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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So today was ... ok.... i woke up , my normal bleary no brain self and heated a cuppa yesterdays coffee to kickstart my brain.. i have a timer on my pot, if i wanted, i could have fresh coffee waiting in the morning, but i need the extra kick old coffee can dish out!
I took my coffee to the living room and sat down looking at the floor , cradleing my too hot to drink coffee loveingly, looking at a spot on the floor and wondered for a whole two minutes... why is there something i am suposed to remember about that stain??
Then i remembered,,, oops...... i had made plans with my MIL to wash my carpets this morning, they had borrowed a rug cleaner and everything.. i bought special lah dee dah carpet " high traffic" soap (21 bux RIPOFF).. My one and only job was to get hubby to remove the furnature and for me to pick up the toys (dishes dirty clothes pieces of paper gum/ sucker wrappers ) off the floors and vaccum them for three hours
Yea u heard me . i said three hours... so its 7 am, i have to get parker up and ready for school, make coffee ( priority one) and move furnature ( sounds like a close cousin to exercise and i am having a feud with THAT family) and vaccume and toys and oh - i just wanted to cry.. Different lies flitted thru my head on ways to postpone the carpet washing ... could i really fake a broken leg when they only live three doors down and i dont have a cast? .. oh well....
I put my still too hot to drink (i heat leftover coffee to almost boiling cus it seems stronger when i let it sit ...i like it to be almost cold, thaty first wonderful cup) down on the end table.... the shakey cus blake removed most of the wodden supports from it end table.... and began hastily picking up the toys, one toy box full now where can i put the rest? Logan is still sleeping so i cant just dump them in his toybox in his room
AHA! i ran to the sewing room, more commenly know as " the place to hide dirty or clean and folded clothes that i dont want to deal with from the MIL. i dumped a basket of folded clothes into abasket of not folded clothes and resumed toy duty. good . done with toys.
I moved the couch.. oh . not done, here is more. I moved the other couch. Still more toys. finally the couches are moved ( spilled my almost ready to drink coffee on the carpet and was tempted to cry/lick it up again. oh well we are washing floors today anyway, its a great day to spill!
I vaccumed for about 20 minutes which woke up the kids which ment i had to stop and make them food ( grumble ) and get luch packed and oh crap cant send him to school in incredible hulk jammies can i?

I didnt get my coffee started until after 845 am... sickening.

So everything is going great, carpet washing wise, well it went great after we called jake to call debra ( carpet washer owner and my SIL) for instructions as to " why isnt it sucking?" oh thats what the ON/OFF switch is for... sounds like good information to pass on when you are loaning out soemthing. So we start to clean , looking good.. kind of an odd smell i think. must be the soap... found out AFTER that MIL was thinking the same damn thing and also blamed it on the soap... comunication people its the key to preventing forest fires!

got the living room done, looks awesom. stopped for a cuppa coffee.. ok her first my seventh. ( onto second pot it is now almost 1030 am. start in hallway .. is the "soap" smell stronger? nah imagining things... more coffee, logans room kinda done, mine pre soaked .. then me yelling whats that noise and her yelling get some water and me yelling what are you doing and the sound of the cord being yanked outa the wall, ( a cardanle sin in her books) and the machine goes silent. Mil take the container of dirty water .. u know the used stuff that was in the floor and is now floating with the ick.. and tossed it on the back of the machine.. black smoke, horrible smell. meanwhile blake is laffing at our funny game with lighting. "uhhhhmmmmm mom? i think we killed it."

isnt it always like that ? you borrow something and then it commits suicide in your piossession!

`ACK end story ~ carpets fine .. well till the end of the hall lol, then they are greyish LMAO, SIL took carpet washer back to store, she bought it 7 or so years ago, had no receipt no box, they gave her back her 350 , seems damn thing was on recall LOL... " fire hazard"

ok what next

oh wait this just in " I m going for a smoke, are you done writing your novel yet" (thas hubby) ME" hell no, im only at the end of carpet cleaning, people want to know about me , every little detail, it helps them appriciate their lives ( LOL) makes them more exciting"

ok what next.. made lunch for the kids, got the two younger ones to bed, came down to blog surf, looked over to blake, aww asleep on the couch. made an appointment for his four year vaccinations and got a referral to a speech theripist for him

When blake woke up it was time to go to nana's house and try out the bike without the training wheels . i gave him a " man bandaid" cus if he is big enought to ride a two wheeler he is big enough for the big bandaids... he didnt need them we thougth ahead and made him wear jeans and a coat , plus the all important helemt. We soon realised that blake has no sense of balance, watching him on that bike its a wonder he can walk , much less run and climb stairs. Training wheels go back on, but sneaky sneaky papa puts them on so they dont touch the ground unless the bike is tipping. should help the balance issue ... we hope

had a fun - ish evening, hubby was in top form amusing me , i laughed till it hurt. Parker had oodles of homework andhe is only in grade one! he started his homework at 430 and stopped for 20 minutes at 6 to eat supper and went back to it till seven thirty. IMO thats too much for him , but i am not the teacher!

had a bath ( without my home micro-dermabrasion) ate some easter candy and came down to blog. My plans for the rest of the evening are just for me and hubby to know about ... altho i am thinking of settign the coffee pot tonight as the only leftover coffee i have is the cold 1/4 cup upstair on the table, with a layer of curdled cream on top.. even i am not that desperate for coffee , am i?

i guess that if i forget to set the coffee timer we will see tomorrow , won't we

Later Vader


Blogger Webmiztris said...

she got her money back after 7 YEARS? that's amazing!

4:17 PM, April 26, 2006  

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