I Luhhl Ooh

Monday, May 01, 2006

Not even ten minutes before i took these photos, we had the same old nap argumnet ending in " i pwomis i am NOT tiwed. I wiww waat TB"( translation: i promis i am not tired, i will watch TV>) I got the forms for blakes speech therepy today they are filled out and ready to go in the mail. i am ashamed to admit that i am not looking forward to him re-learning to talk. I think of him as my baby even tho he is the middle child, and as long as he still talks like this i can pretend that at least one of my kids isnt growing up. When parker said i Love you instead of i Lull you it was a sad day for me because he was growing out of baby and into a boy who has a personality and individuality. blake says i Luhhb ooh, and soon he will talk like a boy and not a baby and i will miss it, as wrong as this seems. but ~sigh~ i also dont want him singled out in kindergarten ( 15 months and counting) because he talks different, underneth his baby talk is the mind of a genious ... or that of a super villian...


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