Friday, April 28, 2006

well, today saw me with brand new fake nails, a new bottle of slut red ~ oh sorry ~ thats not politically correct..... a new bottle of "seduction red" nail polish and two surgery dates

On june 16th and july 14th i will not be blogging.. dont cry, maybe i will put up some pics or something!

have no fear ! This is not a "real operation" or at least to me it isnt, i wont even be put to sleep! its local anisthetic and each "operation" will only be 45 minutes. I had a brest reduction three years ago this june and had some scarring issues, and those are going to be fixed, they are going to slice out a chink of scar tissue that is an inch wide and about .. um i havent measured but i will say 4 - 6 inches long and sew the sides together and so there arent puckers they will have to slice open the underside to make the cut heal more seamless. Each breast will be done seperatly so that i have one good side ... I like my doc, she understands that i have kids and just cus it hurts a bit i am not going to stop hugging on them!

this way i will have one good side and an arm to use for cuggles and huggles.

I think the main reason she suggested doing each side at a different time, is this is the first she had seen of my " bite " scar. see, three years ago when i had the reduction, my middle child was just a baby! 12 months old, he doesnt undestand why mommy wont carry him and cant hug him! so i had gotten my brother to lift him up onto my lap ( this is three days post op) and blake, not understanding why mean ol' mommy who wont play with him, turned to me and bit me! it would have been fine except for the fact he bit me right on my nipple,,, and sorta tore it off.... ( i can hear u all saying ouch, and yes it hurt!)

i was in a small town with no real conveinient ways to the hospital,( i admit i am lazy) and since the docs had used some new fangled tape as opposed to stitches to keep everything in place, i very carefully lined the sucker up as best i could and re taped it... hey! it worked so dont knock it, and i specifically asked the doc NOT to fix the bite scar.

It helps to remind me how much love kids need, blake had gone only three dyas without his normal dose of affection and had turned into an animal because of it! It reminds me to kiss them EVERY night , even when i have sent them to bed in anger, it reminds me just how much they loves me... maybe i am a weirdo, but the bite scar is probably my favorite body " part"

deal with it

anyway with the brest reduction three years ago, which involved a whole lot more invasivness, i was in actual pain for maybe a day , then it was just sort of stiff, so i am not expecting a whole lotta pain this go around, infact i plan on driving my self into the city to get it done, and drive myself home too!

now im off to have a bubble bath ( grrr all out of strawberry bubbles, i have to settle for sponge bob fruity pants flavor)

later vader


Blogger Webmiztris said...

ouch, ouch, OUCH! I'm shuddering here - seriously!

10:56 AM, April 29, 2006  

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