically a very quiet street, you're struck by a speeding motorist and are killed instantly.
This one scares me. we live ona quiet street, and parker has a difficult time remembering to look before he leaps!


A disgruntled coworker beats you to death with a computer keyboard.
OMG HAHHAHAHAHHAHA too funny for words ! Blake will be locked up in a n istitution for the criminally insane working on his next plan to take over the world long before he is old enough to get a real job!

While visiting your favorite bookstore, you get caught in the middle of a violent melee between rival book clubs. Unable to escape the madness, you are beaten to death with a hardcover unabridged dictionary.
Wow, i had a dream like this one time, except it also had those chocolate covered strawberries and a hot naked guy came to life off the cover of a romance novel and we .. uh wait nevermind

if you want to see YOUR death , go to http://www.thedeathpsychic.com/

enjoy : o )

later vader


Blogger Webmiztris said...

oooh, mine is:

"While sitting in the passenger seat of a friend's car, a faulty airbag deploys, crushing your face."

How brutal!

5:10 PM, April 30, 2006  

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