Today started early

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

woke up at 5 am, or htought i had till i saw the clock in the kitchen and remembered hubby sets the time on his clock fast by 15 mins so he cant oversleep! coffee was set to go off at 5 so i hurried it along, woke up blake , dressed him, let him go back to sleep on the couch. packed bag one last time, drank coffee smoked, paced... smoked again, woke up blake to get his coat and shoes on " i dont want to go to da hopital" and he is back asleep on the couch.
drove to the city , admitting is dead, only one person sighned in before us, sweet! blake plays withthe big house thingy. . Blakes name is called, i dont hear it.. we wait .. and wait.... and wait. i go up and say did i sign the worng sheet?? nope here you go, bracelets on blake AND ppuppy ( blake is very amused by this and would like mommy to have one so she doesnt get lost either.

up to day surgery, wait maybe ten mins, called in. everyhting moves quickly now, he is weighed, blood pressure ect done, changed into jammies and sent to the toy room . there are 14 kids in the room waiting, 12 are there for tubes in the ears.. interestingly, only one dad was there.

blake is told it is time to go, the doc says do you want to drive your car there? he does. watch him giggling as the nurse push his car, trying to crash into the doctor. what a difference from last time!
and wait
and wait
seemed like hours i had to wait and in reality it was only an hour and 15 till doc came to talk to me and another 20 till i could be with blake in recovery.
reaction to anesthetic = BAD, he was awake for 45 minutes then they had to give hima seditive , he was trying to take put his IV and grab his man part off, and get off my lap , which since he also had a spinal block was bad as he was numb from waist down!.. after the seditive wore off he was pouty for two hours then he was Blake again : o )
lost some blood, more then expected but not enough to really worry anyone
oh well
finally he eats drinks and voids we can go home. took him to the gift shop, ready to buy him whatever he wanted... he wants a five cent candy, and only one please he says LOL
he slept most of the way home, but was awake all afternoon. his area is very swollen and bruised and he walks like he is holding a basket ball with his knees. he is in very good spirits. we ordered pizza for supper i was NOT cooking today!

good pizza by the way!

he will sleep upstairs tonight so i can hear him if he needs me.
i had my bath i blogged my blog, im going to bed and never ever will i wake up before five again!

later vader


Blogger Webmiztris said...

so I guess everything worked out in the end...especially the pizza part! ;)

10:47 AM, May 04, 2006  

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