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Monday, May 29, 2006

This weekend was pretty good, I bought my Apple trees, well my dad bought them and I paid him back ( I noticed how quick he was to ask where the nearest ATM was and drive me to it!)
75$, and it will be three summers before I have apples! The trees are too little to support the weight, but thats OK, Im just looking forward to helping htem grow, I should see a foot of growth this season... pretty cool!
Micah helped Daniel and Jessie move to the city on Saturday ( i Stayed at home and played with the babies) Then On Sunday I went over to their old place and we all ( me and Sheri and D&J) all cleaned the place, it only took 2.5 hours so you can tell it was a pretty clean place,,, the part that took the longest was how we all kept taking breaks to play with Krysta on the floor, I am sure that if we had cut out the smoke breaks and the baby paly time we would have gotten it done in an hour and a half.... but come on! have you SEEN that baby lately? no? oh then scroll down LOL
I am going to get a vidio of krysta on the grass first sunny day that comes! I will immediatly post it online for everyone to giggle at!


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