say: "or-key-oh-peck-see"

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blakes Right orchiopexy is done : o ) here is some info on what was wrong and what was done :
Undescended testicles are common in male babies. Up to 30 percent of boys born early and 5 percent of boys born on time have at least one undescended testicle. ( blake was on time)If your newborn baby has an undescended testicle, it will usually move down on its own in the first few months of life. If this doesn't happen after 3 or 4 months, it may need to be treated by a doctor. (We were first taken seriously about Blakes problem at 18 months after finally giving up and leaving our doctor for a new one, within a month Blake was inttheoperating room having his left orchiopexy done. we had been trying since he was about 3 months old to get this done!)

There are 2 reasons to treat an undescended testicle. First, undescended testicles may not make sperm. Testicles are in the scrotum because the temperature there is cooler than it is inside the body. A cooler temperature helps the testicles make sperm. A man's ability to make sperm can be lost in early childhood if the testicle doesn't drop down into the scrotum. A baby boy with an undescended testicle can start to lose the ability to make sperm by 12 months of age. Getting the testicle down into the scrotum early in life can help him have a better chance of having children when he grows up.

Second, an undescended testicle is more likely to develop a tumor. Testicular cancer affects one of every 2,000 men with undescended testicles. This rate of testicular cancer is higher than the rate in men whose testicles have dropped naturally. When the testicle is inside the scrotum, a man can easily feel his testicles to check for a tumor, or he can be checked by his doctor. This way, any tumor can be found early, when the cancer is easier to cure

Treatment for an undescended testicle depends on where it is. Babies with a testicle that can be felt in the groin (the area where your thigh meets your body) often get an operation called orchiopexy (say: "or-key-oh-peck-see"). Babies who have this operation usually go home the same day. The operation is done through a small cut in the groin. It takes about 1 hour. Most babies get better very quickly.

Blake SHOULD have had this done a lot sooner as he is now four years old, and optimum operating time is 4 MONTHS old! but at least it is done.


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