Garage Sale Season

Friday, May 12, 2006

i love garage sales, i just L o v e them! my inlaws live in this condo complex type thing for old people, and the whole complex is having a sale. i bought some cups 21 for 1.50, and a lazy susan for my kitchen table .. it mathches both the wood grain and the stain so well i am leary of checking my spare leaf for fear the old man came in and cut a circle of it for this thing just to sell it to me.. any way its a perfect match , and in perfect condition and only five bux!

also i tossed a crap load of stuff over to the inlaws to sell for me, made forty five bux already : 0 )

And Bonus. our van regrettably passed away a frew months ago, apperently you really do need a transmission to drive... learn something new everyday! so basically as a joke we put a sign on it " tranny dead, offers" and some retard at the garage sale said 600 bux LMAO before that our highest offer had been 75 bux but WE had to tow it there LOL. dude told my FIL that after the weekend , when the garage sale is over, if we havent " unloaded the van, to give him a call and they would work out a deal.... music to my ear

and bonus BONUS , hubby said, well i guess if we sell teh van , you can have your ring... YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE

ahh material things, gotta love em!

i had a great day yesterday m a horrible afternoon ... well horrid from 330 till 545 when i sent my six ye3ar old to bed in a fit of temper ( i went to coffee withthe 4 year old very shortly after that and huibby got parker outa bed )

Coffee was fun, lottery tickets, ice water, great company, WAL-MART and a sweet little boy.. Nikki and I decided that in the summer when parker is out of school and we dont have to worry about bedtime, me park and nik will do a coffee, since last nights with Blake was so much fun

nik goes for her licence at the end of the month.. she will pass unless she has some sort of sezure at the wheel.. i mean she has been driving for years, just not licenced LOL
im having no worries she will pass, but i told her , do like me, take the test , and use it as a study guide, i took my drivers test the first time, i was totally un prepared but i wanted to know WHAT was ON the test so i could pass it... keep in mind you have to have under 10 points to pass, my first time i had 64 points, my second time i had 44 points my third time i passed with 8 points but only cus the dude felt sorry for me and i bribed him with cookies...

make y'all feel safe on the roads?

later vader


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